Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who Supports Redistribution of Wealth?

Certain "journalists" and most politicians rage for or  against "redistribution of wealth", but they give us selective information that supports their own positions or the positions of those they take money from or work for.  We as a people reach opinions and makes judgments based on information we receive  and we have all reached our own.  We have to seek our own information.
Here's what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Reagan and real  journalists that don't exploit party loyalty as a business model, have to say about the debate over taxes and cuts and redistribution of wealth. It is stunning. 

We should fight united against corrupt politicians in Congress. The onslaught of deceit, immorality, degradation, corruption, power grab, partisanship and greed on the American people by corrupt elected politicians from both parties who are bribed daily and serve the highest bidders with the help of an even more corrupt corporate media,is without remorse or mercy of any kind. Redistribution of wealth is a serious matter. It is repugnant to the Constitution and it was one of the causes for the Declaration of Independence because a King was taking from the people to give to himself. 
Stop the propaganda and the spin that passes for "news" in this country and pass it on. Circumvent the propaganda. Only an informed citizenry can be free. Fight for that always. Create your own news chain however you want to. Just pass it on. 


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