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Open Letter to “Journalists”: A Monkey in Silk is Still a Monkey, Not a Journalist

Are you still pitted against each other by corporate, controlled, censored, filtered and yes,  treasonous media? There is no difference between corrupt Republicans and Democrats politicians that are given a platform by corrupt corporate media and the slime they employ to further their corruption. Ever wonder about what the “free press” has done to further eternal wars and the theft of Social Security and Medicare, for example? Below is another letter we wrote to over 300 journalists literally begging for ethical, courageous journalism that speaks truth to the true power in these United States. (Note: This country needs you, the masses, to unite and fight against corrupt politicians from both parties that are serving the highest bidders, that have subverted a government of, for and by the people. We need an informed citizenry to fight united, not divided, against the systemic pillaging and redistribution of wealth by a corrupt, treasonous Congress and politicians from both parties aided and abetted by corrupt corporate media and an  AWOL, non-existent Fourth Estate. To do that you have to love this country and what it means to be free from a ruling class. To do that you can’t just say you are a Republican and you hate Obama or you’re a Democrat and you hate Republicans. To do that you have to do your own homework and shed the political division. (That includes reading). You will soon see just how bipartisan Congress really is. They agree on the systemic pillaging of the American people. They agree on taking from us to give to the highest bidders and they do it aided and abetted by corrupt corporate media and the slime they employ.

An Open Letter to “Journalists”: A Monkey in Silk is Still a Monkey, Not a Journalist

 How Do We Get Person in the Media To Use Their Platform To Call For An End To The Subversion Of a Government of, by and for the People, By A Ruling Class? How Do We Get Them To Utter The Words Corruption and Oligarchy? We Might as Well Have State Controlled Media with Monkeys LikeThem

Sample of one of the letter we sent to over 300 media persons, in ALL major corporate media outlets, including NewsCorp and the Times Corporation, via snail mail and email. See the names at the bottom of the letter:

July 13, 2011

David Gregory/Meet the Press
Washington Bureau, NBC & MSNBC:
4001 Nebraska Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Dear Mr. Gregory:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Few would disagree with the organizational chart of the present government of our United States of America enclosed.  Indeed few would argue that election finance and lobbying has effectively put the control of all branches of government in the hands of the wealthiest, biggest and most profitable industries. It is the reason I am writing yet again to you and those like you in the media.
Few would argue that election finance money comes with strings and influences Congress and all the other branches of government, but no one in the media, like you, will say what that means. What is a system of government that is influenced and serves a select few that can buy laws, called? Is it “democracy”? You know the answer to that.  There are words that best describe the present system of government in these United States, but have you ever uttered them? Ever? No, instead you in the media create the illusion of democracy. For example:
There are many ways in which to deliver affordable healthcare to the masses. Democrats took 500 billion dollars from Medicare to give subsidies to private health care and pharma monopolies created by Congress. The Republicans opposed it and then came the “compromise”.  The media spewed “socialism” and “ideology differences” and gave the stage for the “compromise”. Then the “compromise”, the gift horse to the highest bidders, was passed and signed into law. The media never uttered the words “corruption” or laws for the “highest bidders”.  
Stunningly, hypocritically, Republicans ran and are running on “repealing” Obamycare while running on Ryancare, which takes Medicare in its entirety, every single penny, ALL of it, to subsidize private health insurance and pharma monopolies that are legally price gouging Medicare NOW and making it insolvent. Ryancare is no different then Obamycare. The whole of the American people are paying double what they used to for insurance, now. This is what corrupt subsidies do. They drive up the costs of whatever is subsidized, in this case health insurance. Paying for price gouging policies, the position the American people are in now, because of Obamycare is the position Ryancare is going to put our seniors. While the media spews more of the same catch phrases like the “debt” and “deficits”, these laws are corrupt laws for the highest bidders and provide the cuts needed in order to continue funding the eternal wars. Have you heard the messaging coming from your corporate media lately?  Through “journalists” like you corporate media is engaged in marketing Congress’ pillaging of Medicare and Social Security and everything else, because the budgets from both parties for 2012 will fund eternal wars at the expense of everything else. Behind Obamycare and Ryancare is corruption yet you dare not utter the words.
You certainly dare not utter the words when it comes to the wars and Afghanistan.  Since Obama’s speech about Afghanistan and the death of Bin Laden, those in the media  “debate” and ask about Afghanistan over and over and over again: “oh my but why”?  “What is the mission there, it’s not clear”, “why do we need to stay” or “why do we need to go”, Republicans this and Democrats that, this general, that general, official government sources, those evil Muslims etc.  Your sources for news? Government spokespersons; corrupt politicians that are bribed daily. You repeat and “debate” what you are told by them like advertisers engaged in product placement. The product?  Endless spending on wars that spring eternal.  If you are so confused about why we are spending trillions and lives over there with no end in site find out yourself. Google “American interests in Afghanistan Caspian Sea lobbyist”. (I always search with the word “lobbyist”. You would be amazed at what you find.) Don’t forget to go to advanced search and enter a date range such as last week or last month. 
Our government has American interests in the Middle East and the Caspian Sea region. Whether they are legitimate or illegitimate that is a matter of opinion. As a journalist shouldn’t you find out what those interests are and then ask if the American people want to pay 2 billion dollars a week at the expense of everything else for those interests? If you are supposed to hold government accountable, how is it that government is your only source for the news you report?  My God the news is so homogenized. It’s like a record that is skipping. How is it that with so much media the message is the same? Why don’t you do your homework, instead of mimicking corrupt politicians? What is the difference between what you do and state run media and isn’t war propaganda illegal? The reasons these wars spring eternal is corruption, but you dare not utter words.
While the American people are being sold paying for these wars at the expense of everything else, Republicans call for tax cuts for the highest bidders, the wealthiest in this country, the ones who profit with eternal wars, while we have trillions in debt due to war spending and both budgets for 2012 will continue that spending. The media again spews “ideology”, “jobs”, “the sputtering economy” and “liberal spending”. Democrats oppose it, but then there is always the “compromise” These tax cuts are a product of corruption. Period. Another gift horse to the highest bidders in times of war for the very people who profit from them. These war profiteers  expect these wars to be paid by divine intervention? No. They expect them to get paid by corrupt intervention by Congress  who will put it all on the backs of the American people at the expense of everything else, with the help of you in the media. It is shameless. It is corruption beyond belief for more laws to benefit those that can buy them and buy Congress. We live in the Land of the Highest Bidders on your watch!
This is not the first time we write to persons in the media. We even wrote to your boss. Use the information in the letters and the stories within; build on them. Please. If after you read the letters, you have any suggestions as to who else we should write please let me know. In fairness, we don’t know who the problem is. Maybe its not you and we should contact someone else.  If you can help in any way, let me know. Please. This is so very important. You know more about how a “free press” works then me. Why is this even happening?
Everyday people that are affected by a silent Fourth Estate are pleading for your help. I can’t write worth a shit, but my heart, like so many, that do not have the access you have to the media, is in the right place. We just have to try to do something. This letter and all the letters we write to Congress and the media are posted here: You can click on the links there. The letters are posted there not because I am a blogger but so you and others can access the information and the links in the event you care to do your own homework and bring real news based on reality, to the masses, instead of delivering your steady illusion of democracy. The Internet, in hard to find sites that have to be vetted, is where courageous, diligent people are left to publish and expose the corruption and the reality of these United States of America. Those are the people that deserve to have TV shows and work for newspapers: courageous diligent persons. Yet, you that have the platform, you that can do so much, use your pulpit to perpetuate the subversion by the highest bidders and a corrupt Congress of a government of, for and by the people. How ironic is that? How sad? How thoroughly devastating is it?
 Just because you have a nice job in the media doesn’t make you a journalist or someone that can be trusted. The media has lost all respect or the trust of the American people with its illusion of democracy. You can change that.
We are trying so hard to impress upon you how much we the people and this country, need you and those like you in the media. The American people are in terrible trouble and suffering greatly, under the boot of an oligarchy, one of the words you dare not utter and now the American people are raging, hopeless against an AWOL Fourth Estate. Rightly so we tie a free people to a free press and because of you the masses are growing restless. You all ignore this as if it is going to go away. It is getting worse as the 2012 elections approach and talks of tax cuts and endless wars persist. Your endless Republican vs. Democrat bullshit distraction has to stop. There is no difference between the two. The “compromises” are not compromises at all. They are planned Academy Award performances staged by you in the media. In the end the so called “compromise” always benefits the highest bidders.  You must stop the liberal vs. conservative crap and address the corruption in Congress.
It is true that the people get the government they deserve. The ignorant masses deserve to be pillaged by a ruling class, but in their defense they are ignorant because of corrupt, un-American, cowards in the media. Ignorance is necessary to preserve a government that serves a ruling class. Ignorance is essential to transform a government of, by and for the people into the Land of the Highest Bidders and Corporate Kings. Ignorance is essential to be able to pillage an entire people, to pick the meat off their bones until there is nothing left to take.  Is your job to preserve that or to expose it? Without you what will the people have to do to rid themselves of such a government? Do you really want to go there? Does your ruling class?
This same letter is being sent to over 200 journalists and editors and others in the media like you. What will your bosses do? Fire all of you?  They couldn’t. Not all of you. Not at the same time.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." I don’t agree. Good men do something. That is why we are asking you again.  
There is a famous saying that my father taught me once. “A monkey in silk is still a monkey”. A self serving, treasonous, corrupt, coward in silk is still a self serving, treasonous, corrupt, coward. 
How do you people in the media look at yourselves in the mirror without puking? What kind of person struts like a peacock proud of their position, dressed in silk, while betraying an entire people?  My God what needs to happen before you take responsibility for your part in the systemic pillaging of the American people at the hands of a ruling class?
Without being insulting, I ask honestly, how, tell me, how, do we reach your sense of duty to this country and its people and any sense of journalistic ethics? How do we get you to use your platform to call for an end to the subversion of our government by a ruling class? How do we get you to utter the words? I truly look forward to your response.

Most sincerely,

Jeanette Borges

Casselberry, FL 32707

Real News:
Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts

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