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The Rising Of A Nation Against War Propaganda, Corporate Media  & Corrupt Treasonous Congress

An Open Letter to "Journalist" and those in the Media

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Below is the structure of the United States government. I doubt anyone will disagree that Congress serves the highest bidders, but do you know what it means? If the chart below is true, and we all pretty much agree that it is, then by definition the United States is no longer a government of, by and for the people and you being ruled by the highest bidders, because Congress serves them, not you. Are you still pitted against each other by corporate treasonous media? We don't believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats corrupt politicians and below is a letter we wrote to over 200 journalists. But we still need need you to unite and fight against corrupt politicians from both parties that are serving the highest bidders and have subverted a government of, for and by the people. We need an informed citizenry to fight against the systemic pillaging and redistribution of wealth by a corrupt, treasonous Congress and politicians from both parties aided and abetted by corrupt corporate media and an  AWOL, non-existent Fourth Estate.

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The Rising Of A Nation Against War Propaganda, Corporate Media  & Corrupt Treasonous Congress
July 8, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Few would disagree with the organizational chart of the present government of our United States of America above. Indeed few would argue that election finance and lobbying has effectively put the control of all branches of government in the hands of the wealthiest, biggest and most profitable corporate persons.
At the very top are the highest bidders, those corporate persons are easily identifiable: the military industrial complex, the banksters and Wall Street, pharma and health insurance, oil and gas, mass media and communications. Then there are miscellaneous corporate interests such as agriculture and the prison industry complex amongst others. All have one thing in common: money necessary, the very lifeblood of elected officials, to get re-elected.
Even fewer would argue that the money comes with strings and marching orders and that big money influences Congress and all the other branches of government, but no one in the media will say what that means. What is a system of government that is influenced and serves a select few, the wealthiest, called? Is it “democracy”?
“Democracy” is a term originating in ancient Greece to designate a government where the people share in directing the activities of the state, as distinct from governments controlled by a single class, select group, or autocrat. This bears repeating: as distinct from governments controlled by a single class, select group, or autocrat.
“Oligarchy” is defined as government by a small group of people;  a small body of individuals ruling such a state; chiefly a small clique of private citizens who exert a strong influence on government. “Plutocracy” is defined as the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy; a government or state, in which the wealthy class rules; a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth. “Corporatocracy” describes a government dominated by corporate influence, banks, and governments.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Congress and all branches of government is influenced by a select group, a single class of citizens that can afford to pour huge amounts of money into campaign finance and lobbying. By definition then, the United States is not a government where the people direct the activities of the state. The United States, by definition, not by conspiracy theory, is not a government of, by and for the people. Yet corporate media, those in it and politicians from both parties, create the illusion of a democracy every day. They do not dare utter the words that better describe our present system of government. 
What is it called when money allows those that give large quantities of it to politicians, to literally buy laws passed by Congress just for them? They call it campaign contributions, but we know it’s bribery. Look it up yourself. “Bribe” is defined as money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person's performance as a public official, etc and anything given or serving to persuade or induce. Yet most in corporate media and politicians from both parties, dare to call it campaign finance and political contributions. Most, dare to create the illusion that it is not bribery and that it is not criminal. They perpetuate the illusion that this is the way a democracy works while Webster’s and any dictionary would disagree. But we know; we know in our heart of hearts that Congress has legalized bribery.
At the very bottom of the organizational chart are the American people that pay income tax, payroll taxes, Medicare withholding, Social Security withholding, excise taxes, all kinds of sales tax, gas taxes and other taxes. Trillions of our money is taken and Congress alone decides how much of it is taken and who gets it.  Congress is influenced by bribes by the highest bidders at the top, under the created illusion of legal campaign finance. Those bribes come with strings. So how does this affect what Congress is doing with the trillions of dollars that are paid by the American people?  How does Congress allocate that money? Look at the chart and where Congress is sending our money. Do they pass laws and budgets to allocate that money in a way that benefits the highest bidders?
Indeed, a corrupt Congress takes our money and redistributes it with laws and budgets to benefit the highest bidders. It is conduct abhorrent to a government of, for and by the people and it is the very conduct that is referred to in the Declaration of Independence. It has become the sole purpose of a corrupt Congress to take from us to give to them. It is conduct distorted by those that create an illusion of democracy. Nowhere is this illusion so glaring as in the false “debates” over health care, the endless wars and tax cuts, by corrupt politicians, corrupt corporate media and their corrupt employees. 
While Congress allocates our money and we have no idea what the hell they are doing, where some of the money goes, at least, we the people, thought was a given. For instance what we pay into Medicare and Social Security would be spent on Medicare and Social Security. Right?  Isn’t that money just for that? Not anymore. A corrupt Congress has been using it as a piggy bank for the eternal wars, pharma and private insurance companies and tax cuts for the oligarchs they serve and now Congress can’t pay it back, so they are going to default on what they owe the American people. .
Obamycare and Ryancare are mind boggling examples of corruption. They are both the same. They do the same thing: they take taxpayer money, Medicare money and give it to healthcare and pharma monopolies created by Congress to boot.
John Boehner raged against the Affordable Healthcare Act, stating, rightly so, that Obamycare,  takes a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare, not to shore up Medicare’s solvency, but to spend on a “new government program”. That program, healthcare reform, promises to subsidize health care policies for those that cannot afford them. Those policies have corruptly sky rocketed due to the anticipated subsidies. They have soared to where people cannot afford them, when before they could.
Stunningly, hypocritically, corrupt Republicans ran and are running on “repealing” Obamycare while running on Ryancare, which takes Medicare in its entirety, every single penny, ALL of OUR Medicare money, not just some of it, to subsidize private health insurance and pharma monopolies, that are legally price gouging us and Medicare NOW, making it insolvent. The American people are being price gouged by these monopolies. This is what corrupt subsidies do! They drive up the costs of whatever is subsidized, in this case health insurance and prescription drugs. Paying for price gouging policies, the position the American people are in now, because of Obamycare is the position Ryancare is going to put our seniors.  
Why would Congress do this? To provide healthcare for all? To save Medicare? Those in the media are not stupid. They know why. These laws were written and handed to corrupt politicians by the healthcare industry and then politicians solicit legalized bribes (campaign contributions) to pass them. All Congress knows how to do is add earmarks to these laws.
While the media creates the illusion of opposing sides and arguments and politicians put on Academy Award performance, in the end there is a “compromise”.  Obamycare is not a Democrat law. It is a corrupt bipartisan law. The illusion was that Republicans opposed a “government take over of healthcare” and a public option. The Democrats stood for a public option. The media gave the backdrop for the theatre: it was ideology they said.  They prepared the way to the “compromise”. The compromise would give us a Republican mandate to buy insurance while taking our money from Medicare to subsidize private health insurance company policies, with no anti trust and no competition, allowing the health insurance industry and pharma to price gouge the American people and literally steal billions from us when these subsidies come into effect.
The only person that mentioned this during the Obamycare debate was Keith Olbermann, who stated briefly that this was a corrupt law and give away to health insurance monopolies. He did not care if he got fired for stating as much. 
It is insulting to us that the media would allow corrupt Republicans to say that what happened in the special election in New York is because Republicans did not explained Ryancare well enough. The media said the same thing about corrupt Obamycare and what happened in the 2010 midterm elections. Obamycare was not explained well enough.  Not one “journalists” reported the true sentiment of the average citizen. ”It’s the corruption, stupid”. No one had to explain to us that these laws are just corrupt and we are suffering the consequences.  No one has to explain that first you have to stop funding the wars before touching Medicare and Social Security and first you have to stop a corrupt Congress.  We know this has nothing to do with political parties or ideology and everything to do with corruption. But the media continues to divide and distract us with the false Republican vs. Democrat argument. They give the cover needed for the corruption and pillaging of us all.
The consequences of Obamycare are devastating. State budgets have been slammed with increased cost of healthcare as have individuals and employers everywhere. In a double whammy to State employees, the consequences of Wall Street’s actions enabled by a corrupt Congress, has destroyed the pensions of State employees, leaving the States with obligations they cannot meet because their budgets were not tailored around the hole that left them in. Instead of blaming Wall Street or the health care industry our corrupt oligarch media blames the overwhelmed State budgets due to soaring health insurance and Wall Street, both, on the unions and “greedy” government union employees, when corruption is to blame.
But the healthcare example pales in comparison with our second example. Corporate oligarch media and corrupt politicians are selling eternal wars to the American people with freaking tax cuts to boot, so that the masses may pay for them, while the highest bidders, the very persons that profit from these wars are given tax cuts and the corporations themselves that profit pay no taxes at all because of a corrupt Congress. That they market these cuts for the highest bidders using job creation as an excuse, while millions are suffering unemployment because of the highest bidders, is simply heartless.
This glaring second example is the redistribution of our wealth to the highest bidders to the tune of trillions in debt for eternal wars. Even after Bin Laden was killed we are still fed all the reasons for why these wars are not over and our troops are not home yet. The media is selling eternal wars like a pair of freaking Nikes while the budgets from both parties for 2012 will fund eternal wars at the expense of everything else, especially Medicare and Social Security. Those in the media especially sickening pundits repeat what they are told by corrupt government sources like paid advertisers engaged in product placement. The product?  Endless spending on wars that spring eternal. It is illegal war propaganda and they deserve to hang in a second round of Nuremburg trials.
Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term said it best when he said this: “Republicans tell us that our grandchildren are being saddled with impossible debt burdens because of handouts to retirees and the poor. $3 trillion wars are necessary and have nothing to do with the growth of the public debt. The public debt is due to unnecessary "welfare" that workers paid for with a 15% payroll tax. When you hear a Republican sneer "entitlement," he or she is referring to Social Security and Medicare, for which people have paid 15% of their wages for their working lifetime. But when a Republican sneers, he or she is saying "welfare." To the distorted mind of a Republican, Social Security and Medicare are undeserved welfare payments to people who over-consumed for a lifetime and did not save for their old age needs. America can be strong again once we get rid of these welfare leeches. Once we are rid of these leeches, we can really fight wars. And show people who is boss. Republicans regard Social Security as an "unfunded liability," that is, a giveaway that is interfering with our war-making ability. Alas, Social Security is an unfunded liability, because all the money working people put into it was stolen by Republicans and Democrats in order to pay for wars and bailouts for mega-rich bankers like Goldman Sachs.
What I am about to tell you might come as a shock, but it is the absolute truth, which you can verify for yourself by going online to the government’s annual OASDI and HI reports. According to the official 2010 Social Security reports, between 1984 and 2009 the American people contributed $2 trillion, that is $2,000 billion, more to Social Security and Medicare in payroll taxes than was paid out in benefits. What happened to the surplus $2,000 billion, or $2,000,000,000,000. The government spent it. Over the past quarter century, $2 trillion in Social Security and Medicare revenues have been used to finance wars and pork-barrel projects of the US government.”
It is stunning. Congress has, is and will criminally pillage Medicare and Social Security for the war profiteers and oil pipelines. The icing on the cake? Tax cuts for the very people that have enriched themselves with these wars. It is called redistribution of our wealth to the highest bidders and it is being done with the help of corporate media and the slime within. 
People that rage against controlled corporate media and war propaganda can be found with great difficulty on the Internet. The news on the Internet is quite different. The explanations for the eternal wars in stark contrast with corporate media, but I found one that is the same explanation for the corrupt healthcare law. Its corruption:  “In pursuit of cheap energy and taxpayer-subsidized profits for a few oil companies, our nation is likely to be engaged in Afghanistan for many years to come. But Afghanistan isn't even the real prize; as we shall see, its main strategic value is that it provides transport routes from the energy-rich countries surrounding the Caspian Sea – notably Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan”.
Those tax payer subsidies are the wars we the people are paying for. The United States military is being used as the free to them, private security force for the highest bidders. Oil companies have bought themselves an army through bribes, what oligarch media calls campaign contributions. The American people are paying for that army. Congress is allocating our money for their benefit and their profits. Congress is redistributing our wealth to the highest bidders through wars and who cares if we bring back troops in boxes? The media has so much blood on their hands. It is heart breaking.   
To those in the media we sent an email and said this after seeing Joe Scarborough acting so confused about staying in Afghanistan: “If you are so confused about why we are spending trillions and lives over there with no end in site find out yourself. Google “American interests in Afghanistan Caspian Sea lobbyist”. Don’t forget to go to advanced search and enter a date range such as last week or last month. Do your homework, instead of mimicking what others say. Here, I’ll spoon feed it. Just click on this:,qdr:m#sclient=psy&hl=en&lr=&biw=1280&bih=844&tbs=qdr:m&source=hp&q=american+interests+in+afghanistan%2C+caspian+sea%2C+lobbyists&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=18775b43b0670ef8 
We are spending trillions in wars at the expense of everything else. Congress, corrupt beyond belief,  does not want to stop funding these wars.  Those that they say they do know such a law will never pass Congress.  Do you think that there is a possibility that someone is lobbying for these wars? Find that out and you will get one hell of a story. Maybe even a Pulitzer or whatever prize it is that you all covet. Most of all you will earn the respect of the American people.”
There are still people, masses of them, that believe the illusion that we the people have a choice between Democrats or Republicans and one or the other is to blame. The masses are brainwashed, especially the Republican base, the Democrat base and the Tea Party hijacked by Republicans. The growing numbers of Independents and the true Tea Party have broken free from that propaganda while we watch with disgust these groups fight amongst each other instead of rising united against a government that has replaced a government of, for and by the people due to the corruption in Congress..
Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal all very powerful news outlets and all the other outlets, collude with the highest bidders and corrupt politicians to obscure the truth. Much is said by Chris Matthews about Michelle Bachman who said that Congress should be investigated for “un-American” elements in it. She is half right.  She omitted that Republicans who currently fight for tax cuts for the war profiteers and eternal wars and Ryancare, just like those that passed Obamycare, are not only un-American, they are treasonous. She is just as un-American when she does not mention the word “oligarchy”. Chris Matthews is dead wrong. Congress is full of corrupt whores that whose actions are un-American, treasonous actions, but it is his job and the job of all media, including Fox News to double down on the whole democracy illusion. He himself and anyone with a platform in the media that has access to a captive audience and does not utter the word “oligarchy” and “corruption” and does not expose the systemic redistribution of our wealth to a ruling class by a treacherous, crime syndicate that is the United States Congress is a traitor to this country and God help us, to its people. Chris is no different then Hannity.
Keith Olbermann once again dared to speak truth to power when on his news show on Current TV a general mentioned “American interest and pipeline”. I don’t know who that general is, but I know that Mr. Olbermann gave this person that speaks truth about this corruption, the platform in which to do it. What should be the norm was an exceptional moment for us as consumers of corporate media “news”. It was a shining moment and it took me a few minutes to get my jaw off the floor. I remain in awe of him, eternally grateful and I hope he continues. He is now all over the Internet.
A full three months ago I wrote something where I predicted the whole drama being debated in the media about budget “compromise”. After years of studying the media I dared to comment on what would come based on what they have done in the past and what they did with the healthcare theft.  On April 9th  we wrote to Congress and I posted “Let the Compromise Show Begin to Pass the 2012 Oligarchy Budget From the Whores in Congress”. Little did I know that the show would start before the budget debates, prompted by the debt ceiling. Here’s some of what I said: “In the first Act there will a budget that is going to be so extreme that the other side is going to have to oppose it. That budget will be demonized because it will kill Medicare, end programs like Head Start, education grants, meals for seniors and it is an attack on the middle class. It will be so “extreme” and of course it will be blamed on the Tea Party. The budget will give huge tax cuts to the oligarchies and the uber rich that profit from their agendas. It will continue to cuts taxes for the wealthiest and for corporations.  Of course this will reduce revenues and if you don’t raise money you have to cut spending in a time when we have huge debt, but you are not supposed to know that. You are supposed to forget Math 101. In the Second Act there will be the Democrats budget. It will be demonized by the Republicans who give lip service to the imitation Tea Party that buys their corrupt bullshit, because that budget will not cut entitlements or spending enough. That budget will be a job killer because it does not give more tax breaks to multi billion dollar oligarchies and the uber rich. It will be the job killing, more spending by those evil liberals and the Black President who was not even born here, budget.”  
Does any of this sound familiar? Of course it does. Republicans and Democrats and the slime in the media are doubling down with the tax cuts bullshit, stating that it is what the Tea Party wants. The corporate interests that have hijacked the tea party might want that, but I can assure you that the masses that started with the Tea Party are heading for the hills over this. The masses in the Tea Party do not support tax cuts for the wealthy to make us pay for the wars. The original Tea Party is dead set against the wars and its funding.  I am certain that in 2012 Republicans, especially the Teocons, the fake Tea Party candidates, are going to be run out of the House if they continue this stance. The 2008 elections was a rejection of Republican Neocons by Republican voters! Boehner and Cantor and those Teocons in the House are going to give Obama a bigger victory then in 2008. The corporatist President from hell is going to win, but the alternative is even worse, because a Republican President would tear the meat off the bones of the American people. Isn’t that always the case? Aren’t we always voting between bad and worse? As the Tea Party is blamed for corrupt politicians cutting taxes for the oligarchy they serve, the media will create any reason other then the truth. It’s the corruption stupid! Corrupt politicians want this, not the people. The tea party leaders cannot get 200 people to a gathering anymore but they appear on TV in support of those like Chris Matthews and Fox News who all stick to their talking points from corrupt politicians and the ruling class they serve.
I wrote: “We will be given both sides on this dire and urgent situation of the debt and the deficit that we, yes we, as in we the people, face. We will all be told that Medicare and other programs are causing the deficits and the debts and oh dear something has to been done. There will be so much talk, so many experts and pundits. There will be the likes of Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Hannity and Rachel Maddow and the liberal media and the conservative media all educating and teaching us all that the debt and deficit is about big spending on entitlements and welfare spending on people; the people that should sacrifice because we are in big trouble. Yep, more propaganda to sell that the American people should share the sacrifice to get our country out of this horrid situation.”
All of this is happening now and nowhere, nowhere do you hear about the systemic pillaging of the American people by a ruling class and corruption beyond belief to fund eternal wars and the globalization that the highest bidders want.  Nowhere will you hear anyone saying that these wars are on the chopping block. Nowhere. 
One fine day our lying, corrupt politicians that serve the highest bidders and corporate media that broadcast their lies as “news” will pay for it all.
It is true that the people get the government they deserve. The ignorant masses deserve to be pillaged by a ruling class. The ignorant masses are responsible for what has happened, but in their defense they are ignorant because of corrupt, un-American, cowards in the media. Ignorance is necessary to preserve a government that serves a ruling class. Ignorance is essential to transform a government of, by and for the people into the Land of the Highest Bidders. Ignorance is essential to be able to pillage an entire people, to pick the meat off their bones until there is nothing left to take. There is no Fourth Estate in these United States; just oligarch, treasonous media that serve a plutocracy and a ruling class that has its boot on our necks.
As I watch the Fourth of July fireworks on TV and the masses waving flags and celebrating our “independence” I am overwhelmed with sadness while the highest bidders must be overjoyed and very pleased with the persons in the media.
Diligent, courageous, hard working and patriotic people are all over the Internet raging against corporate media still. I have spent a great deal of money that I don’t have writing to those in the media as have others. I am so scared of what the future holds if the Fourth Estate remains silent. My personal experience is that they do not care at all. We are nothing more then a pesky fly in their soup. They delete emails they never read and they probably shred the very letters, we the beggars send them. If they do not do their jobs and hold a blatantly corrupt Congress and a subversive ruling class accountable for the systemic pillaging and redistribution of wealth of the American people, what happens then? What options are left to the American people or any people that are being pillaged by a ruling class? What are the American people pushed to do if the Fourth Estate remains AWOL? We will have to rise up to free ourselves of a ruling class and corrupt government that is pillaging us all, but I submit to all that the first to fall when the American people rise up should be war propaganda outlets. The mobs should join at the doors of Fox, NBC, ABC, the New York Time and all the other war propaganda outlets, not in Washington.  
Then history will be their judge, just as Joseph Goebbels was judged for waging wars of aggression. As an AWOL Fourth Estate looks on, on their watch we the people are no longer free and they will rightly be the first to suffer the boiling rage of the American people. As a Nation we rise in rage against corporate media and corrupt politicians and the cowards that have allowed the subversion of  a government of, by and for the people. We are ruled by the highest bidder, not despite those in what should be a “free press”,  but because of them and their despicable illusion of democracy.

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