Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting to Know Me Beyond 140 characters on Twitter

By Jeanette Borges @ourrighttoknow2

A person that is partisan is limited in thinking and in solutions said Joshua Chamberlain a famous general and politician from the Civil War. I agree whole heartedly. Partisanship and religion limit people’s capacity to think and reason for themselves.

We are living in such serious times. Republicans are trying to elect a Presidential candidate and the process has been stunning.  Talk of war with Iran is becoming so common place that I ask myself what are people thinking?  Simply because people hate Obama and are Republican they defend whatever stance Republican candidates make about bombing Iran. In their minds questioning their candidates is out of the question. We are talking about yet another war as if this was a platform on which a Presidential candidate should run or sell himself to the voters. It’s mind boggling. What are these voters thinking? How are they thinking?  Democrats or liberals are no different. Anything any other person besides Obama says or does simply blocks their frontal cortex.

Don’t they know these candidates are for sale to American Israel Public Affairs Committee  (AIPAC  the most powerful lobby in the United States) and Christian Zionists  who believe that Jews are at the center of the second coming of Christ. (See What is a Christian Zionist?) War is for sale to these politicians for whom everything is for sale. This is a horrid threat to the economic solvency of the United States. Our strength lies in our fiscal solvency and we are trillions dollars in debt because of 10 years of unpaid wars and the insanity of tax cuts at the same time.  No one cuts taxes in wartime. You have to pay for wars and Bush and Republicans exploded our debt by not paying for them giving tax cuts at the same time and handed this debt down to all of us.

Try telling this to someone who hates Obama. They will call you a Marxist. Simply because of their hate for Obama and Democrats, rational thinking is beyond them. Try telling a Christian Zionist that war with Iran is insanity and they will call you a Jew hater. Is rational thinking beyond their capacity? Am I Jew hater because I do everything in my power to dispel the same kind of war propaganda that led us to war with Iraq and I know Israel has 300 illegal, never inspected nukes otherwise known as WMD? Remember the WMD threat then? Are we as a people that stupid to be fooled twice by politicians and corrupt media who are for sale and serve war profiteers, the Israeli and Christian Zionist lobby? Really? Are we going to buy what they are selling, WAR,  like we buy a pair of Nikes?

Congress can’t stop counting campaign dollars long enough to legislate free from corruption. What are we thinking as a people that have the freedom to vote for our leaders when partisanship has rendered us void of intelligent analysis and debate? My party right or wrong is destroying this country because we as a people don’t take our precious right to vote for our leaders seriously. We have to vote for those that have our Nation’s best interest at heart, not the Republican or the Democrat simply because that is what they are.
In the space of month Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act which makes the United States a battlefield and puts the military in charge of crimes without the right to a trial, a lawyer and subjects American citizens to indefinite detention, even if some of the politicians that voted for it say it doesn’t.

In the same month the House of Representative is  set to pass SOPA with many supporters all of whom have received money from Hollywood who has outspent 4 to 1 the money from those who oppose it.  The Senate’s counterpart of SOPA, the PROTECT IP Act, seems set to pass also. Both these bills promise extraordinary censorship of the Internet.

Does it matter what the American people who don’t have lobbyists and can’t bribe Congress, think? Does it matter?

Previously Congress passed Obamycare which takes part of Medicare and will subsidize with taxpayer money private, price gouging health insurance companies in 2014. Congress goes to work every day to find ways of taking a piece of the taxpayer pie and to give it to the highest bidders. Ryancare is Obamycare on steroids. It will take the whole of Medicare, every penny and give it to price gouging health insurance companies. Both these plans are incredibly corrupt and steal from the taxpayer pie to give to the oligarchs that Congress and Presidents  serve.

Medicare Part D, a gift to phama to the tune of trillions while passing tax cuts, was another corrupt gift to give a piece of the tax payer pie to the highest bidders.

Social Security is broke we are told. What has happened to Social Security in the past ten years that has put it at risk like we are told? Congress has been stealing from Social Security to pay for eternal wars while giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans who have profited from these wars while we bury our troops. Both parties have done this. There are others even more corrupt that would hand Social Security over to Wall Street.

Has anyone watched the drama about the middle class tax cuts that the Senate passed for 2 months and the House refused to consider at all before going home for the Christmas holiday? Congress is not broken. It's corrupt. If we could bribe Congress like the rich do those cuts would have passed in both houses for 10 years like the Bush tax cuts passed.

I could go on and on about how nothing is sacred with Congress or Presidents who bar nothing as long as the price is right, but partisanship and religion will block reason with some.

I am an Independent. I’m not a Marxist, racist or Jew hater. I simply know math and I am not partisan because Congress is not partisan. It is completely bipartisan in corruption while we the people fight amongst each other.

As I see this election unfolding I registered as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Florida primaries to do my part to defeat Neocon, Teocon anti conservative candidates that want to bomb Iran,  from winning the primaries. Ron Paul will be slammed by MSM and Cable news, especially Fox because the anointed one is Mitt Romney and they want to decide our elections for us. Liberals slam me for doing this because Ron Paul is against Social Security, Medicare and would let corporations poison the very water we drink.  Here’s the thing: he can’t do any of that without Congress. He can however without Congress end these wars and I believe that he will.

In doing so he will strengthen Social Security because that money will never be used to fund these wars.
Ron Paul will be called a racist because of publications from 20 years ago. He will be called a Jew hater because of his foreign policy. To me he is just a candidate that will end the wars. Does that make me a racist and a Jew hater?

If anyone other than Ron Paul wins the Republican primaries I will vote for Obama. The American people are sick and tired of wars for war profiteers and the Zionist Christian right that thinks we are still fighting the Crusades. “Neocon” is an oxymoron so flagrant that only morons believe Neocons are “conservatives" and those voters are not conservatives either. Republicans and the Tea Party had better think against electing another anti conservative, huge spending, huge government and less freedoms, Neocon or Teocon because they will hand victory over to Obama. McCain’s bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran song lost him the election to Obama.

I’m on Twitter allot and if you are here you came from there. Tweeters usually follow those who tend to agree with them. I find that odd. I choose to follow anyone especially if they disagree because I like to see what other people think and sometimes I am stunned by what I see on the screen.  In the same way I watch Rachel Maddow, Cenk Uygur and Olberman on Current because if I limit myself to just Fox I would be part of the most uninformed group citizens in America. (I’m glad I do cause if not I would not know about any other candidate other then Mitt Romney. LOL) You can’t just listen to people who you think are on your side and feed your belief system. They are just playing to a targeted audience. (If you think the motor mouths on TV care for truth I have some swampland for sale)

One thing is true. I tweet, you tweet and others tweet but we don’t know each other. Beyond 140 characters we don’t care much about the person behind the tweet and at times people will offend attack or label the person they are responding to. I hate that. I wish we all cared to know about the person behind the tweet. Agree with me or not, I care to know what makes people that don’t agree me, tick. Shouldn’t everyone?

PS Check out www.usdayofrage.org and please retweet if you think that we could all use a little thinking and reasoning outside of our comfort zones and that different views are a source of information, not a source of scorn.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

War with Iran: Easy Sell to Anti-Conservative Republicans

Author: Jeanette Borges  Twitter @ourrighttoknow2

FYI Ron Paul vs Bachman Iowa Debates (check out the crowd) 

As I watched the last Iowa Republican debate (December 15th) I was struck by the thundering applause of the crowd for the big spending, big government Neocon candidates and their pissing contest to go to war with Iran. It pained me to see the self- proclaimed “conservative” crowd cheering for the “more war Neocons” (an oxymoron so flagrant that only morons believe Neocons are “conservative).

If conservative means small government and less spending (and I think we all agree on that) there was nothing “conservative” about this crowd or the voters that support “war with Iran” candidates. Our corrupt corporate media has been so successful at twisting the minds of the electorate with word games, that “conservatives” think they are conservative when they support big spending, HUGE government Neocons. To be clear, wars explode government. Wars sky rocket spending and worse than that, wars erode our freedoms. To support wars is no different than supporting “big government, big spending” liberals and that may be because Neocons have their roots in liberal democrats who wanted to spread democracy all over the world and came to the aid and support Israel. Neocons and those that vote for them are no different then the supposedly "big spending, huge government" liberal Democrats. They do the same thing, but on wars. They love to spend, grow government and limit our freedom with wars.

The power of the corporate military media industrial complex cannot be underestimated. The stage is being set for another war for the war profiteers. The military industrial complex has always lobbied for eternal wars, but now we have a new actor. The Christian Zionist religious right that have inserted themselves into the Tea Party and the Republican party are actively lobbying (bribing) Congress and our presidential candidates to go to war with Iran, not for their love of Israel, but because the destruction of Israel will bring the second coming of Christ.   There are so many more peaceful,  limited government Christians that respect the Constitution then this extreme group that actively pursues war with Iran and is lobbying to get it. "Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God" (Matthew 5.9) Someone should tell the Christian Zionists.

At the heart of the preparation for any war is gaining public support. The war has to be sold to the populace like a pair of Nikes, just like the war with Iraq was. Who does the selling? Our criminal, despicable, corrupt military media industrial complex otherwise known by fools as our “free press”. Even bigger fools know it as Fox “News”, the ultimate war propaganda tool and the farthest from "conservative" you can get.  Who else is selling wars like a pair of Nikes? Bought and paid for corrupt beyond belief politicians, including those running for President.

The war propaganda strategy to gain public support for war with Iran  will be 1) anti-Muslim sentiment and fear of “radical Islam”  2) the demonization of the President of Iran who said nothing about wiping Israel off the map 3) the demonization of Iran’s nuclear weapons without mentioning the arms race that  started with Israel’s secret, illegal, uninspected nuclear program 4) Israel as a helpless victim that suffers terrorist attacks daily and needs protections even if they have a massive secret collection of WMD that have never been inspected.

Next time you watch the “news” play a game. See how many war propaganda selling points you can find. They report, as they sell wars. You decide if you are going to buy war.

To understand the jaw dropping pissing contest to go to war with Iran at the Iowa debates look no further than those to who can buy wars and have bought these candidates. Look no further than our corrupt media who is selling war. That crowd and those  voters are buying this anti conservative, huge government, huge spending, limited freedoms WAR agenda hook line and sinker with less thought then buying a pair of sneakers.


If you worry as much as the rest of us please leave comments. If you believe in this push to war, but want to make sure you are on the right side of this issue then here is some information. Please leave comments.

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