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Day of Rage Part 1: A Serious Choice

Day of Rage Part 1: A Serious, Life Altering and Empowering Choice

Author: Jeanette Borges
On Twitter: @ourrighttoknow2

This past weekend, while following the debt-crisis talks, journalist Jeff Jarvis launched a tirade on Twitter that led to a popular hashtag:#FUCKYOUWASHINGTON While it started with liberals frustrated with Republicans over the debt ceiling debate it soon took on a bipartisan roar of rage with the DC machine. It exploded in rage against the corruption by both parties who serve a ruling class in Congress. The outrage took Twitter by storm and from there came calls for an “American Spring”, a “fuckyouwashington march” amongst others.
It is obvious that we the people, regardless of party, are raging against corruption in Congress, but what to do with uprising on Twitter?
It is painfully clear that given current events in these United States of America and the drama in Washington, the American people are faced with a choice that they can no longer kick down the road or ignore: whether to remain divided, clinging still, to the belief that politicians in the other political party are going to govern ethically and responsibly for the well being of the people because politicians from the present party are not or abandon all notion that politicians from either party are going to govern ethically and responsibly for the well being of the people. Do we choose to accept that politicians regardless of party, with very few exceptions, are stunningly, blatantly corrupt?   
Simply, put the choice is to decide right now this moment if the raging drama over the debt ceiling, like all the dramas before it, is really opposing political ideologies or is Congress corrupt? Anyone with half a brain knows the answer.
Like so many, I have done what I thought was my role as a civic minded citizen. I took part in government and kept informed to cast a vote for the right leaders. All politicians need our votes to get elected. They exploit our beliefs, ideology and loyalty to do so. They sell themselves. They put their case forward. Legislation and budgets come along and I followed with my favorite "news" outlets that also play to my beliefs, ideology and political party loyalty. I keep abreast of the news because that is what a good citizen should do in order to elect their leaders. I write to my representatives and Senators and I even show up at protests and marches to demand from Congress that they legislate on my behalf. Unlike many though, I was not fueled by party loyalties. Instead by issues, math and logic. LOL I vote. I am a civic minded citizen. Right? So I thought.   
What happens to the politicians you vote for once they get to Washington? Shouldn't a civic minded citizen know?  No matter what political party loyalties you cling to, there is a point when you have to succumb and admit to yourself that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who you vote for because when they get elected they serve lobbyists. They serve the highest bidders. You shrug your shoulders in acceptance. You accept that it's called campaign finance and that is how elections work. Congress made it all legal.
But is it really?  What does it mean that elected leaders serve the highest bidders, a ruling class with money? Look it up in a dictionary. We are so used to it that we forgotten what it means. It's bribery. Its corruption and it means that the United States is not a democracy. It is repugnant to a constitution that guarantees a government of, for and by the people.
If Congress serves the highest bidders and by definition is corrupt are you really civic minded by fighting for a politician or an issue simply because of party? If politicians are corrupt and you are turning a blind eye to that and still following them because of party, wrong or right, aren't you just taking the easy way out? What do the vast majority of the people do? They blame, rant and rage against the other party or a President. To reinforce their rant they continue to watch the channel that will vindicate that rant. They refuse do acknowledge that Congress, regardless of party is corrupt and serves those that pay them to pass laws just for them.
By simply blaming the other party don't I give up my duty to fight the noble and necessary fight that only we the people can fight to take back our government from a select few, oligarchs that have bought by government? By simply shrugging my shoulders and accepting that this is how politics works as if the other party was the answer, don't we all concede the almighty power of the people. Aren't we AWOL, divided by choice and conquered as a consequence?
I don't want to fight on this side or that and if that is the call then I am a no show. In the alternate, if it is the fight of our lives as a people united and committed to preserve our freedoms, our way of life and our self determination to take back our government from corrupt politicians that no longer serve we the people, then that is choice that I make.
It is a grave choice. Not because I am worried about me, but because I worry with good reason that my power as a free citizen to demand from my government is nothing if I am alone. The power I have, that power that each of us has, lies in numbers. How to convince a divided, utterly polarized, misinformed and lazy people that are glued to Fox and MSNBC that their country is no longer a democracy and that elections and the media just give us the illusion of democracy to distract from the criminal syndicate that is the United States Congress that does nothing but pass laws and budgets to take from us to give to the highest bidders?
Why should you even have to?
The United States, not by paranoid conspiracy theory, but by definition is not a democracy. It is the Land of Kings, the Land of the Highest bidders. What kind of people need convincing to rise up and take it back?
There are those that say they love their country and would fight for it. They accept fighting or paying for eternal wars on foreign lands because “they are fighting for freedom and our country”.
What kind of love for country is it that you can’t, that you won’t, that you choose to look to the other party, instead of fighting for your country, in your country?
What kind of love is it that a person needs convincing?
I choose not to be that person. I don’t need to be convinced. If someone takes your country you take it back. So I choose. I choose my country above party, above Fox, MSNBC and all the other propaganda, oligarch media and above the utter cowardice of clinging to the other party.
If this movement is bipartisan against corruption and a treasonous Congress that serves oligarchs then I choose

You can too. Just spread the news.

Pass it on!

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A special shout out to the true Tea Party that started under Bush in opposition to the reckless war spending, tax cuts for the corporate oligarchs and war profiteers and Medicare Part D, the trillion dollar gift to pharma and the shredding of the surplus that Bush inherited because of all of that. Corruption knows no party as we are seeing right now in Congress.

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