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An Open Letter to the Owners of the Media Outlets: Re: Unbelievable Corrupt Congress

An Open Letter to the Owners of the Media Outlets: Re: Unbelievable Corrupt Congress

This letter is self explanatory. We need a working free press if we are to overcome the corruption in Congress that has enabled the suffering and pillaging by the oligarchs that pillaging the American people. Congress is taking from us to give to the pimps they serve. We are suffering the boot to our necks of parasitical oligarchs that corrupt politicians from both parties are serving. It is so much easier to blame a political party or a President and believe the bullshit the media feeds us, isn't it?  

June 27, 2011

Letter was written to all major media owners. See CC at the bottom. 
Jeffrey Immelt
Chairman and CEO
General Electric Head Office
3135 Easton Turnpike.
Fairfield, Connecticut  06431-0001

Dear Mr. Immelt:

I pray to God that your staff has the wisdom and good sense to get this letter directly to you and I apologize in advance because it is long, but there is no short form for this. I am sorry it’s doubled sided but we don’t have money to pay for the postage it would take to send so many pages to so many people. Still we have to try to do something.
I write on behalf of so many people that I have heard with my own ears and myself, because you employ some truly ignorant, lazy, stupid or corrupt people, while something very scary is happening.
Recent polls reflect that up to 72% of the people feel that the United States is headed in the wrong direction, but there is allot more to those polls and the persons you employ are wrong as to why people feel this way. There is messaging being floated everywhere, by people from all political parties, all ages and all income groups with the exception of the uber rich, (which is probably why you have not heard about it),  that the only option left to the American people is to unite in violent uprising. It’s everywhere including white collared workers at water coolers and mothers at PTA meetings. It has little to do with the economy or unemployment, per se. It has everything to do with the corruption in a Congress, past and present that serves the highest bidder. People feel disgusted, hopeless and powerless. To be clear, it’s not that the people would rise up violently; it’s that they would rise up in masses so numerous and constant to get the change they hunger for and would be put down with violence. This is where they say we are headed and indeed that is the wrong direction.
What has happened that everyday people would speak with such hopelessness?  I believe it is you, the media you control and the people you employ while the American people are seriously suffering at the hands of the highest bidders (I will call them oligarchs) that control a blatantly corrupt Congress and it would appear, influence your media. While this corruption has become intolerably blatant, all your employees know about or report, is fake, truly stupid, crap Republican vs. Democrat “news”. Many say it’s by design; its collusion and I simply cannot wrap myself around that monstrosity and so I decided to write and make sure, because the news that is not reported is eating away at the American psyche.
First, we are in trillions of debt because of eternal wars fueled by what can only be called war propaganda. How does an entire Nation of people suffer 10 years of war with no end in sight, without war propaganda? It would be impossible. Even after Bin Laden was killed we are still fed all the reasons for why these wars are not over and our troops are not home yet. The media is selling eternal wars like a pair of freaking Nikes.
Sir, have you heard the messaging coming from the media you control, lately?  Through your “journalists” and paid PR pundits, the media is engaged in marketing Congress’ pillaging of Medicare and Social Security (1) to continue to fund these eternal wars. The media literally sets policy and this newest media marketing campaign is perceived as more war propaganda that tailors budgets from both parties for 2012 that will fund eternal wars at the expense of everything else. (2)
The questions we ask more and more is why don’t the media lash out at the funding of eternal wars as the reason we have trillions in debt? How does Congress, the oligarchs that control it and your media, think they can convince the American people that it’s serious about debt while funding 5 wars? How on earth can they think they can get away with cutting Medicare while funding those wars and why isn’t media making this a front and center issue?  Why doesn’t the media expose what is crystal clear to the masses: that the only explanation for the eternal “war on terror” are the campaign contributions (legalized bribes) from the military industrial complex and oil companies to corrupt politicians that serve the highest bidder. Someone is lobbying for these wars. Who? How is it that not one of your employees has reported or spoken of American interests in Afghanistan and the Caspean Sea? How does that happen if you are running a legitimate news organization that holds government accountable? Are your employees lazy or just corrupt?
A second example of mind boggling corruption that your media is silent on or downright distorts is health care, both Romneycare, Obamacare and Ryancare. They are all the same. They all do the same thing; they take taxpayer money and give it to health care monopolies. They take from us to give to the highest bidders who buy these laws after they hand them to corrupt politicians in Congress.
Romneycare on steroids, called Obamacare, by your media, takes a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare, not to shore up Medicare’s solvency, but to spend on the new health care reform. That “new government program” promises to subsidize private insurance companies that sell health care policies. Those policies have corruptly DOUBLED due to the anticipated subsidies. Sir, they have soared to where people cannot afford them, when before they could. (By the way I work in the healthcare industry billing patients insurance and have firsthand knowledge of the prices and quality of their healthcare.) Stunningly, hypocritically, Republicans are running on “repealing” Obamacare while running on Ryancare, which takes Medicare in its entirety, the whole Medicare program, every single penny, ALL of OUR Medicare money, not just some of it, to subsidize private health insurance companies and the drug company monopoly that is legally price gouging Medicare NOW and making it insolvent. Ryancare is no different then Obamacare! It’s worse and it will drive the price of healthcare for seniors soaring, just like Romneycare (Obamacare) did. The whole of the American people are paying double what they used to for insurance, now. This is what corrupt subsidies do! They drive up the costs of whatever is subsidized, in this case health insurance. Paying for price gouging policies, the position the American people are in now, because of Romneycare (Obamacare) is the position Ryancare is going to put our seniors. 
Why would Congress do this? To provide healthcare for all? To save Medicare? Sir, you and those that work for you are not stupid. You know why. These laws were not written by anyone in Congress. No one in Congress has the knowledge to write such laws, especially Ryancare and Obamacare.  These laws were written and handed to corrupt politicians by the healthcare industry and then politicians solicit legalized bribes (campaign contributions) to pass them. All Congress knows how to do is add earmarks to these laws. Don’t you have investigative reporters working for you?
As a consequence of these corrupt healthcare laws from both parties the price of health insurance provided by State governments to its employees, like school teachers, firefighters and police has also doubled. Because of this the States can no longer meet the expectations of providing the health care agreed upon in contracts that were previously made and have had to shift the burden on the employees, which is not that bad, but the States have had to fire thousands of employees because of what this price gouging is doing to the State’s budgets. In addition, the prescription drug monopoly created by laws enacted by a corrupt Congress have skyrocketed the price of those drugs,  which in turn has sky rocketed the price of insurance and healthcare as a whole. Attached is a letter sent to the whole of Congress exposing the corruption in these laws and the misrepresentations made by corrupt politicians and the persons you employ. It is self explanatory.
It is insulting to us that the media would allow the Republicans to say that what happened in the special election in New York is because Republicans did not explained Ryancare well enough. The media said the same thing about Obamcare and what happened in the 2010 midterm elections. Obamacare was not explained well enough.  Well how about one of your “journalists” telling the truth? ”It’s the corruption, stupid”. No one has to explain that these laws are just corrupt and we are suffering the consequences.  No one has to explain that first you have to stop funding the wars before touching Medicare and Social Security and first you have to stop a corrupt Congress.  Your employees are on another freaking planet! We know this has nothing to do with political parties or ideology and everything to do with corruption.
Thirdly, in a double whammy to State employees, the consequences of Wall Street’s actions enabled by a corrupt Congress, has destroyed the pensions of those same State employees, leaving the States with obligations they cannot meet because their budgets were not tailored around the hole that left them in. Employees have been fired because of this while your media blames the overwhelmed State budgets due to soaring health insurance and Wall Street, both, on the unions and “greedy” government union employees, when corruption is to blame. Are the people you employ brain dead?
Fourth, the soaring price of gas, food and everything else is another mind boggling example of corruption. Those prices are fixed by speculators on Wall Street, enabled by laws passed by a corrupt Congress and overlooked by the FTC. No politicians give a shit while those that work for you are silent about it. It’s so much easier to blame presidents, or Libya or scream drill baby, drill. Are you kidding me? 
While the boot of the oligarchs that control a corrupt Congress are on the necks of everyday American people, politicians are talking about giving tax cuts to the wealthiest corporations that are already pillaging us all. Tax cuts for the wealthiest and their corporations? Do the drones you employ really think that this is about creating jobs? Really?  Are they paid for this propaganda? It’s more corruption and they know it.
The consequences of the laws passed by a corrupt Congress that serves oligarchs are invading every aspect of the lives of everyday people. It is reaching intolerable and dangerous levels.  Don’t your employees investigate anything, for example, lobbyists and the companies that benefit from all these corrupt laws? Isn’t there a Freedom of Information Act they should use to get letters written to Congress on any given issue?
Your media gives cover to corruption. It gives cover, God help us, to an oligarchy that is destroying the lives of everyday people. But it is talk of Medicare going to private insurance companies that has lit the now, finally, the very short fuse of the American people. They are appalled at the level of corruption. People may recognize that Medicare should be reformed but not while funding eternal wars, not while prescription drug companies price gouge Medicare and not while a corrupt whore house of Representatives and the Senate continues to take money from us to give to the highest bidders they serve. People have been in stupor for 10 years of paying for wars because of the media’s war propaganda but your media is rapidly losing its value to the US military-industrial complex and Wall Street as a vehicle through which to sell wars and hoodwink the public into paying for them, because your media has put Medicare and Social Security in a corrupt Congress’ sites. (3) Your silent, distorting or brain dead employees sit by treasonously while our country is led to fiscal destruction, while a corrupt Congress acts with impunity when it is the job of your employees to hold them accountable.
You know, Sir, your employees are scouting a fine line and historians and the American people will be the judge, because war propaganda is a crime. If indeed you allow your employees to act as a Military Finance Oligarch-Media War Propaganda machine you are running a criminal organization, abhorrent to the concept of a “free press” and the constitution. Since 1976 the United States has been party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 20 of which states: "Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law”. Domestically, the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act, for example, allows pro-government news to foreign audiences, but not at home. The point is Sir, that war propaganda at home is illegal and your employees are guilty of this. Your employees should be hung at The Hague.  Whether or not these prohibitions are enforced and war lies are effectively banned from our media outlets, the people now seek to shame, if not punish, those that spread them. (5) The masses speak of the day when you and those like you are held to account, because of what you do by distortion or omission and what you allow others to do. Regardless, how can you and those that work for you, that have transformed a democracy into an oligarchy, escape the people’s justice here at home?
The people that work for you use censorship and propaganda to give cover to a corrupt Congress that serves the highest bidder, pillages Medicare and Social Security to fund eternal wars and pushes for even more war with Iran (7) and war on behalf of Israel. The events of 9/11 have simply intensiļ¬ed this reality”. (6)  Sir, war propaganda has no place in a democracy.  While no one says you shouldn’t make profits, the media’s ties to Wall Street, the military industrial complex and other mega corporations that control Congress put in question your right to even exist, in the eyes of the masses.  It’s more then a public relations problem. You have long heard discontent with corporate media, but have you heard of uprising to fight it or your right to exist? Have you heard that? It is stunning.  Will this spread even more? Can you control it? Unlikely, without a dramatic shift in your priorities.
Million of Americans engaged in all kinds of issues constantly witness how your media marginalize, denigrate or simply ignore their concerns. Citizens raging against trillions of dollars in debt due to a corrupt Congress and campaign finance laws, funding 5 wars that spring eternal, 9/11 war propaganda and truth, election fraud, the anti-war movement, Iranian war propaganda, (8) Iraq war propaganda, (9) illegal and brutal Israel occupation war propaganda, (10) (11) (12)civil liberties, corporate oligarchies that through a corrupt Congress, take from us to give to themselves,  the freaking price of gas and food that is fixed by Wall Street, the potential contamination of our water supply by natural gas companies that will make the United State a third world country, (13) the drug monopolies that are pillaging Medicare, the health care monopolies, voting reform… all of these issues, amongst others are due to a corrupt Congress for sale to the highest bidder and all of them have been systematically excluded from the media you control and the persons that work for you. That the FCC is as corrupt as Congress and you do all of this legally. (Robert McDowell is another corrupt whore and oligarch puppet.)
 Sir, you and what you do is so important to us. I want to tell you that because you ignore this it at your own peril. We revere the whole concept of a “free press”.  Having no “free press” is having a tremendous, dangerous, psychological affect on the masses because rightly so, we tie a free people to a free press.  What happens when hopelessness takes over like those polls reflect and they take to the streets in murderous rage, because these corrupt whores deserve to be hung and so do your employees come to think of it. Why do your employees allow this corruption to continue? They really have pushed the envelope far enough.
The people are being pillaged in front of your eyes. Screw the constitution. It is the Declaration of Independence the masses are talking about; that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. When government has become so corrupted that corporations and the wealthy few are more powerful than the people it is time for we, the people to act.
Bill O’Reilly has a catchy little segment called “Pinhead or Patriot” as if he has any moral right to judge on the patriotism of anyone, since he is part of what has destroyed our democracy from within. So I have a question for people like him in the media. Are you a profiteer or a patriot?  (14) We need patriots.  We need the media you control or is that the very thing the people will have to rise up against?  If you don’t employ courageous, hard working, intelligent people instead of drones that mimic each other and can’t put a sentence together that does not include Republicans vs. Democrats and if they don’t have editorial freedom, we the people, cannot displace oligarchy, oligopoly, and restore effective democracy.  It is major-media owners, and your hand-picked editors, who decide what the vast majority see, hear, and read. In practice, a handful of you and editors have become the unelected gatekeepers of public truth and discourse and accountable to no public body, you yield your power to disappear the interests of the vast majority. A “free press” is not corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power from the "risk" and threat to corporate profits from "an excess of democracy".
 The large industrial corporations, highly centralized and well capitalized, render the division of powers irrelevant.  Through lobbying, election finance and cross ownership of mass media, they effectively control all branches of government, the parameters of public discussion and they destroy the concept of a government of, for and by the people. (15)  And in one of the most perverse turns of events, they are accorded the protection of the Bill of Rights when they should hang for transforming this Nation into an oligarchy; into the Land of corporate Kings!
In the past, rights, freedoms and justice were won through, often violent, democratic action and so it will be with oligarchs, a corrupt Congress and those that control our “free press”. Please, I ask you stop the rage by giving people the hope that comes with a truly “free press” that holds corrupt government and the oligarchs that control it, accountable.
We ask that you share with your employees that reporting corruption is not reporting Wiener’s wiener, another gay Republican, another unfaithful, family values politician, another sex scandal or tax cheats. That is just insult to injury. Share with those that work for you that the government of the United States has been taken from within on their watch and democracy is dead. But what of you? Some say you are to blame. Now you have this letter. I guess we will see if you send a clear message to your employees or if you allow this collusion with a government that serves the highest bidder to continue.
The American people are suffering tremendously because of rampant, blatant corruption in Congress.  Will the media you control leave us helpless, hopeless and on our own against a corrupt Congress? We beg that you side with the people now. We need you to do the right thing. If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?   
In closing we ask, will you and those you employ, be the ones crucified or the one’s driving in the nails? Indeed we hope and pray it’s the latter. I thank you for your time. Please, please let us know that our desperate plea has not fallen on deaf ears and what if anything we can do to help. Please. We look forward to your response. 
Most sincerely,

Jeanette Borges

cc: Jeffrey Immelt Chairman and CEO General Electric, John E. Pepper, Jr. Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company, Robert A. "Bob" Igor CEO ABC,  Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO News Corporation, Roger Ails President Fox News Channel, Sumner M. Redstone Chairman of the Board Viacom & CBS, Glenn A. Britt Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Time Warner Cable, JEFFREY L. BEWKES Chairman of the Board and CEO, Time Warner Inc, Philip Kent Chairman and CEO CNN, Craig A. Duo Chairman President and CEO Gannett Co., Inc., Eddy Hartenstein CEO & President The Tribune Company, Nils Larsen Chief Chairman Tribune Broadcasting, Tony Hunter as President, Publisher and CEO Chicago Tribune Company,  Frank A. Bennack, Jr.CEO Hearst Corporation, George R. Hearst, Jr. Chairman of the Board Hearst Corporation, Donald E. Graham, CEO Washington Post Company, Katherine Weymouth  CEO Washington Post Media, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. Chairman New York Times Company, Michael Golden Vice Chairman New York Times Company, Janet L. Robinson President and CEO New York Times Company

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11)  the truth about the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and American illegal war propaganda. Fox News is especially blatant. Glen Beck’s entire show is devoted to Israel war propaganda.
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13)    Natural gas drilling is threatening our water supply. Once the supply is contaminated there is no going back. Google “Gasland”. .We have to solve our dependency on oil, but at the cost of our water supply? That would be disastrous. The criterion for being a third world country is whether or not the people have a supply of drinking water.,
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More corrupt stories that your employees do not report:
16)    FCC commissioner resigning to become VP at Comcast-NBC just four months after approving merger (Google it)
18)    Understanding Fox “News” Regarding Israel and Anyone Opposed to War Funding: It's War Propaganda
19)    Raising the Debt Ceiling –You have to if you waging five wars and counting-(For the drones you employ they are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen)
20)    Corruption in Healthcare that is Bleeding Us Dry-Ryancare, Obamacare, Medicare, Pharma
21)    In an oligarchy you can’t control the debt or deficit. It is because a corrupt Congress serves the highest bidders that they cannot stop spending or solve our debt. They continue to take from us to give to the oligarchs they serve
22)    Joe Rogan Truth Talks War, Politics, & Military Industrial Complex -Other news that is censored and filtered (How can this happen with a free press?)
23)    Pentagon Reports Billions of Dollars in Contractor Fraud
25)    Our corrupt congress wasting taxpayer trillions
26)    Amnesty International: Do the Media Aid Israel?

I could go on and on and on with pages upon pages of references of news the drones you  employ do not report, but they can start with these, since they lack any initiative of their own  When people trust the Internet more then your media you have got a problem.

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