Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letter Faxed to the Whole Congress re: #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON

This is a letter faxed today to the entire Congress re: #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON in case they thought this was a one sided protest. I don't care about copyrights. Follow on Twitter @ourrighttoknow2 and tweet your disgust at @americanspring. Tweet all you want but as some point, you have to take back your government from Wall Street, the military industrial complex, pharma, oil and gas, you get the picture. It aint't gonna happen tweeting. 

July 26, 2011

Dear Representative:

This past weekend, while following the debt-crisis talks, journalist Jeff Jarvis launched a tirade on Twitter that led to a popular hashtag:#FUCKYOUWASHINGTON While it started with liberals frustrated with Republicans over the debt ceiling debate it soon took on a bipartisan roar of rage with the DC machine. It exploded in rage against the corrupt Teocons in Congress. Tea Party followers joined in the outrage. 
The corrupt Teocons have risen the defense budget while protecting special interest and tax cuts for war profiteers. As a corrupt Congress moves to “compromise”, corrupt politicians and corrupt media have played their parts in the drama, blaming the “Tea Party” in the House. To that Tea Party followers tweeted  #fuckyouwashington “there is no Tea Party in the House, just corrupt Teocons. You have betrayed us all”.
The tweets numbered in the thousands and still continue. The rage is palpable. While some tweets lacked substance and were out there, most were aspirations of what a good government should be and that ours is no longer a government of, by and for the people and should pay.  Over and over the masses expressed that Washington is corrupt and that it does not serve the people. Politicians from both parties that are paying for eternal “conservative wars” with Social Security and give tax cuts to war profiteers. Calls for an “American Spring” and “take it to the streets” were tweeted and retweeted all thanks to the Teocons.
True, they didn't all agree with each other, but in their shouts, behind their anger, they expressed their hopes and wishes for America and corrupt politicians that are serving a ruling class and special interests.
Listen to what the people are saying. Ignore them at your peril. 
#fuckyouwashington for redistributing our wealth with eternal wars and tax cuts for war profiteers
#fuckyouwashington for using this theatre to act like both parties don’t serve an oligarchy
#fuckyouwashington because neither plan increases revenue
#fuckyouwashington for blaming tax cuts on the Tea Party masses.
#fuckyouwashington because the corrupt Teocons have betrayed us all
#fuckyouwashington for valuing corporations more than people.
#fuckyouwashington for not investigating the Lucky 13
#fuckyouwashington for never challenging us to become more noble, but prodding us to become selfish and hateful….
#fuckyouwashington for driving me to tweet blue."
#fuckyouwashington because you are whores and Teocons are liars
#fuckyouwashington for corruption beyond belief
#fuckyouwashington for saying your corrupt tax cuts are needed for jobs and the economy
#fuckyouwashington for making 'debt' a four letter word and 'fuck' an appropriate response."
#fuckyouwashington for having the compromising skills of a 3 year old."
#FuckYouWashington for selling out your own country, time and again, to the ultra rich and foreign interests. #TRAITORS
#FYW for the so called "Patriot Act", which pisses on our Constitution! #FuckYouWashington
 #fuckyouwashington for again kissing corporate ass and undermining #net neutrality and lying about what it is.
#FuckYouWashington for bailing out banks to claim it's socialism to help workers and homeowners. Hypocrites! Given me my $ back whores
#fuckyouwashington for poisoning our air, water and food and then denying us healthcare.
#fuckyouwashington #FYW for spilling fracking liquid on Pennsylvania farmland. I was going to eat that food.
#fuckyouwashington for putting our "free press" In the hands of corporate propaganda outlets and corrupt "journalists"
#FuckYouWashingtonDemocrats and Republicans, neither of you have the slightest idea what the American People want!! Quit using us as excuse.
#FuckYouWashington for failing to represent your constituents interests instead of those that gave you money for an election
#fuckyouwashington we know this is kabuki theater to steal from the poor and give our $, taken from our pay cks for old age, to the rich
A bipartisan, united #fuckyouwashington for your bipartisan corruption and academy awards winning compromises from hell; $ making corporations parasitic dependents on the people's tax dollars. They can't do anything without stealing from us.
#fuckyouwashington 4 no CUT and CAP on the wars, but on everything else.
#fuckyouwashington for treasonously selling a government of, for and by the people to oligarchs
#fuckyouwashington 4 the 4 branches of government: oil and gas, the military industrial comlex, Wall Street & pharma
#fuckyouwashington let’s take it to the streets
#fuckyouwashington let’s take it to Times Square
#fuckyouwashington for putting a free press in the hands of corrupt corporate media.

Information was tweeted and retweeted and continues. People circumventing corporate media and corrupt politicians were sharing what they know. There were links to real news. It’s amazing what an informed citizenry can do.
You want to cut, cap and balance? Cut your corruption and the wars. A corrupt Congress beyond belief continues to redistribute our wealth to a ruling class that it serves, while stating the “American people”, especially the Tea Party want this gross redistribution of wealth. While the corrupt Teocons increased the budget for the military industrial complex they want tax cuts for the war profiteers.
This will unite the American people no matter how hard corrupt politicians and corrupt media try to divide them. American Spring indeed thanks to the corrupt Teocons and the others in Congress that are using the Tea Party as an excuse to give tax cuts to war profiteers and steal from Social Security
 Keep serving oligarchs, funding eternal wars while giving a ruling class tax cuts and saying the American people want that. The American people do not want corrupt politicians to serve like whores on both knees, your pimps.
Fuck you Washington. American Spring indeed.


Jeanette Borges

cc: House of Representatives and United States Senate

PS “The government of the
United States does not represent the American people.  It represents the oligarchs.  The way campaign finance and elections are structured, the American people cannot take back their government by voting. A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary)

 “#fuckyouwashington 4 corrupt Teocons paying4wars w/ SS&redistributing our wealth2oligarchs  http://t.co/wOnHQUj”  (Mr. Roberts’ document was tweeted and retweeted with links to thousands of Tea Party followers, Republicans and Democrats alike. (Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts  By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary)  March 9, 2011)

***In the end of this Academy Award performance by both sides blaming the American people who do not want tax cuts for war profiteers, that is just what's going to happen. Cuts for war profiteers and CAPS for the American people. The corrupt Teocons gave even more then last year to the military industrial complex and want you to pay for it. This is all one big show because they can't come out and say they are serving oligarchs. Jobs my ass. They are serving on both knees the pimps whose money they solicited from day one. It's the illusion of democracy served up by corrupt politicians beyond belief and even more corrupt "journalists" who don't know how to spell "corruption" let alone report it. We keep fighting among each other while they  serve a plutocracy. 

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