Sunday, September 15, 2013


Speak Up and Speak Out About this New Fake Teaparty

I am not a writer but I don't have to be to speak out and speak up. I have said it before and will say it again: from forced vaginal ultrasounds, huge government right between a woman’s legs interfering with her private choices  to plan a family including contraception,  to the right to vote and the right to habeas corpus, sharia islamophobes,  birthers, truthers, racists and especially the religious right,  have ruined the Teaparty and any semblance of good fiscal policy, reducing the debt,  small government and personal liberty that it once stood for. The rest of us can't run away from it fast enough.

Before you in the Teaparty say oh that liberal media, did it ever occur to you, that this is a strategy to keep you from knowing what you should know? You can't choose to be informed of that which simply feeds your side of any given issue. To be informed, truly informed, you must consume news that does not simply appeal to you. I am a Fox Noise survivor and the Foxification of my brain. Its why I can truly fight for freedom and liberty and see a threat regardless where it comes from. When I hear Republicans and the Teaparty say that voter suppression and election fraud is not a problem simply because Democrats and "liberal media" report it, I am sickened. We are divided and conquered and no longer give a rats ass about freedom and liberty unless its your own. Their rights are your rights.

Friday, September 13, 2013


 I seeTeocons. I see them everywhere.

There was a time the Tea Party stood for fiscal responsibility, small government and liberty. 
It  started under President Bushin opposition to the trillion dollar debt and deficits brought about by the wars, the corrupt gift horse to the drug companies known as Medicare Part D and the fiscal recklessness of tax cuts in war time while spending on wars soared. In the space of 6 years the Bush presidency took us from a surplus to trillions in debts and deficits.

Something has happened to that Tea Party. It has morphed into something unrecognizable, since Obama was elected President, far from the principles that were at the heart of the movement. It has morphed into an organization of con artists, imitation conservatives, racists, Christian zealots, Sharia law fanatics and co opted by corporate interests, that have overtaken the movement and falsely call it their own. Saddest of all, the last thing any of these people stand for is freedom and liberty for all and small government. They are teocons.

You know, the Tea Party grew into numbers that made it a force to be reckoned with after President Obama was elected mainly because of Obamycare, the Republican brainchild of yet more corporate welfare to health insurance companies with a mandate no less, to buy now ever rising price gouging policies in anticipation of those subsidies in 2013. (One wonders who was really in power while Democrats held both houses in Congress when Republicans were able to get Romneycare passed at the Federal level. Mind boggling. Nothing is what it seems in the criminal syndicate run on legalized bribes slash/ brothel that is Congress, in recent history.)

In 2000 as in decades before, we had Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and yes, even Planned Parenthood.  What we didn’t have back then were trillion dollar a year wars, the reckless, unpatriotic tax cuts for war profiteers and the uber wealthy in war time and the trillion dollar corrupt gift horses to corporate America, especially the drug companies. Yet corrupt Republican and Democrat politicians alike, will have you believe now, that we got into the fiscal mess we are in by spending on Medicare and Social Security and other social programs.

Wars don’t pay for themselves, especially ones that cost 1 trillion a year. So you borrow (or steal) from Social Security and blame the trillions in debt on social programs in order to fund the wars. We, you and I, pay for our social programs, but a corrupt, treasonous Congress has taken that money. They go to work with one thing in mind: how much of the taxpayer pie can they give to their campaign donors who profit with wars or sell insurance, etc. Regardless, the Tea Party was about the fiscal recklessness of these wars and corrupt laws that take from the taxpayer pie to give to the highest bidders, like pharma.

Those that have been part of the original Tea Party movement a little longer than the newer organized “Tea Party” organizations since the election of President Obama, are very troubled that the original Tea Party’s message is being lost due to the integration of other issues, such as abortion and Planned Parenthood. The Tea Party was about small government, not forcing women to have vaginal ultrasounds, forcing women to have a baby even after rape or incest and closing down Planned Parenthood who in reality due to the contraception they provide have prevented more abortions then they perform and who spend 3% of their budget on abortions.

The Tea Party was never about the  birther crowd that would not even exist if this President’s name was not Hussein, was White and the religious right were not Islamaphobes.  To listen to the calls for this man’s birth certificate after he has provided it twice makes the Tea Party look like the racist, aluminum, foil hat party. These distractions are completely overshadowing the original message of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was never about freaking Sharia law but now it is.

The Tea Party was about freedom and liberty, not about making it harder to vote. Republican state legislatures thanks to this new breed of Tea Party is doing just that. They would rather win by making harder for the opposition to vote instead of by the merits of their values and policies. It is sickening to see so called “patriots” agree with this targeting of voters who typically vote Democrat. It’s freedom and liberty for us, the Tea Party, but not for any of you. Patriot? BS.

The Tea Party was about fiscal responsibility, not spending trillions on wars. Bombing Iran is the new Tea Party’s mission since the Christian right infiltrated it.

The original Tea Party is worried about corporate and plutocrat agendas becoming the agendas of the Tea Party organizations. They especially worry that the Tea Party is all of a sudden the "Teocon Neocon Party hijacked and co-opted by corrupt Republican, war oligarchy hawks that got us into this fiscal mess to begin with and who continue with the likes of Bachman, Pence, Goehmert, Huckabee, Palin, Army, Rove amongst others and the motor mouths on Fox News and every other oligarchy corporate ", media outlet that sold us, like pair of Nikes, every war we are in! 

The Tea Party is being blamed for the birthers and the religious, tyrannical right, Sharia law crap, tax cuts for war profiteers, attacking voting rights, forced ultrasounds and family planning intrusions and when that happens the message to end spending on wars and Empires, to end corporate subsidies and to end an oligarchy that is served by corrupt politicians in Congress, is lost.

In addition, the Tea Party has lost the bipartisanship it once enjoyedIndependents and liberals are running the other way from the distorted messages that are not related to the original movement that they are getting now! As an independent, whose vote the Tea Party needs, I am speaking from experience

Choose! Are you the party of the religious right that wants HUGE government, invasion of privacy, anti-conservative government that extends right into the doctor's office and the wombs of every woman in the United States deciding for you whether or not you can have access to contraception and women’s health because of the despotic religious right who don’t know how to live and let live and let God be the judge? Are you the gay hate party that does not know how to live and let live? Are you the birther or fringe white, Christian, racist party that hates Obama because he is Black? Are you the scared of Muslims, "Anti -Sharia Law Party"?  Are you a divided and conquered partisan ignoramus who attacks fellow Americans that happen not to agree with the right, who vote Democrat, of not loving their country and being Marxist as if you were somehow more patriotic then them? Are you a victim of media motor mouths from Glenn Beck to Ed Schultz whose sole purpose is to divide and conquer so that the American people never unite to take their country back from a plutocratic oligarchy and because of that attack the Occupy Wall Street movement which you are clueless to know, seeks the very things you do and with whom you have so much in common?

Better yet, are you all of a sudden the " Neocon Teocon Party", hijacked and co-opted by Republican war hawks that got us into this fiscal mess? Do you call yourself a conservative but want to bomb Iran? Newsflash! Conservative means less spending, smaller government and freedom. Wars EXPLODE government and spending, destroy our fiscal soundness, explode the debt and in times of war, government strips us of our freedoms. So if you want to vote for a bomb Iran candidate you are a conservative fraud. Most importantly, McCain lost to Obama because of his bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran crap. When Republicans nominate another bomb Iran candidate they will be electing Democrats in 2016.

So what the hell are you? Choose! Are you or are you not the Tea Party that started with the core concepts of fiscal responsibility and limited government which means an end to these wars that grows government exponentially and ruins us fiscally? What are you? Choose! Because the true Tea Party message is lost amongst all those other religious, anti-Muslim, bomb Iran, anti-contraception, stop the other side from voting, cut Medicare, cut Social Security, etc. imitation tea party, TEOCON messages.


By Jeanette Borges


Jeanette Borges is a Floridian, independent, leaning conservative, free thinking, non-partisan who blames the American electorate, especially Republicans who call themselves “conservatives” but are no such thing, for the current state of our Nation.


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Saturday, January 19, 2013


The Republican Party- A Danger to the Republic With Rigged Elections

We say we are a free people because we vote. We dare to pass judgment on other Nations when dictators who stay in power for decades do so thru rigged elections. Indeed one of the characteristics of totalitarian and tyrannical and fascist governments is rigged elections. I remember how upset the Teaparty , the right and Fox News was about the “rigged” elections in Iran.  Rightly so.

Red Map is Republican endeavor to systemically win elections. This is from their own website ( )

On November 6, 2012, Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States by nearly a three-point margin, winning 332 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206 while garnering nearly 3.5 million more votes.  Democrats also celebrated victories in 69 percent of U.S. Senate elections, winning 23 of 33 contests. Farther down-ballot, aggregated numbers show voters pulled the lever for Republicans only 49 percent of the time in congressional races, suggesting that 2012 could have been a repeat of 2008, when voters gave control of the White House and both chambers of Congress to Democrats

Did you catch that last sentence? Democrats won 51% of Congressional votes. Republicans only 49%. Yet Republicans held on to the House.  (Instead, Republicans enjoy a 33-seat margin in the U.S. House seated yesterday in the 113th Congress, having endured Democratic successes atop the ticket and over one million more votes cast for Democratic House candidates than Republicans”)

Now after flipping state legislatures, Republican state legislatures, very quietly, are preparing to use their Red Map strategy in order to rig the Presidential elections in 2016. (Rachel Maddow explains it here ) Before my conservative followers grunt in disgust, it should not surprise that she would pick this story up first and Fox has not covered it. Fox will not tell you what you don’t want to hear since they are corporate media for profit and simply feed red meat to a targeted audience.

Please see all the links at the bottom for updates on this huge, huge story.

Anyways, Republicans, and there is no easy way to say it, plan to rig presidential elections so democrats can never ever win. What happens in a country when the will of the people,  is ignored and the will of a select group is imposed? It’s tyranny.

Here we are with all those shouts of “freedom and liberty” coming from the righteous right who claim, CLAIM,  to be on the side of the constitution and a Republic, but pervert our elections with systemic rigging in a collage of voter suppression and gerrymandering and are now preparing to rig Presidential elections by gerrymandering the electoral college.

The system created by the Founders to elect our leaders by a majority will be tweaked and distorted by the the "freedom, liberty, constitution loving" Republicans, until what the Founders created is no more.

And where are the liberty, constitution loving Teapartiers? They are so busy fighting over their overblown perceived threat to the second amendment and Obama that they don’t know or they don't care. 

Do Republican voters and the freedom and liberty loving Teaparty want to win elections by winning electoral votes for the next 50 years even if they lose the popular vote or do they want to win fair and square?  The answer is NO. One of the reasons I left the party is because I know they don’t care how they win. They don’t care if students, minorities or the elderly who typically vote Democrat vote or not, if their vote is counted or not or if they vote at all. They don’t care whose rights are trampled on as long as they win. Sooner or later those rights will be theirs. They are just too stupid to know it.

Much like they supported indefinite detention for terrorists because their rights were our rights but they didn’t think so. Now we have Guantanamo and indefinite detention for everyone. I often wonder if the right will get their way with torture? Imagine torture coming to a booking center near you?

Republicans haven't won the popular vote in the past five elections. Rather then appease to the electorate they plan on stealing and cheating to get and stay in power and their base? their constitution freedom loving base? They don't give a rats ass. They will go along with it. A corrupt people will give us an even more corrupt government. 

Tyranny if it comes will come from the right wrapped in the flag, carrying a Bible and a gun, while every other right is destroyed.  It will come when your vote does not matter and you can’t unseat tyrants. It will come with rigged elections. Aren't we already under siege in the House of Representatives with a minority holding hostage the rest of the country, if not the world, over the debt ceiling, threatening to steal even more of our Social Security and Medicare to pay for wars? ( U.S. Government Looting Social Security To Wage Wars

LOL  Liberals REALLY need to be careful what they  wish for. If the religious, racist, extreme tyrannical right come to power by rigging elections over and over again they will  wish they had a shitload of automatic weapons to take down the Foxified brainwashed traitors who support them, give a rats ass about the constitution, the right to vote and freely elect one’s leaders.

Happy New Year

PS This new Teaparty often cries “Hitler” when speaking of liberals. Well Hitler was a racist, he opposed immigration, outlawed abortion and destroyed labor unions. Sound familiar? Does that sound “liberal” to you? And oh yes, he EXPANDED gun laws. The right should be careful with the media less they be brainwashed. Media does not have to be liberal to make a fool of you. Just look at Fox News and the rest of the right infotainment media complex (David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex" )

Note: There was a time when the Teaparty was all about fiscal responsibility and small government. This new  Teaparty is a collection of batshits that fear sharia law, President Blackenstein and want to impose their religious beliefs on the whole of the American people and there is a whole for profit or fame set of people feeding the frenzy. That's the Teaparty I am talking about. I miss the old Teaparty



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