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Author: Jeanette Borges (Floridians please follow @USDayofRageFL on Twitter and see http://usdayofragefl.blogspot.com

As the American people are spreading the news, organizing and preparing to rise up in huge united, non-violent masses regardless of political loyalties, against a blatantly corrupt government, beware and be prepared to fight back the army of CORRUPT people in the media that collude with that corruption and will do anything to divide and conquer the power of the American people. For example, consider the bipartisan anti-war movement. Whether the Tea Party movement that started under Bush or the liberal left anti-war movement, corrupt persons in corporate media and the Internet live to divide, conquer and destroy the power of the people. (Already they are tying USDayofRage to Bill Ayres and terrorism. It is just the kind of divide and conquer used by corrupt whores on the American people that has made them less powerful.)
 (Florida is organizing too and media here is no different. To find out more about the movement to UNITE & rise up in non violent protest see  http://usdayofragefl.blogspot.com )
More and more people realize what corrupt media has tried so hard to keep from them: that corruption,  a government run on bribery, legalized or not, has subverted their government. It is no longer a government of, by and for the people. Without a working Fourth Estate the American people have no other choice but constant, united, sustained, non-violent mobilization to take back our government. Whether they are Ron Paul, Obama, conservative, liberals loyalist or everything in between, no matter who they like in politics, they are abandoning the political divide created by corrupt media and uniting to take back their government from corruption before voting in 2012. This is what those that have love for their country do. It is what those of us who care enough to fight for our country in our country have been waiting for.

*Tiffany Gabbay does great work for those that have subverted our government. Hope it pays well. Extremely effective divide and conquer propaganda.

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Corrupt Corporate Media Manipulating our Precious Right to Vote

Corrupt Corporate Media Manipulating our Precious Right to Vote

Author Jeanette Borges Follow on Twitter @usdayofragefl

No matter what politician you like for President, the choice should not be made for you by the corrupt corporate media war propaganda machine. So from the start let’s be crystal clear for the vast majority of the polarized, ignorant masses that put themselves in boxes labeled “liberal” or “right” or “left” or “Tea Party” or whatever other stupid constraints they put on themselves: this has nothing to do with Ron Paul. It has everything to do with how far away our country has drifted, because of those very same people, from being a democracy.
To watch and read the endless dramatization of the Iowa straw poll by mainstream media and then the results that followed is proof positive that the American people have controlled media. No people are free when they have no “free press” and a working Fourth Estate.
Ron Paul who came within 152 votes of the winner, Michelle Bachman, is being systemically, deliberately, excluded by the media in order to manipulate our right to freely elect our leaders. They are on a mission to decide for the whole of the American people who wins elections in this country. They are manipulating our elections. This is cause for open revolt in any other country, except this one, it would appear.
This was not a “free press” reporting on an election related event. It was state controlled media. Why? Because our “State” is controlled by the military industrial complex, Wall Street, pharma, oil and gas, (you get the picture). People: we are not in a democracy anymore.
You probably think State controlled media means government controls it. You would be right if our government was our government. Our government has been subverted by oligarchs, like the military industrial complex and Wall Street and they control the media. Hence, we have State run media that serves that government that has subverted ours behind the scenes.  
There is no other explanation for the way the media, especially Fox News, has treated the results of the straw poll and Ron Paul as a viable candidate. It’s been going on for years and not just with Ron Paul.   
In an effort to decide for us and manipulate the elections of a not so free people here are some of the comments made by the corrupt, for sale, media motor mouths:

Paul’s occasional embrace of seemingly bizarre issues has created the impression among most voters that he is a fringe candidate… Dr. Paul would be hard pressed to be viewed as a viable candidate for president…
…These voters see Dr. Paul as an outsider holding fringe views. Although the voters probably have more in common with Dr. Paul than not, they already have a soured view of him – a condition that isn’t likely to change……
…He clearly has a niche among the electorate… I wouldn’t expect him to be the GOP nominee…
…Of course Ron Paul can never be elected president. He’s a quirky, schoolmarm-ish eccentric whose quixotic tangents – like a return to the gold standard – are too far removed from the average person’s day-to-day concerns. And he looks more like the clerk at a hardware store than a president...…
…No one can argue that Ron Paul had a real following in pockets of the country, but he has no chance in another presidential run…
…He has a track record of wacky statements going back 30 years, and bizarre and racist associations… It’s tragic that the national hopes of libertarian conservatism are lodged in such an imperfect vessel as Ron Paul…
…Ron Paul has some strong and populist views on issues that are unlikely to sweep him into office.
…Ron Paul would make a great Republican presidential candidate…if he was running in 1924. Come to think of it, he does have that dry Calvin Coolidge routine down pat…
It’s not Ron Paul who is the problem. It’s the media. He or anyone else that stands against the trillions being taken by a corrupt Congress, from us to give to war profiteers, will never be elected because our State run media will never let that happen, even if it means bringing home Americans from foreign lands in freaking body bags.
Those bizarre issues the media motor mouths speak of? Ron Paul is and always has been opposed to the trillions a corrupt Congress is taking from us to give to the military industrial complex and war profiteers that are bleeding this country. If elected, Ron Paul, as Commander in Chief, could and would, unilaterally end the six wars we are in. The war profiteers aided and abetted by corrupted persons in the media will do everything in their power to make sure that does not happen.
Whether you like Ron Paul or not, is not the point. That this could happen in a “free” country is proof positive that we are not even free to freely elect our leaders.
It is a horrid reality.
It is also the very reason that every President and politician that opposes this insane spending that is destroying this Nation, is skewered by the media. Right now the media in support of the military industrial complex supported in turn by corrupt politicians, is on a propaganda campaign to cut all spending including Social Security to continue paying for these wars. Even the Teocons are doing it.
Obama who came in with the message of hope and change against corruption, or so we thought, and putting an end to these wars, has had to bow subservient to the oligarchs that control this country and the media. The only leaders that corrupt, treasonous, corporate media will allow we the people to elect, are those that will bow too. Just look at the 360 Obama has done with regard to the wars since he got into office courtesy of Fox News and others that brainwash the masses!
The war propagandists and corrupt persons in the media should hang in the Hague for waging wars of aggression for profit.
The American people have no choice. We have no free press to help us. We are on our own. Eventually we will have to rise up. When that happens not only will it be in Washington and in front of corrupt State legislatures, but at the the doors of every war propaganda outlet in this country.  

Effects of “Nuking” Iran= Deadly Radioactive Fallout Would Kill our Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq (RNEP could kill millions of people: A simulation of RNEP used against the Esfahan nuclear facility in Iran, using the software developed for the Pentagon, showed that 3 million people would be killed by radiation within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would be exposed to increased levels of cancer-causing radiation including our troops. Now who in their right mind would want to kill our troops by poisoning them with radiation?

PS  Unite.Join the @USDayofRage against corruption that has subverted our government, in your State http://usdayofrage.org/help-us-organize-or-participate.html

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Dylan Ratigan: The "Potential" for a Working Fourth Estate and Truth About Politicians

Dylan Ratigan: The Potential for a Working Fourth Estate and Truth About Politicians

Author: Jeanette Borges  on Twitter @USDayofRageFL

This whole blog is about corrupt media that colludes with an even more corrupt government. Instead of a working Fourth Estate we have corrupt journalists, media motor mouths and paid pundits that serve the huge, powerful, corporate oligarchs that have bought all of our politicians from both parties, with few exceptions.
Many people choose their “news” channel based on their political affiliations. They choose the channel that will reinforce their own beliefs. Knowledge and being an informed citizen takes second place. They don’t question what they are seeing or hearing because they just want their own views to be reinforced. As a consequence, the population in these United States is the most polarized and misinformed in the world. It is also the least likely to rise up and fight for their county in their country.
There are actually people that still believe that electing the “other” party is the cure for all that ails this country or that Obama is to blame for the mess this country is in. They actually believe that a Republican President will fix it all.
The endless false left v right arguments have lulled the masses into distraction. The American people are divided and conquered by corrupt politicians and even more corrupt media.  They are too busy looking to the left or the right to see the truth. Our government, our politicians, regardless of party is corrupt beyond belief. It  serves the highest bidders and has legalized bribery.
A government that is run on bribery and paid by parasitical war profiteers, Wall Street, pharma, oil and gas companies, health insurance monopolies, (you get the picture) is no longer a government of, for and by the people. My government, your government has been subverted, from within, especially by the military industrial complex. By definition, not crazy conspiracy theory, the United States is not a democracy. It is the Land of Corporate Kings and our government is for sale.
That is something you will not here on Fox or MSNBC or read in the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal or anywhere in our major media outlets. Our government has been subverted and yet none of these people in the media outlets will ever run a front page headline: “The United States Government Subverted From Within”, “The United States No Longer a Democracy” or “The United States Ruled by Oligarchs” or something else like that.
The whole purpose of this blog and my mission in life is to slam media war propaganda outlets for what they have done. On their watch our government is no longer ours, so it’s huge for me to come out and actually recommend someone that works in this monstrous, treasonous, corrupt media machine.
No matter what party you belong to and what “news” channel you prefer to be brainwashed by, you must start watching Dylan Ratigan, the host of MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show that airs at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. On his show, Mr. Ratigan appears to tackle the world of politics, money, and the unholy alliance between big business and government. It is closest thing to real news in the main stream media.
It is not by accident that his show is not on prime time. He reaches fewer viewers and that is just fine with corporate media corrupt owners who collude with those that have subverted our government. I have tweeted and called MSNBC to encourage he take over the or slots or any slots on prime time for that matter.
While it is a start, Mr.Ratigan does little good with his rants because he generalizes. His message is that government is corrupt and politicians are for sale. That’s it. He does not tie specific donations, from specific entities and their lobbyists with actions in Congress.
For example: “Because when you realize that the banking system is fully corrupt and defrauding us…”.  He goes on to say quite passionately that politicians are all bought. Possibly because he skewers Dems and Republicans alike, that impassioned rant earlier this week about the economy went viral on the web shortly after the clip aired on his show.
It is true: all politicians are bought, but he is never specific. When a specific law comes up in Congress he does not expose why one politician says this or that or votes this way or that way. He does not expose specific donations with dates and amounts. He does not ask "Senator you got donations from so and so, what did the lobbyists ask for in return"? He just speaks of the power of money that buys votes and that is it.
When referring to the eternal wars he will speak of the military industrial complex and no one has Ron Paul, a staunch opponent of that corruption, as a guest on their show as much as Mr. Ratigan does.
Yet Mr. Ratigan doesn’t say this company gave this amount of money to this politician on this date and now this politician is voting to increase the defense budget over last year.
 It would be easy enough. All he has to do is partner with known organizations that have websites that publish all this information. These people would more then happy to be on his show and provide that information. Besides government websites that disclose campaign finance, there are organizations like Open Secrets (campaign contributions) and the Sunlight Foundation just to name a few.
Generalizations are just a tease and do nothing to expose and hold these corrupt politicians accountable.
There is also news that just does not get the attention of the mainstream media, but can be found on the Internet. Here is a specific instance of corruption although it’s not illegal. The newly elected Tea Party candidates on the House Armed Services Committee, headed by Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Calif.), in charge of allocating billions in the defense budget, held a fundraiser days before deciding on that budget. They sent out invitations to defense contractors and then proceeded to ask for money. While this is called fund raising and is legal, you and I know and so does the media that they were soliciting legalized bribes and the defense contractors gave money because days later these corrupt whores were going to take our money to give it to those defense contractors. These politicians dubbed the “Lucky 13”, were able to increase defense spending over last year, while the conversation of the debt and deficit is all the rage! Rachel Maddow has done more to expose the pork these people passed in this budget then Mr. Ratigan did. Allen West a representative from my home state, Florida, was one of these politicians and he is rewarded with air time on “Fox New” to spew war propaganda and war with Iran and justify defense spending. It is an endless circle of quid pro quo.
I never saw the Lucky 13 on Dylan Ratigan’s show. I never see specific instances of money tied to votes. I never see him asking any of his guests “you took this money from this corporation on this date…What did they ask you in return?” I have never seen him or anyone else do that on the news. Have you?
His show is a start but he must get serious and stop the appearance of exposing corruption. He is not exposing anything. He is simply stating that government is corrupt.
Still I implore and urge everyone, but especially the Fox, CNN, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow viewers to tune into Dylan Ratigan’s show. The more you watch the more you will come to realize that all that other programming and the motor mouths on them, are nothing but propaganda that is meant to polarize us and distract us from the truth about our government. It is nothing more then corrupt media people telling you to look to the right or to the left so that you don’t see that our government is no longer ours.
While you are looking to the right and the left what are you doing to take back your government from a ruling class, the highest bidders that have subverted your own government and pillaging your money? Blaming the other party? What a great excuse and cowardly copout for doing nothing to fight to take this country back. The do nothing populace that cowardly hides behind political parties. How patriotic!
The very least you can do to abandon the political division that has rendered Americans useless to take back their country is to watch one hour of news that has nothing to do with political parties. Change the channel for an hour. With all his deficiencies, Dylan Ratigan is on the right track.

PS  Unite. Join the @USDayofRage against corruption that has subverted our government, in your State http://usdayofrage.org/help-us-organize-or-participate.html

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30 More Dead Courtesy of the American People

Author: JeanetteBorges
If you are in Florida follow on Twitter: @USDayofRageFL

Sometime this week 30 more Americans that were killed in a downed helicopter will be brought back from Afghanistan, another foreign land, in body bags. Who grieves for them? They are someone’s loved one and so they will grieve, but they are fellow Americans of us all. Do fellow Americans grieve for them; really grieve? Or are the wars so removed from their minds that it is just another piece of news? 30 more dead. Are the American people powerless to stop these eternal wars or is it that they just don’t care?
1.2 trillion is spent on eternal wars yearly. The Tea Party started under Bush in opposition to this spending. Where is the Tea Party now when it comes to funding these wars? Their message has been distorted if not destroyed by corrupt corporate media and Neocons and Teocons in Congress. Instead the Tea Party masses and the whole of the American people are fed a steady dose of “let’s cut everything else” at the expense of funding the wars. “A once proud people are reduced to serfdom” in a massive redistribution of wealth.
The American people are divided and conquered by corrupt politicians and even more corrupt media.
When, when do the American people say: enough? When do they see beyond the division and put county above party?  When do they really support the troops and bring them home?
A government that is run on bribery and paid by parasitical war profiteers is never going to end these wars. My government, your government has been subverted by war profiteers. Congress no longer serves the people. It serves the highest bidders.
The American people could stop it all if they cared enough. Government concedes nothing. You have to take it and I challenge the Tea Party and organizations like Code Pink to unite, yes unite, and join forces to create masses so overwhelming that Congress will have to stop funding these wars. Cut the purse strings and you end the wars.
Let’s honor the 30 more dead and all the dead before them that we are bringing home in body bags courtesy of war profiteers and treasonous, self serving politicians from all parties. Let’s honor them by uniting and stop our self imposed divisions. Let’s stop these wars that are ruining us financially and leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of those that have to bury the casualties of these eternal, corrupt wars.
I have faith in the Tea Party masses and liberal left that have so much in common. We just forget that we do and that is not by accident. We are divided and conquered by corruption in politics and in the media. Contact your political organizations, whatever they are, and challenge them to unite with the “opposition” and take to the streets in opposition to spending on eternal wars. Take back your government from the military industrial complex and war profiteers.
Only the American people can stop these wars and its on their conscience, its their fault, that 30 more Americans are being brought home in body bags from foreign lands. While they fight for our country in foreign lands, the American people can’t fight for them or their country in their own.

Payback’s a Bitch: Look Who's Downgrading the US Government's Credit Rating?

Author Jeanette Borges ourrighttoknow.blogspot.com
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The news is raging. The motor mouths on TV are milking the downgrading by Standard & Poor’s of the US government's credit rating from AAA to AA+. The consumer audience is again being directed to place blame on the other political party. Follow Twitter and you will see that it’s working. American people once again looking to the right or the left instead of looking at what is right in front of them.
By making this news so important corrupt corporate media is validating the whole notion that S&P has any credibility to begin with. The fact that Standard and Poor has the power that it does is not a given thing; it is a decision which was made and which could be un-made.
How quickly we forget the liability S&P, who is owned by a mega corporate institution McGraw-Hill, and other credit ratings agencies have for their role in the 2008 financial meltdown.  Between 2004 and 2007, taking in increasing revenue from Wall Street firms, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. (Moody’s) and Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC (S&P), the two largest credit rating agencies in the United States, issued investment grade credit ratings for the vast majority of the mortgage backed securities (RMBS) and collateralized debt obligations (CDO) securities issued in the United States, deeming them safe investments even though many relied on sub prime and other high risk home loans.
They were getting paid by Wall Street to do this. Then, beginning in July 2007, they downgraded the vast majority of those AAA ratings to junk status.
Why would anyone think that they have seen the light and their errors of their ways and are no longer corrupt by Wall Street? What are they, born again Christians? We all know the answer to that. How is it that our whole economy relies on these corrupt people and institutions even when S&P got the math wrong by $2 trillion and the other two major credit rating agencies, Fitch and Moody's, reaffirmed their versions of AAA ratings after the end of the debt ceiling fight?
While everyone is raging about this downgrade there those to stand to make big money because of the relevance they are given. Based on this downgrade we are told interest rates will rise for everyday people and employers.
Why do interest rates have to rise? Because Wall Street says so? In the end this downgrade is yet another excuse to pillage the American people and yet again its Wall Street and banksters. When, oh when are the American people going to say: enough?
While Republicans trounce all over this and blame Democrats for not enough cuts, S&P says that their analysis is also based on lack of revenue in the debt ceiling agreement which of course is due to the corrupt Teocons, Republicans and Democrats in Congress who won’t make war profiteers pay for the wars by raising their taxes and closing loopholes in the tax code.
A couple of months ago a Senate committee found the credit agencies were responsible for the financial meltdown. “The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission also looked into the role of ratings companies, calling them “key enablers of the financial meltdown” in its January report”.
If this is payback for that conclusion because how dare the government question these corrupt oligarchs, then ain’t pay back a bitch.