Vote in the Polls

Many of the directors of the largest corporations, conglomerates and lobbying organizations such as defense contractors, banks, oil companies, health care industries, agriculture industries and anyone else with the money and the power, cross sit on boards of media major media outlets. Why? It is only logical that they are using the media outlets to further their respective agendas. That in itself means these outlets are not credible sources for news of any kind.
In these United States of America we do not have a working Fourth Estate or “free press”. We have no "journalists" or a Free Press in these United States; just corporate whores that collude with oligarchs and the corruption in Congress to further their own agendas at the expense of the masses. They have killed our democracy.  
Fox's, Bill O'Reilly, has a catchy little segment where he asks his viewers to vote on whether someone is a "Pinhead or Patriot". What about if we evaluated them, the people giving us their “news”? Are they “profiteers or patriots”? I am asking that you vote on the performance of these pundits and "journalists". I and others evaluate what we see and read and then you decide if it is propaganda. You decide if they are Profiteers or Patriots. Click on the POLL Number below and after you read it, go to the polls to evaluate it. 

1. POLL # 1:  What do you think? Journalists and pundits on all media outlets are calling for cuts in Medicare or Social Security and say nothing of the cost of funding eternal wars. Are they profiteers or patriots? Read Understanding Fox “News” Regarding Israel and Anyone Opposed to War Funding: It's War Propaganda and then  Vote in poll # 1.