Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Things That the Majority Voted Against in this Election

People comment about what sort of mandate the election gives to the President and Congress. I think its quite safe to say that the things the majority voted against this election were:

1.  self deportation of immigrants as a way to deal with immigrants that are here with no status.
2.  the religious right by voting for gay marriage, gay senators and against personhood candidates like Ryan and candidates that wanted to control contraception.
3. extending the Bush Tax Cuts for anyone making more then $250,000 a year (which is a platform the Pres ran on
4. the war on drugs, the prison industrial complex and prohibition by voting to legalize marijuana
5. 2 trillion dollars for the black hole that is the Department of Defense (the most corrupt department in government) and the platform that Romney ran on.
6. the Southern strategy which is how the Republicans tried to win this election (white, christian right vote)

So it would be safe to say that there is a mandate to NOT support any of the underlined above.