Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not so Journalistic Journalists Ask “Afghanistan Oh My But Why?” Don’t Ask. Find Out Yourselves

Jeanette Borges
June 25, 2011 

Since Obama’s speech about Afghanistan and the death of Bin Laden, those in the in the media ask about Afghanistan over and over and over again  “what is the mission there, its not clear”, “why do we need to stay” or “why do we need to go” , Republicans this and Democrats that, this general, that general, the Taliban, AlQueda, those evil Muslims…oh, I am sooo confused! Then they report and respond to the answers given by politicians, by our government. They repeat what they are told like paid motor mouths and pundits engaged in product placement. The product?  Endless spending on wars that spring eternal.

To these “journalists” and media motor mouths we sent the following email and said this:

If you are so confused about why we are spending trillions and lives over there with no end in site find out yourself. Google “American interests in Afghanistan Caspian Sea lobbyist. Don’t forget to go to advanced search and enter a date range such as last week or last month. Do your homework, instead of mimicking what others say. Here, I’ll spoon feed it. Just click on this:,qdr:m#sclient=psy&hl=en&lr=&biw=1280&bih=844&tbs=qdr:m&source=hp&q=american+interests+in+afghanistan%2C+caspian+sea%2C+lobbyists&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=18775b43b0670ef8

Our government has interests in that region. Whether they are legitimate or illegitimate that is a matter of opinion. As a journalist find out what those interests are and then ask if the American people want to pay 2 billion dollars a week at the expense of everything else for those interests? Why would you base your news on what corrupt politicians tell you or is the media just as corrupt? Politicians are bribed daily. If you are supposed to hold government accountable, how is it that government is your only source for the news you report?  My God the news is so homogenized. It’s like a record that is skipping.

We are spending trillions in wars at the expense of everything else and no one wants to come out of there. Do you think that there is a possibility that someone is lobbying for these wars? Find that out and you will get one hell of a story. Maybe even a Pulitzer or whatever prize it is that you all covet. Most of all you will earn the respect of the American people.

Stop asking as if you need them to tell you. Aren’t you supposed to be telling them? Just Google it. It’s not that hard. Maybe one of these days we will hear back from you and you will thank us for our  “feedback” LOL

PS Who besides defense contractors and oil companies want to stay in Afghanistan? Heroin addicts? And who the hell wants to pay for it? Ouch. Do you think we would even need to raise the debt ceiling if we weren’t in five wars? Hmm. All that economic Armageddon strike you as the justification to continue to raise the debt ceiling so we can continue to pay for eternal wars? Just sayin’….. but what do we know. You are the authoritative experts right? LOL 
Do your own research and if you ever do report with substance send us a link. We will pass it on. You’ll be a freaking hero! Have a great day.

Oh, below are some other links in case you have missed them in a previous email. We could use a Fourth Estate in the midst of 5 wars and trillions in debt because of a corrupt Congress. Ya think?

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