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Not so Journalistic Journalists Ask “Afghanistan Oh My But Why?” Don’t Ask. Find Out Yourselves

Jeanette Borges
June 25, 2011 

Since Obama’s speech about Afghanistan and the death of Bin Laden, those in the in the media ask about Afghanistan over and over and over again  “what is the mission there, its not clear”, “why do we need to stay” or “why do we need to go” , Republicans this and Democrats that, this general, that general, the Taliban, AlQueda, those evil Muslims…oh, I am sooo confused! Then they report and respond to the answers given by politicians, by our government. They repeat what they are told like paid motor mouths and pundits engaged in product placement. The product?  Endless spending on wars that spring eternal.

To these “journalists” and media motor mouths we sent the following email and said this:

If you are so confused about why we are spending trillions and lives over there with no end in site find out yourself. Google “American interests in Afghanistan Caspian Sea lobbyist. Don’t forget to go to advanced search and enter a date range such as last week or last month. Do your homework, instead of mimicking what others say. Here, I’ll spoon feed it. Just click on this:,qdr:m#sclient=psy&hl=en&lr=&biw=1280&bih=844&tbs=qdr:m&source=hp&q=american+interests+in+afghanistan%2C+caspian+sea%2C+lobbyists&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=18775b43b0670ef8

Our government has interests in that region. Whether they are legitimate or illegitimate that is a matter of opinion. As a journalist find out what those interests are and then ask if the American people want to pay 2 billion dollars a week at the expense of everything else for those interests? Why would you base your news on what corrupt politicians tell you or is the media just as corrupt? Politicians are bribed daily. If you are supposed to hold government accountable, how is it that government is your only source for the news you report?  My God the news is so homogenized. It’s like a record that is skipping.

We are spending trillions in wars at the expense of everything else and no one wants to come out of there. Do you think that there is a possibility that someone is lobbying for these wars? Find that out and you will get one hell of a story. Maybe even a Pulitzer or whatever prize it is that you all covet. Most of all you will earn the respect of the American people.

Stop asking as if you need them to tell you. Aren’t you supposed to be telling them? Just Google it. It’s not that hard. Maybe one of these days we will hear back from you and you will thank us for our  “feedback” LOL

PS Who besides defense contractors and oil companies want to stay in Afghanistan? Heroin addicts? And who the hell wants to pay for it? Ouch. Do you think we would even need to raise the debt ceiling if we weren’t in five wars? Hmm. All that economic Armageddon strike you as the justification to continue to raise the debt ceiling so we can continue to pay for eternal wars? Just sayin’….. but what do we know. You are the authoritative experts right? LOL 
Do your own research and if you ever do report with substance send us a link. We will pass it on. You’ll be a freaking hero! Have a great day.

Oh, below are some other links in case you have missed them in a previous email. We could use a Fourth Estate in the midst of 5 wars and trillions in debt because of a corrupt Congress. Ya think?

Weiner’s Weiner:The Media’s and Congress’ Laughable, Piss Poor Failed Attempt


June 18, 2011

Open Letter to Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and McConnel Re Weiner’s Weiner
Copy to Major Media Owners and 200 Journalists

The Media’s and Congress’ Laughable, Piss Poor Failed Attempt

Your efforts and the efforts of the media to use Congressman Weiner as an opportunity to demonstrate that Congress does not tolerate corruption or unethical behavior and that we have a robust free press that holds government accountable, did not work.  Corporate media and those they employ don’t have the courage, ethics or diligence to challenge the corrupt, criminals in Congress who feed at the trough of sleazy legalized bribery. Therefore their pretense at being hard-core adversarial journalists over Weiner’s weiner, was laughable. They could not help the Academy Award winning performances of outrage and indignation that were acted out by the members in the criminal, treasonous enterprise that is the United States Congress. Instead people everywhere called the media out for their circus and empty outrage because those corrupt, cowardly or lazy journalists in the media conspire with your criminal, treasonous enterprise with their endless Republican vs Democrat bullshit “news”. Corruption is not even in their vocabulary.  
While his actions were morally wrong, the only person wronged by Weiner’s actions is his wife. The rest of us? The American people? Even if he was fucking farm animals it would not have the effect on the American people that your legalized bribery is having. We want to know when the media is going hold you to account for the wrongs you have put upon the American people? When are you and the criminals you preside over going to pay for those wrongs? Sexting has not doubled the insurance policies sold to us all.  Another gay Republican trying to get off in a bathroom is not the reason why Ryancare and Obamacare will subsidize, (pillage) the American people to give to the insurance companies. Another tax cheat is not the reason why we are paying price gouging prices at the gas pumps. Another man, Senator or not, fucking prostitutes is not the reason we have trillions in debt and dead Americans due to eternal wars. A corrupt Congress that has legalized bribery and corporate corrupt propaganda media is responsible for all of it., but they can’t help you anymore.
Why does a picture of Weiner’s weiner warrant the indignation of the media and Congress, when a video and pictures of Boehner’s blatant corruption handing out bribes on the floor of the House, gets him to be Speaker of the House? Why haven’t McKeon and the Lucky Thirteen who solicited legalized bribes from defense contractors days before debating the defense budget not forced out? This story is all over the Internet. With trillions in debt and wars supposedly winding down how is it possible the House passed a budget that increases defense spending? Why haven’t spineless, worthless journalists or you called for their resignation?  Why haven’t those same journalists or you called for the resignation of the criminals from both parties that took legalized bribes to take our money from Medicare to subsidize price gouging health insurance policies courtesy of Obamacare? Policies have doubled since that corrupt law passed. You really don’t think we bought the whole Republican vs. Democrat crap? Obamacare is not a Democrat law, it is a bipartisan corrupt law that the industry put into your hands and then paid all of you, Republicans and Democrats, to pass,  while putting on a show for the American people who were about to get royally screwed.  The Democrats wanted a public option that would have provided competition. The Republicans opposed it and so there had to be a compromise. That compromise show ended up in gift horse to the healthcare industry and it is wreaking havoc on the budgets of individuals, employers and State budgets that provide health insurance to State employees.  
Your compromises are Academy Award winning performances to hide the reality: in the end you all are going to pass a law that serves the highest bidders. So how are you going to fuck the American people, (oops I mean compromise), over Ryancare and Social Security? The PR has begun with the whole “Medicare is unsustainable” and “we have trillion dollar debt because of entitlements that we have to do something about”.  (No mention there of eternal wars.) What else are your donors, the oligarchs you serve telling you and corporate media to say?  What is the PR going to be in order to justify the criminal pillaging of Medicare and Social Security too and fuck the American people again? We are holding our breaths just waiting to see what you have in store for us with the help of corporate, corrupt media.  
Eternal wars for the profits of  your donors, a ruling class that pillages an entire people, even if it means bringing home dead Americans, is how far corrupt criminals in Congress and in the media have gone while they have the gall to speak of “honoring our troops”. Therefore, we have no false expectations, no hope as to what you and the spineless, self serving journalists will do to pillage Medicare, Social Security, wage more wars, steal from us for the corporate welfare to the parasitical military industrial complex, gas companies, Wall Street, health insurance companies and more tax cuts for those that legally bribe you, a ruling class, the pimps you serve. You don’t really think that we don’t see through the whole tax cuts and jobs bullshit? It’s the corruption stupid!  For the media and you to dangle the promise of job growth in front of a people suffering terribly due to massive unemployment, to justify  more corrupt tax cuts, is despicable and inexcusable. The journalists and you have no scruples, no conscience and no fucking heart!)
What is really outrageous is when the media and deceitful politicians speak of  the redistribution of wealth.  The masses know that a treasonous criminal syndicate helped by corporate media lives to redistribute the wealth every single day. That is all you do. You take from us to give to your donors and an oligarchy that is sucking the people dry. Only heartless, unscrupulous people would have the gall to even breach the subject. Only a controlled, filtered, propaganda press could do such a thing. The American people are caught between the slime in Congress and the slime in the media. You can enjoy the boot you all have allowed your donors to put on our necks NOW. But one fine day you and the media will pay for it all. You have no idea what you and the media are provoking. The mood in this country is dangerous.
I have heard people calling Congress “Cockgress” because your members are serving pimps and sucking corporate you know what, of those from whom your members get legalized bribes. Back when Obamacare was being debated I was sent an image of McConnel on all fours with the CEO of Wellpoint taking him from behind while Pelosi was waiting her turn! It was disgusting. The media is fairing no better. Hannity is in an image sucking off a man with a hat that says Lockhead Martin. Immelt and Murdoch are in anther one just as graphic doing the same with the military industrial complex and Wall Street. There are other examples. It worries me to no end the rage and disgust I hear and see from everyday normal people that are really pissed off. Doesn’t it worry you that you have pushed too far?
Getting rid of Wiener did not work. Getting rid of Vitter won’t work either and circus media should stop their pretense and false outrage to further their Republican vs. Democrat dribble. If you or the media who conspire with your criminal syndicate, want to convince the American people that the United States Congress is anything other then a tool to steal from us to give to your donors and that you are not corrupt criminals, then pass a law for public finance of elections and free advertising a month before elections. Your corruption is responsible for trillions in debt and the deficits. You legalized corruption and treason. You can make both crimes again. Republicans and those in the media like Fox News who speak of taking back the government and freedom, freedom, freedom and who control the House right now, should prove it. You can give us back our government right now if you wanted to. Pass a law to take the money out of politics. Give us back a government of, for and by the people before the people have to rise up and take it.
In the end Congress is a criminal enterprise that runs on legalized bribes. Both Democrats and Republicans compete to see who can out serve your donors that pay you all to take from us to give to them. That means that politicians from both parties compete to see, quite literally, who can fuck the American people the most and take the most  to give to their highest bidders. Everyday Americans hold their breath waiting for the next blow and the next crime against us. It is stunning. It is cause for a second revolution.
The most devastating thing of all is that corrupt corporate media and its journalists will pave the way for you. They will make it easier for you to continue to pick the meat off the bones of the America people for the highest bidders you all serve, until there is nothing left to take.  Under the nose of a treasonous, cowardly, AWOL Fourth Estate, on their watch and yours,  the United States is no longer a government of, for and by the people. It is the Land of the Highest Bidder (1) and the American people are suffering terribly under their rule.

Hoping you pass law to take the money out of politics and elections and give us back our country or crawl back under the rock you must have come out of,

Jeanette Borges
Email me for phone and address

Cc: Criminals in the United States Senate and House;  Ethical Members of the United States House and Senate

cc: Jeffrey Immelt Chairman and CEO General Electric, John E. Pepper, Jr. Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company, Robert A. "Bob" Igor CEO ABC,  Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO News Corporation, Roger Ails President Fox News Channel, Sumner M. Redstone Chairman of the Board Viacom & CBS, Glenn A. Britt Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Time Warner Cable, JEFFREY L. BEWKES Chairman of the Board and CEO, Time Warner Inc, Philip Kent Chairman and CEO CNN, Craig A. Duo Chairman President and CEO Gannett Co., Inc., Eddy Hartenstein CEO & President The Tribune Company, Nils Larsen Chief Chairman Tribune Broadcasting, Tony Hunter as President, Publisher and CEO Chicago Tribune Company,  Frank A. Bennack, Jr.CEO Hearst Corporation, George R. Hearst, Jr. Chairman of the Board Hearst Corporation, Donald E. Graham, CEO Washington Post Company, Katherine Weymouth  CEO Washington Post Media, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. Chairman New York Times Company, Michael Golden Vice Chairman New York Times Company, Janet L. Robinson President and CEO New York Times Company, Media News Group: Richard Scudder Chairman, William Dean Singleton, Vice chair & CEO, Jody Lodovic, President, Steven Rossi, COO, The McClatchy Company - Gary B. Pruitt  President and CEO,  James mcclatchy Owner, H. Belo Corporation, Robert W. Decherd (Chairman, President and CEO), David Thompson/Publisher C/O The Daily Oklahoman, John Barron Senior Vice President--Sun-Times Media Group, Jeremy L. Halbreich Chairman and CEO Sun-Times Media Group, Patrick Purcell Herald Media Inc.,

(1)oligarchy –look up the definition and then do something about this!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Open Letter to the Owners of the Media Outlets: Re: Unbelievable Corrupt Congress

An Open Letter to the Owners of the Media Outlets: Re: Unbelievable Corrupt Congress

This letter is self explanatory. We need a working free press if we are to overcome the corruption in Congress that has enabled the suffering and pillaging by the oligarchs that pillaging the American people. Congress is taking from us to give to the pimps they serve. We are suffering the boot to our necks of parasitical oligarchs that corrupt politicians from both parties are serving. It is so much easier to blame a political party or a President and believe the bullshit the media feeds us, isn't it?  

June 27, 2011

Letter was written to all major media owners. See CC at the bottom. 
Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman and CEO
General Electric Head Office
3135 Easton Turnpike.
Fairfield, Connecticut  06431-0001

Dear Mr. Immelt:

I pray to God that your staff has the wisdom and good sense to get this letter directly to you and I apologize in advance because it is long, but there is no short form for this. I am sorry it’s doubled sided but we don’t have money to pay for the postage it would take to send so many pages to so many people. Still we have to try to do something.
I write on behalf of so many people that I have heard with my own ears and myself, because you employ some truly ignorant, lazy, stupid or corrupt people, while something very scary is happening.
Recent polls reflect that up to 72% of the people feel that the United States is headed in the wrong direction, but there is allot more to those polls and the persons you employ are wrong as to why people feel this way. There is messaging being floated everywhere, by people from all political parties, all ages and all income groups with the exception of the uber rich, (which is probably why you have not heard about it),  that the only option left to the American people is to unite in violent uprising. It’s everywhere including white collared workers at water coolers and mothers at PTA meetings. It has little to do with the economy or unemployment, per se. It has everything to do with the corruption in a Congress, past and present that serves the highest bidder. People feel disgusted, hopeless and powerless. To be clear, it’s not that the people would rise up violently; it’s that they would rise up in masses so numerous and constant to get the change they hunger for and would be put down with violence. This is where they say we are headed and indeed that is the wrong direction.
What has happened that everyday people would speak with such hopelessness?  I believe it is you, the media you control and the people you employ while the American people are seriously suffering at the hands of the highest bidders (I will call them oligarchs) that control a blatantly corrupt Congress and it would appear, influence your media. While this corruption has become intolerably blatant, all your employees know about or report, is fake, truly stupid, crap Republican vs. Democrat “news”. Many say it’s by design; its collusion and I simply cannot wrap myself around that monstrosity and so I decided to write and make sure, because the news that is not reported is eating away at the American psyche.
First, we are in trillions of debt because of eternal wars fueled by what can only be called war propaganda. How does an entire Nation of people suffer 10 years of war with no end in sight, without war propaganda? It would be impossible. Even after Bin Laden was killed we are still fed all the reasons for why these wars are not over and our troops are not home yet. The media is selling eternal wars like a pair of freaking Nikes.
Sir, have you heard the messaging coming from the media you control, lately?  Through your “journalists” and paid PR pundits, the media is engaged in marketing Congress’ pillaging of Medicare and Social Security (1) to continue to fund these eternal wars. The media literally sets policy and this newest media marketing campaign is perceived as more war propaganda that tailors budgets from both parties for 2012 that will fund eternal wars at the expense of everything else. (2)
The questions we ask more and more is why don’t the media lash out at the funding of eternal wars as the reason we have trillions in debt? How does Congress, the oligarchs that control it and your media, think they can convince the American people that it’s serious about debt while funding 5 wars? How on earth can they think they can get away with cutting Medicare while funding those wars and why isn’t media making this a front and center issue?  Why doesn’t the media expose what is crystal clear to the masses: that the only explanation for the eternal “war on terror” are the campaign contributions (legalized bribes) from the military industrial complex and oil companies to corrupt politicians that serve the highest bidder. Someone is lobbying for these wars. Who? How is it that not one of your employees has reported or spoken of American interests in Afghanistan and the Caspean Sea? How does that happen if you are running a legitimate news organization that holds government accountable? Are your employees lazy or just corrupt?
A second example of mind boggling corruption that your media is silent on or downright distorts is health care, both Romneycare, Obamacare and Ryancare. They are all the same. They all do the same thing; they take taxpayer money and give it to health care monopolies. They take from us to give to the highest bidders who buy these laws after they hand them to corrupt politicians in Congress.
Romneycare on steroids, called Obamacare, by your media, takes a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare, not to shore up Medicare’s solvency, but to spend on the new health care reform. That “new government program” promises to subsidize private insurance companies that sell health care policies. Those policies have corruptly DOUBLED due to the anticipated subsidies. Sir, they have soared to where people cannot afford them, when before they could. (By the way I work in the healthcare industry billing patients insurance and have firsthand knowledge of the prices and quality of their healthcare.) Stunningly, hypocritically, Republicans are running on “repealing” Obamacare while running on Ryancare, which takes Medicare in its entirety, the whole Medicare program, every single penny, ALL of OUR Medicare money, not just some of it, to subsidize private health insurance companies and the drug company monopoly that is legally price gouging Medicare NOW and making it insolvent. Ryancare is no different then Obamacare! It’s worse and it will drive the price of healthcare for seniors soaring, just like Romneycare (Obamacare) did. The whole of the American people are paying double what they used to for insurance, now. This is what corrupt subsidies do! They drive up the costs of whatever is subsidized, in this case health insurance. Paying for price gouging policies, the position the American people are in now, because of Romneycare (Obamacare) is the position Ryancare is going to put our seniors. 
Why would Congress do this? To provide healthcare for all? To save Medicare? Sir, you and those that work for you are not stupid. You know why. These laws were not written by anyone in Congress. No one in Congress has the knowledge to write such laws, especially Ryancare and Obamacare.  These laws were written and handed to corrupt politicians by the healthcare industry and then politicians solicit legalized bribes (campaign contributions) to pass them. All Congress knows how to do is add earmarks to these laws. Don’t you have investigative reporters working for you?
As a consequence of these corrupt healthcare laws from both parties the price of health insurance provided by State governments to its employees, like school teachers, firefighters and police has also doubled. Because of this the States can no longer meet the expectations of providing the health care agreed upon in contracts that were previously made and have had to shift the burden on the employees, which is not that bad, but the States have had to fire thousands of employees because of what this price gouging is doing to the State’s budgets. In addition, the prescription drug monopoly created by laws enacted by a corrupt Congress have skyrocketed the price of those drugs,  which in turn has sky rocketed the price of insurance and healthcare as a whole. Attached is a letter sent to the whole of Congress exposing the corruption in these laws and the misrepresentations made by corrupt politicians and the persons you employ. It is self explanatory.
It is insulting to us that the media would allow the Republicans to say that what happened in the special election in New York is because Republicans did not explained Ryancare well enough. The media said the same thing about Obamcare and what happened in the 2010 midterm elections. Obamacare was not explained well enough.  Well how about one of your “journalists” telling the truth? ”It’s the corruption, stupid”. No one has to explain that these laws are just corrupt and we are suffering the consequences.  No one has to explain that first you have to stop funding the wars before touching Medicare and Social Security and first you have to stop a corrupt Congress.  Your employees are on another freaking planet! We know this has nothing to do with political parties or ideology and everything to do with corruption.
Thirdly, in a double whammy to State employees, the consequences of Wall Street’s actions enabled by a corrupt Congress, has destroyed the pensions of those same State employees, leaving the States with obligations they cannot meet because their budgets were not tailored around the hole that left them in. Employees have been fired because of this while your media blames the overwhelmed State budgets due to soaring health insurance and Wall Street, both, on the unions and “greedy” government union employees, when corruption is to blame. Are the people you employ brain dead?
Fourth, the soaring price of gas, food and everything else is another mind boggling example of corruption. Those prices are fixed by speculators on Wall Street, enabled by laws passed by a corrupt Congress and overlooked by the FTC. No politicians give a shit while those that work for you are silent about it. It’s so much easier to blame presidents, or Libya or scream drill baby, drill. Are you kidding me? 
While the boot of the oligarchs that control a corrupt Congress are on the necks of everyday American people, politicians are talking about giving tax cuts to the wealthiest corporations that are already pillaging us all. Tax cuts for the wealthiest and their corporations? Do the drones you employ really think that this is about creating jobs? Really?  Are they paid for this propaganda? It’s more corruption and they know it.
The consequences of the laws passed by a corrupt Congress that serves oligarchs are invading every aspect of the lives of everyday people. It is reaching intolerable and dangerous levels.  Don’t your employees investigate anything, for example, lobbyists and the companies that benefit from all these corrupt laws? Isn’t there a Freedom of Information Act they should use to get letters written to Congress on any given issue?
Your media gives cover to corruption. It gives cover, God help us, to an oligarchy that is destroying the lives of everyday people. But it is talk of Medicare going to private insurance companies that has lit the now, finally, the very short fuse of the American people. They are appalled at the level of corruption. People may recognize that Medicare should be reformed but not while funding eternal wars, not while prescription drug companies price gouge Medicare and not while a corrupt whore house of Representatives and the Senate continues to take money from us to give to the highest bidders they serve. People have been in stupor for 10 years of paying for wars because of the media’s war propaganda but your media is rapidly losing its value to the US military-industrial complex and Wall Street as a vehicle through which to sell wars and hoodwink the public into paying for them, because your media has put Medicare and Social Security in a corrupt Congress’ sites. (3) Your silent, distorting or brain dead employees sit by treasonously while our country is led to fiscal destruction, while a corrupt Congress acts with impunity when it is the job of your employees to hold them accountable.
You know, Sir, your employees are scouting a fine line and historians and the American people will be the judge, because war propaganda is a crime. If indeed you allow your employees to act as a Military Finance Oligarch-Media War Propaganda machine you are running a criminal organization, abhorrent to the concept of a “free press” and the constitution. Since 1976 the United States has been party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 20 of which states: "Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law”. Domestically, the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act, for example, allows pro-government news to foreign audiences, but not at home. The point is Sir, that war propaganda at home is illegal and your employees are guilty of this. Your employees should be hung at The Hague.  Whether or not these prohibitions are enforced and war lies are effectively banned from our media outlets, the people now seek to shame, if not punish, those that spread them. (5) The masses speak of the day when you and those like you are held to account, because of what you do by distortion or omission and what you allow others to do. Regardless, how can you and those that work for you, that have transformed a democracy into an oligarchy, escape the people’s justice here at home?
The people that work for you use censorship and propaganda to give cover to a corrupt Congress that serves the highest bidder, pillages Medicare and Social Security to fund eternal wars and pushes for even more war with Iran (7) and war on behalf of Israel. The events of 9/11 have simply intensified this reality”. (6)  Sir, war propaganda has no place in a democracy.  While no one says you shouldn’t make profits, the media’s ties to Wall Street, the military industrial complex and other mega corporations that control Congress put in question your right to even exist, in the eyes of the masses.  It’s more then a public relations problem. You have long heard discontent with corporate media, but have you heard of uprising to fight it or your right to exist? Have you heard that? It is stunning.  Will this spread even more? Can you control it? Unlikely, without a dramatic shift in your priorities.
Million of Americans engaged in all kinds of issues constantly witness how your media marginalize, denigrate or simply ignore their concerns. Citizens raging against trillions of dollars in debt due to a corrupt Congress and campaign finance laws, funding 5 wars that spring eternal, 9/11 war propaganda and truth, election fraud, the anti-war movement, Iranian war propaganda, (8) Iraq war propaganda, (9) illegal and brutal Israel occupation war propaganda, (10) (11) (12)civil liberties, corporate oligarchies that through a corrupt Congress, take from us to give to themselves,  the freaking price of gas and food that is fixed by Wall Street, the potential contamination of our water supply by natural gas companies that will make the United State a third world country, (13) the drug monopolies that are pillaging Medicare, the health care monopolies, voting reform… all of these issues, amongst others are due to a corrupt Congress for sale to the highest bidder and all of them have been systematically excluded from the media you control and the persons that work for you. That the FCC is as corrupt as Congress and you do all of this legally. (Robert McDowell is another corrupt whore and oligarch puppet.)
 Sir, you and what you do is so important to us. I want to tell you that because you ignore this it at your own peril. We revere the whole concept of a “free press”.  Having no “free press” is having a tremendous, dangerous, psychological affect on the masses because rightly so, we tie a free people to a free press.  What happens when hopelessness takes over like those polls reflect and they take to the streets in murderous rage, because these corrupt whores deserve to be hung and so do your employees come to think of it. Why do your employees allow this corruption to continue? They really have pushed the envelope far enough.
The people are being pillaged in front of your eyes. Screw the constitution. It is the Declaration of Independence the masses are talking about; that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. When government has become so corrupted that corporations and the wealthy few are more powerful than the people it is time for we, the people to act.
Bill O’Reilly has a catchy little segment called “Pinhead or Patriot” as if he has any moral right to judge on the patriotism of anyone, since he is part of what has destroyed our democracy from within. So I have a question for people like him in the media. Are you a profiteer or a patriot?  (14) We need patriots.  We need the media you control or is that the very thing the people will have to rise up against?  If you don’t employ courageous, hard working, intelligent people instead of drones that mimic each other and can’t put a sentence together that does not include Republicans vs. Democrats and if they don’t have editorial freedom, we the people, cannot displace oligarchy, oligopoly, and restore effective democracy.  It is major-media owners, and your hand-picked editors, who decide what the vast majority see, hear, and read. In practice, a handful of you and editors have become the unelected gatekeepers of public truth and discourse and accountable to no public body, you yield your power to disappear the interests of the vast majority. A “free press” is not corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power from the "risk" and threat to corporate profits from "an excess of democracy".
 The large industrial corporations, highly centralized and well capitalized, render the division of powers irrelevant.  Through lobbying, election finance and cross ownership of mass media, they effectively control all branches of government, the parameters of public discussion and they destroy the concept of a government of, for and by the people. (15)  And in one of the most perverse turns of events, they are accorded the protection of the Bill of Rights when they should hang for transforming this Nation into an oligarchy; into the Land of corporate Kings!
In the past, rights, freedoms and justice were won through, often violent, democratic action and so it will be with oligarchs, a corrupt Congress and those that control our “free press”. Please, I ask you stop the rage by giving people the hope that comes with a truly “free press” that holds corrupt government and the oligarchs that control it, accountable.
We ask that you share with your employees that reporting corruption is not reporting Wiener’s wiener, another gay Republican, another unfaithful, family values politician, another sex scandal or tax cheats. That is just insult to injury. Share with those that work for you that the government of the United States has been taken from within on their watch and democracy is dead. But what of you? Some say you are to blame. Now you have this letter. I guess we will see if you send a clear message to your employees or if you allow this collusion with a government that serves the highest bidder to continue.
The American people are suffering tremendously because of rampant, blatant corruption in Congress.  Will the media you control leave us helpless, hopeless and on our own against a corrupt Congress? We beg that you side with the people now. We need you to do the right thing. If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?   
In closing we ask, will you and those you employ, be the ones crucified or the one’s driving in the nails? Indeed we hope and pray it’s the latter. I thank you for your time. Please, please let us know that our desperate plea has not fallen on deaf ears and what if anything we can do to help. Please. We look forward to your response. 
Most sincerely,

Jeanette Borges

cc: Jeffrey Immelt Chairman and CEO General Electric, John E. Pepper, Jr. Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company, Robert A. "Bob" Igor CEO ABC,  Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO News Corporation, Roger Ails President Fox News Channel, Sumner M. Redstone Chairman of the Board Viacom & CBS, Glenn A. Britt Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Time Warner Cable, JEFFREY L. BEWKES Chairman of the Board and CEO, Time Warner Inc, Philip Kent Chairman and CEO CNN, Craig A. Duo Chairman President and CEO Gannett Co., Inc., Eddy Hartenstein CEO & President The Tribune Company, Nils Larsen Chief Chairman Tribune Broadcasting, Tony Hunter as President, Publisher and CEO Chicago Tribune Company,  Frank A. Bennack, Jr.CEO Hearst Corporation, George R. Hearst, Jr. Chairman of the Board Hearst Corporation, Donald E. Graham, CEO Washington Post Company, Katherine Weymouth  CEO Washington Post Media, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. Chairman New York Times Company, Michael Golden Vice Chairman New York Times Company, Janet L. Robinson President and CEO New York Times Company

1)       Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts By Paul Craig Roberts
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6)       THE REVIVAL OF THE PROPAGANDA STATE: US Propaganda at Home and Abroad since 9/11 by Nancy Snow and Philip M. Taylor
7)       Rumour of the century (wiping Israel off the map) (illegal war propaganda)
8)       President of Iran never said anything about wiping Israel off the map. (more illegal war propaganda)
9)       Al-Jazeera perspective on the propaganda during the Iraq war. (more illegal war propaganda) The full documentary "Control Room - Propaganda of the Iraq War" can be downloaded from Google video.,
10)     Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media: the Israel-Palestine Conflict provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how US war propaganda has reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the brutal occupation. It exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites--oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others--work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies that exports illegal war propaganda and exercises a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported. Glenn Beck and Fox News are especially blatant.
11)  the truth about the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and American illegal war propaganda. Fox News is especially blatant. Glen Beck’s entire show is devoted to Israel war propaganda.
12)    New Israeli propaganda strategy document for the period following the war in Iraq.
13)    Natural gas drilling is threatening our water supply. Once the supply is contaminated there is no going back. Google “Gasland”. .We have to solve our dependency on oil, but at the cost of our water supply? That would be disastrous. The criterion for being a third world country is whether or not the people have a supply of drinking water.,
14)    Corporate Media in American Society -An examination of how the handful of corporations that dominate the media system in America shape reality and control the collective consciousness of the nation.,
15)    The Stupefaction Of A Nation  Corporate Media Propaganda And Its Weapons Of Mass Distraction
More corrupt stories that your employees do not report:
16)    FCC commissioner resigning to become VP at Comcast-NBC just four months after approving merger (Google it)
18)    Understanding Fox “News” Regarding Israel and Anyone Opposed to War Funding: It's War Propaganda
19)    Raising the Debt Ceiling –You have to if you waging five wars and counting-(For the drones you employ they are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen)
20)    Corruption in Healthcare that is Bleeding Us Dry-Ryancare, Obamacare, Medicare, Pharma
21)    In an oligarchy you can’t control the debt or deficit. It is because a corrupt Congress serves the highest bidders that they cannot stop spending or solve our debt. They continue to take from us to give to the oligarchs they serve
22)    Joe Rogan Truth Talks War, Politics, & Military Industrial Complex -Other news that is censored and filtered (How can this happen with a free press?)
23)    Pentagon Reports Billions of Dollars in Contractor Fraud
25)    Our corrupt congress wasting taxpayer trillions
26)    Amnesty International: Do the Media Aid Israel?

I could go on and on and on with pages upon pages of references of news the drones you  employ do not report, but they can start with these, since they lack any initiative of their own  When people trust the Internet more then your media you have got a problem.

The Corruption in Ryancare and Romneycare on Steroids (Obamacare)

An Open Letter to Congress: The Corruption in Ryancare and Romneycare on Steroids (Obamacare)
How Medicare Really Works

This letter was faxed to the whole of Congress and copied to 150 “journalists” Yet the lies continue. There is no difference between Ryancare and Obamacare. They both take taxpayer money and Medicare money to give subsidies to health insurance companies; to the highest bidders, the oligarchs that a corrupt Congress serves. The corruption is beyond belief. The United States is no longer a democracy and the media is protecting the overthrow of our government from within. More and more we hear about uniting and rising up. I am beginning to agree and I think all like minded people must find each other and communicate. If you know of such organized group email me to post them all in one place.

June 4, 2011

Dear Representative:

I pray to God that your staff has the wisdom and good sense to get this letter directly to you, because the things being said by everyday people, everywhere, at water coolers and PTA meetings is simply scary and you must act before chaos ensues. 
You know, as our blatantly bipartisan, corrupt Congress embarks on efforts to follow policy being set by oligarch media and the interests they serve, to “reform” Medicare or give it to private insurance companies, I am writing to let you know that, Ryancare or any version of it, is a bridge too far. This Nation is on verge of chaos. Please, below is an article (How Federal Trust Funds Really Work) about how federal trust funds like Medicare and Social Security really work, so you can help stop the misrepresentations. It is false (1) that federal trust fund balances finance these programs; (2) that the public owns these balances; (3) that these balances are claims for future benefit payments.
Medicare is funded the same way all government outlays are: by tax receipts, proprietary receipts, and borrowing from the public (deficit spending) to make up the difference, so two things are simply logical. First, that diminished tax receipts put Medicare in greater jeopardy. A corrupt Congress that insists on tax cuts for the oligarchs it serves, diminishes tax receipts, putting Medicare and all other programs in jeopardy. If more people are working there is more revenue for Medicare. In addition, unemployment is staggering. Jobs are all oversees. Wall Street has cut off credit to businesses keeping the bailout money for their own profits. Wall Street has obliterated millions of jobs. Oligarchs care about globalization and do not care to prop up this country. A corrupt Congress cares about propping up the oligarchs. If millions of people got back to work that in itself would extend Medicare’s and Social Security’s solvency.  Bottom line, Increasing tax revenues would increase Medicare’s and the government’s solvency overall. Period.
Second, it is only logical that corrupt spending priorities, such as funding eternal wars, also put Medicare, like any other government funded program, in jeopardy. Stop funding the freaking wars and bring home all of our troops before thinking to ransack Medicare or there will be mass demonstrations all over this country. You have no idea the can or worms being opened.
Let’s be clear about the corruption in Ryancare and how corruption in general is responsible for trillions in debt. During the healthcare war, Paul Ryan complained that Obama and the Democrats were raiding Medicare for other programs: “Now when you take a look at the Medicare cuts, what this bill essentially does is treats Medicare like a piggy bank. It raids a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare not to shore up Medicare’s solvency but to spend on this new government program”. That “new government program” (Romneycare also known as Obamacare) corruptly subsidizes price gouging health care policies. Those policies have soared due to those anticipated subsidies. Stunningly, Republicans, hypocritically, are running on “repealing” Romneycare, while they take Medicare to the same freaking level. Ryancare is going to take the entire, whole Medicare program, every single penny, to fund another program that proposes to take every single penny, ALL of OUR Medicare money, not just some of it, to subsidize price gouging health insurance policies. This will drive the prices soaring, just like Romneycare (Obamacare) did. The whole of the American people are paying double what they used to for insurance. This is what corrupt subsidies do! They drive up the costs of whatever it subsidizes, in this case health insurance. Paying for price gouging policies, the position the American people are in now, because of Romneycare (Obamacare) is the position Ryancare, is going to put our seniors in!
Ryancare, like Romneycare, (Obamacare) is yet another law to take from us to give to them, the oligarchs that Congress always fucking serves. When does this shit stop and who put this bill in Ryan’s hands, because he did not come up with it! He did write this law. Who did? Like everything else Congress does, someone gave this to him and Congress takes legalized bribes to pass it or some version of it.
There are no capitalist market drivers or competition to bring down the prices of anything anymore because of a freaking corrupt Congress. This is blatantly so in the health care industry. Ryancare would not bring the prices down, just like Romenyecare (Obamacare) didn’t, because the insurance industry has no anti-trust laws! We the people and healthcare providers are told by freaking law, where and from whom, we can buy prescription drugs, creating monopolies and no competition. Even if drugs are cheaper in Canada, by law, we cannot buy them there. You want to bring down healthcare costs? You must repeal the corrupt laws that insure, that guarantee, that freaking legalize price gouging and the higher costs of healthcare!
Does it cost more to make drugs here because of geography? Of course not. Medicare should have a fee schedule for drugs based on prices in places like Canada. We cannot trust the prices that pharma in the United States is charging Medicare and Medicaid. If pharma stopped spending billions on advertising the cost of prescription drugs would be lower. Why doesn’t Congress pass a law that forbids them from marketing freaking prescription drugs? If a patient needs a drug a doctor will prescribe it. Why the hell do you need to advertise it?  You don’t! Every day my entire staff gets free lunch courtesy of pharma reps that peddle their drugs, why do they need to advertise them on TV? Congress dares to attack Medicare before ending this corruption. If Medicare and Medicaid cannot meet their unfunded liabilities its because of a Congress that is allowing it to be pillaged by pharma and private health insurance companies.
As an example, an inhaler for asthma here can cost 235.00 dollars. In Canada it is half that. In Cuba it’s .42 cents! What do you think is the profit margin on one freaking inhaler at 235.00 dollars? Do you have any idea what this is doing to employer based healthcare policies? Do want to know who is responsible for bankrupting State budgets and why they cannot meet the agreements they made before Wall Street destroyed the pensions of government workers and the health care industry doubled their prices?  Corruption in Congress and the oligarchs they serve is intruding in every aspect of our lives and we are paying dearly for it all. On top of which, the price of these inhalers has quadrupled because the EPA, pushed by pharma, daaaaaaa, banned the sale of some inhalers because of the ozone. Really? Pharma now justifies charging this kind of money because the environmentally safe inhalers are more expensive to make? On top of which they are patented, so generic inhalers are not available and Congress is allowing this lack of competition.
In 2010, Abbott Laboratories, Roxane Laboratories and B. Braun Medical Inc. settled with the government for jacking up the prices of the "average wholesale price" upon which the government relied for determining payments. No prison time, mind you. The settlements total a record $9 billion in recoveries for fraud in the two years of the Obama administration. More than half of that has been for health care related fraud. If Congress did not make a law that would subsidize these monopolies there would be no fraud and abuse to begin with. Pharma thanks to Congress is price gouging Medicare and Medicaid and Congress instead of cutting them off, wants to cut the American people that pay into Medicare off.
You want to cut the cost of healthcare? When a person becomes eligible for Medicare, mandate they complete and sign a “Quality of Life Living Will” with specific scenarios in which the beneficiary, not the government, decides if they want extraordinary medical intervention to keep them alive when they have no hope of an improved quality of life. When this came up in Romneycare, (Obamacare) some corrupt whores called it “death panels”. It’s not a death panel if my patients decide that if they have dementia, they do not want to be kept alive with feeding tubes, urine bags or medications while being tied up in a bed for the rest of whatever life they have with no possibility of me or any other doctor of improving their quality of life. Personally, if I cannot do anything for myself and am just a body being tied to a bed being kept alive with these measures I would opt the hell out of it and so would the majority of my patients. They would rather be made comfortable with pain medication to alleviate their suffering and be allowed to die with dignity. There are many scenarios where monies are going to keep shells of people alive. It should be their choice to decide that this not happen and it would save billions of dollars in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Go to a nursing home and you will see what the hell I am talking about. Keeping people alive for the profits of hospitals and nursing homes is just another way of pillaging Medicare. You have got to draw a line somewhere. Will the medical care I am forcing on a patient allow them to get up and continue living a normal life? If the answer is “no” then spending money on that medical care should be “no”. If Congress was not so corrupt and protecting profits of healthcare providers they would mandate a “Quality of Life Living Will” as a condition for getting Medicare and they would allow patients, not for profit healthcare providers, to determine their own care and when to end it.
In short, a corrupt Congress that serves corporate parasites and the highest bidders are responsible for the trillions in debt and the solvency of Medicare and Medicaid. Ryancare is just another example.
Congress has a mandate from corrupt oligarch media and the interests it serves to continue to steal from us to give to themselves. Congress had better ignore that mandate. This is what was needed to wake up the masses and we don’t believe a damn word said by oligarch media. Did you see what happened in the Special Elections in New York? The media became irrelevant, finally.
You must draw a line. Start telling the oligarchs Congress serves, that this is a bridge to far. Stop funding the wars, stop giving tax cuts to the oligarchs you serve, especially the military industrial complex and Wall Street and stop making laws that legalize price gouging and pillaging of the masses and Medicare. The oligarchs are not going to destroy Medicare to continue funding their for profit wars and the masses will take out a Congress that allows this to happen and not necessarily with elections.
A bipartisan corrupt Congress is on its last leg. People are not mad. They are murderous. They should be. Corrupt politicians deserve to be hung by a rope. You are either the one crucified or driving in the nails. Please, don’t push us further. Stop the corruption now.

Most sincerely,

cc: US Senate and House of Representatives
cc:Jeffrey Immelt Chairman and CEO General Electric, John E. Pepper, Jr. Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company, Robert A. "Bob" Iger CEO ABC,  Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO News Corporation, Roger Ailes President Fox News Channel, Sumner M. Redstone Chairman of the Board Viacom & CBS, Glenn A. Britt Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Time Warner Cable, JEFFREY L. BEWKES Chairman of the Board and CEO, Time Warner Inc, Philip Kent Chairman and CEO
CNN, Craig A. Dubow Chairman President and CEO Gannett Co., Inc., Eddy Hartenstein CEO & President The Tribune Company, Nils Larsen Chief Chairman Tribune Broadcasting, Tony Hunter as President, Publisher and CEO Chicago Tribune Company,  Frank A. Bennack, Jr.CEO Hearst Corporation, George R. Hearst, Jr. Chairman of the Board Hearst Corporation, Donald E. Graham, CEO Washington Post Company, Katharine Weymouth  CEO Washington Post Media, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. Chairman New York Times Company, Michael Golden Vice Chairman New York Times Company, Janet L. Robinson President and CEO New York Times Company
CC: Shepard Smith/FOX, Bill O’Reilly/FOX, Sean Hannity/FOX, Bret Baier/FOX NEWS, Greta van Susteren/FOX, Roger Ailes/FOX NEWS, John Scott/FOX NEWS, Mike Wallace/FOX NEWS, Chris Matthews/MSNBC, Keith Oberman/Current TV, Rachel Maddow/MSNBC, Dylan Rattigan/MSNBC, Anderson Cooper/CNN,Katie Couric/NBC,Editor Associated Press News Room, Marcus Brauchli Editor Washington Post,Thomson Editor Wall Street Journal News Room,Producer ABC News, Jon Meachum, Editor Newsweek, Editor Time Magazine/Editor US News &World Report,Randy Lovely, Editor Arizona Republic,Editor Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Editor Baltimore Sun,Martin Baron, Editor The Boston Globe,Joe Sciacca, Editor The Boston Herald, Rick Thames Editor/The Charlotte Observer, Donald Hayner Editor Chicago Sun-Times, Gerould W. Kern Editor Chicago Tribune,Debra Adams Simmons Editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ed Kelley Editor Daily Oklahoman, Robert W. Mong, Jr. Editor Dallas Morning News, Gregory L. Moore Editor Denver Post, Rick Green Editor Des Moines Register, Paul Anger Editor Detroit Free Press, Jim Witt Editor Fort Worth Star Telegram, Jeff Cohen Editor Houston Chronicle, John Wilburn, Russ Stanton Editor Los Angeles Times, Aminda Marqués Gonzalez Editor Miami Herald, Martin Kaiser Editor The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nancy Barnes Editor Minneapolis Star Tribune, Editor Newsday, Peter Bhatia Editor The Oregonian, Stan Sischnowski The Philadelphia Inquirer, David Shribman Editor Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Arnie Robbins Editor St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bob Hawkins Editor San Diego Union-Tribune, Ward H. Bushee Editor San Francisco Chronicle, David Butler Editor San Jose Mercury News, Editor Seattle Times, David Boardman Editor, David Hunke, Publisher USA Today, Marcus Brauchli EditorThe Washington Post,Producer CNN, Producers CSPAN, Producers National Public Radio, Producers PBS, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Bill Keller Editor The New York Times, Jon Stewart The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Editor, John Hillkirk, Editor USA Today, Brian Gallagher, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. Publisher New York Times,  Bill Keller, Editor New York Times, Russ Stanton Editor Los Angeles Times, Raju Narisetti, Elizabeth Spayd, Managing Editor Washington Post, Shirley Carswell, Kevin Keane Editor The Oakland Tribune, Gerould W. Kern, Editor Chicago Tribune, Paul Krugman/NY Times, David Brooks/NY Times, Maureen Dowd/NY Times, Thomas Friedman/NY Times, Adam Nagourney/NY Times, David E. Sanger/NY Times, Philip Taubman/NY Times, David Shipley/NY Times, Frank Rich/ NY Times, David Leonhardt/ NY Times, Hendrik Hertzberg/ NY Times, Steve Coll/ The New America Foundation, Ezra Klein/ Washington Post, Christiane Amanpour/ ABC News, Katrina Vanden Heuvel The Nation, Editor/ The Nation, Editorial Submissions New York Media, Adam Moss New York Media, Eric Alterman/TheNation, Joe Scarborough/ Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski / Morning Joe, Willie Geist / Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle / Morning Joe, John Ridley / Morning Joe, Mr. Glenn Beck/FOX, Christopher Caldwell Senior Editor/The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes Executive Editor/The Weekly Standard, William Kristol Editor/The Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes Senior Write/The Weekly Standard, Charles Krauthammer/The Washington Post, Juan Williams/FOX, David Bohrman CNN Washington Bureau, Candy Crowly CNN Washington Bureau, David Gregory/Meet the Press, Betsy Fischer /Meet the Press, Rebecca Samuels /Meet the Press, Chris Donovan /Meet the Press
The letter sent to the whole of Congress included this article “How Federal Trust Funds Really Work” that can be found here: References:  1) 2) Let the Compromise Show Begin 3) Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts by Paul Craig Roberts 4) THE REVIVAL OF THE PROPAGANDA STATE: US Propaganda at Home and Abroad since 9/11 by Nancy Snow and Philip M. Taylor