Friday, December 21, 2012


The GOP Using the NRA to Push for Full Blown Fascism and PoliceState

After the Sandy Hook massacre of babies no older than seven and 6 teachers by a single white male whose mother home schooled him and legally owned semi-automatic weapons, the National Rifle Association  was silent.. until today. Today Dave Keene, president of the National Rifle Association of America held a news conference and presented the NRA’s response and proposals to the Sandy Hook massacre.  ( )

It appears that so called freedom loving Republicans and gun owners, if you follow Twitter, support it. As a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believer in why the right to bear arms exists ( )  I am flabbergasted, that anyone that SAYS they love freedom would even consider what the NRA is talking about.

The main theme of the news conference was to ask Congress to immediately take action to put armed guards in all schools. He equivocates the threats against Presidents and Congressmen and the peril they are in with the peril our children are in and therefore they need the same protection. (Of course children are not normally targets of assassination attempts unless it’s a terrorist attack. Which by the way is exactly what the Sandy Hook massacre feels like even if no one is calling it that).He went on and on about why aren’t we protecting  our children by putting armed guards in schools. I can actually wrap myself around that, if that’s all we were talking about here. But we’re not. Armed guards in schools means that from pre kinder age every child in American will grow up in an police state environment,  with a symbol of government authority and fear to mold them into acceptance of government authority and protection i.e. sheeple.

It’s not the armed guards that worry me though. It’s what comes with them. If there are armed guards what will they doing? They will be scrutinizing every single person that comes into the school. Every parent, sister, brother, relative or caregiver will be subject to presenting ID and searches. Everyone without exception will be subject to this. So in order to screen for one lunatic you strip an entire population’s freedom of movement.  To give the state or government this kind of power is to surrender our freedoms and live in a totalitarian state. This threat comes from the so called freedom and liberty loving right, not the liberal left. Go figure. The brilliance is it is all being done in the name of FREEDOM to bear arms. Brilliant.

In addition the NRA Education and Training Emergency Response Program
( ) was presented by Republican ex Congressmen ( take a look at where he’s been, including Homeland Security)

As if putting a policeman in the lives of every child from pre-kinder age was not bad enough, the NRA thinks  “our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill” is to blame for gun violence. So one of the NRA’s proposals is that the government (the freaking ATF or Homeland Security) implement a database of everyone and anyone that goes to a doctor and is treated for anything that can be qualified as a mental illness. To be clear that means if you go to a doctor for depression or you are sad (melancholia) you are by definition mentally ill. (List ) If your child goes to a doctor and is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder he is labeled for the rest of his life as mentally ill and a potential threat to National Security. But it gets worse.

Let’s say the NRA gets their wish and the ATF and Homeland Security start this database, how is it used? If the purpose is to keep the mentally ill from owning guns, then doesn’t it stand to reason that anyone in there will be refused ownership of a gun? Isn’t that A HUGE infringement on the right to bear arms? How the fuck will this database with enormous anti privacy consequences be used?

How is it possible that so called freedom loving Republicans and especially the Teaparty speak of freedom and liberty, but actively support policies that are blatantly fascist and put control of everything in a powerful, totalitarian government? This includes forcing thru laws to put on everyone else their religious beliefs, their social beliefs and their belief in corporate control of our government that favors a ruling wealthy class. (Example: They support Citizens United calling if free speech, when all it does is promote a fascist control of our elections.) The right corporate media machine has done a superb job of brainwashing these voters into believing in a whole host of policies that are against their own best interest and their own freedoms. It’s stunning.

You have to be incredibly brainwashed if you love freedom, the constitution and the 2nd amendment to agree with what the NRA is proposing.  You have to be completely stupid or a hypocrite. You have to live on planet Foxistan to not see what the fascist corporate oligarch right is doing. While corporate media tell you liberals will strip you of your freedoms, and they tell you to look over there, under your noses and with your help they themselves are colluding with those that scream freedom and liberty to put this entire Nation under a police state where your every move is scrutinized and you’re considered a potential threat to ever more powerful government.

If the NRA gets their wishes the freedom to bear arms will be the excuse to take away every single freedom including the freedom to bear arms. The irony is that every day “conservative” people who say they love freedom, keep thinking the threat to our freedoms comes from those evil liberals, communist Obama or Democrats. Newsflash.  The threat was always from the right and the Democrats in power will just go along. They are all on the same page.

No one in their right mind that loves the Bill of Rights and the freedom to bear arms would endorse the NRA ploy to help our government transition to full blown fascism and a tyrannical police state. No one, least of all those of us that believe in the 2nd amendment and why it’s in the Bill of Rights to begin with. No one.  


Ever hear all that freedom and liberty on right wing corporate media. “The rise of freedom”, “freedom watch” or Hannity freedom this and liberty that?  They are so good at it that the Teaparty and GOP voters, everyday people, actually believe it.

Fascism is defined as “Extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice”. Philosophy of government that stresses the primacy and glory of the state, unquestioning obedience to its leader, subordination of the individual will to the state's authority, and harsh suppression of dissent. Martial virtues are celebrated, while liberal and democratic values are disparaged. Fascism differs from contemporary communism (as practiced under Joseph Stalin) by its protection of business and landowning elites and its preservation of class systems. The leaders of the fascist governments of Italy (1922–43), Germany (1933–45), and Spain (1939–75)—Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Francisco Franco—were portrayed to their publics as embodiments of the strength and resolve necessary to rescue their nations from political and economic chaos.

Listen to any Republican and all of this sounds very familiar.  They suppress dissent by suppressing the vote, a free press by attacking it as “liberal media” and the freedom to practice religion or NOT by passing laws that force all to abide by certain religious beliefs.  They speak of American superiority, exceptionalism, patriotism, wrap themselves in the flag and glorify loyalty to “fight for your country” to justify the corporate welfare and redistribution of wealth that comes with eternal wars for profit. They completely control the media by allowing the concentration of ownership and putting it in the hands of no more than five people who own our “free press”. While the First Amendment does not allow the government to infringe on free speech or the press, it does nothing to protect from corporations doing so. We have full blown filtered and censored media controlled by oligarchs and corporations that give us the appearance of political parties and left and right when in fact Congress is controlled by a plutocratic oligarchy that serves solely them.

The 2nd Amendment has roots in our history as a response to “standing armies” and tyranny
Disarming of the Population and the Tyranny of Gun Control
Before the gentrification of New Orleans after Katrina the Mayor disarmed its citizens.

Friday, December 14, 2012


So When is the Right Time to Talk About Guns?

Today another batshit white man opened fire in a crowded place and this time it was in a school full of children from grades K thru 4. Imagine that? What kind of demented person does such a thing?  This is premeditated. You have to arm yourself and then travel to where to the place you picked out to unleash hell.

I am a firm believer in gun rights and the second amendment, but it’s enraging to see others with the same beliefs slamming those that are speaking of gun violence who firmly believe that we need some kind of gun control to prevent this kind of horrid violence.

They accuse those evil liberals of politicizing the mass murder of children and using them. So when the fuck is a good time to address this? There is something very wrong when kids can’t expect to go to school and make it out alive, or people can’t go watch a movie and make it out alive or you just can’t leave your house and expect to come home without being shot and gunned down by some batshit crazy motherfucker who has the right to have a gun in order to commit mass murder.

That is not what the second amendment is for. So when the fuck is it okay to speak about this? Some batshit #teaparty and conservatives who hate Obama have been clamoring about him taking away our guns when he has done no such thing. So NOW these same people are saying he will use this to do the very thing he hasn’t done. Some asshole actually tweeted that Obama should be impeached because he is behind the murder of 20 children today to take away our guns.

So who is really politicizing this shit and when the fuck will it ever be cool with these people to speak about the real fact that some fucking people have no fucking business owning a gun? When is it okay to say “damn its wrong that kindergarten children just got slaughtered because someone that had the right to have a gun shouldn’t have had the right”.

I don’t  believe in gun control and the American people should not lose the second amendment because of the select few batshit low lifes that commit mass murder. But we have to address how to make sure batshit motherfuckers don’t get a fucking gun, much less an automatic weapon.
So when, I ask those that believe in the second amendment, will it be okay to discuss this. How many more children have to die a violent senseless death before it’s okay?  Get a grip and stop being so fucking ignorant. We, especially, those of us that believe in the second amendment are the first ones that should be speaking about what to do. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Conservative Racketeers Feed Red Meat to a Targeted Audience for Huge Profit  (You Don’t Say)

First you start by demonizing your competition: “that liberal media”, because that’s all the other media is: it’s competition.  It’s not liberal.  It’s competition, so you want to turn people off to that competition and bring them to you.  (Media is not left or right. It’s CORPORATE and its for profit)

Then you feed that targeted audience that now believes there is evil liberal media “news” that they want to hear; “news” that just reinforces their deepest fears and suspicions. ( )  You give them the red meat they crave.

That’s what “ conservative media” for profit does. It’s a profit driven marketing of red meat to a targeted audience.  That audience has been fleeced by these racketeers but who are they? Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Hannity, O’Reilly, the whole of Fox Noise and politicians like Gingrich, Santorum, Caine, Huckabee, Trump, Bachman and anyone else who ran in the Republican primaries have all done so for profit. It’s big business to run against the first Black president or have news infotainment outlets that bash the first Black, Marxist, Muslim, Satan, Communist, Socialist,  President .

There is a targeted audience that will eat up all that red meat and then like the idiots they are actually spread it and tweet it so that they are racking up even more profits for the racketeers. That audience should feel like the fools that they are. They’ve been used for profits and the racketeers are laughing at them all the way to the bank.

I am amazed that this is finally being reported in the media because of a Fox News contributor, a conservative by the name of Bill Kristol who writes for the Weekly Standard. (Could be FoxNews realized  its lost viewers thanks to the red meat fed to the them  regarding the elections that Romney was not winning.  (This is STUNNING.  Watch how Fox News after lying to viewers for months PRACTICE D how they were going to tell their audience about Obama winning the election including a Karl Rove meltdown. 6 minutes into the video the blond bubble head says “when we practiced this before we lost audio” )

Whatever the reason it’s about time conservative are now exposing the racket. Here are some links. (For those that indulge in the delusion of “liberal” media,  maybe there are people out there that don’t want you to know truth, like when Obama was winning the election.  Remember that conservatives are bringing this to light also. Just sayin….) 

Must Watch if you have the brass: Maddow Conservatism Is A Big Racket Riddled With Scams

Watch Republican Morning Joe Scarborough Says Conservatism Is A Racket

Rachel Maddow Gets To The Root Of Newt's Scammed Loot! 

David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex"

 PS The best thing that ever happened for the right wing racketeers including Fox News was the first Black President named Hussein thanks to the audience they are targeting.