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What Stands in the Way of Day of Rage? The Political Base of Both Parties and Corporate Media

 What Stands in the Way of Day of Rage? The Political Base of Both Parties, Political Loyalties and Corporate Media

Author: Jeanette Borges
On Twitter: @ourrighttoknow2

What stands in the way of a United States Day of Rage with masses so numerous that Washington would actually be scared? The political base of both parties, party loyalty and the media.
The power the people have, that I have, that each of us have, lies in numbers. Without you I have no power and without me you have no power.
So how to convince a divided, utterly polarized, misinformed and lazy people that are glued to Fox and MSNBC to unite because their country is no longer a democracy because a corrupt Congress beyond belief, does nothing but pass laws and budgets to take from us to give to the highest bidders?
How do you make the case to people that look at you as if you are nuts and they are right? What do you say to people that simply shrug their shoulders and answer “what can I do, it won’t make a difference”? What do you do when all around people go about their own lives in their own worlds while their country has been taken without a shot fired, no invasion of a foreign army and no terrorist, from within?
How do you convince Republicans and the Tea Party that watch Fox News, call for “freedom, freedom, and freedom” and want to take back their government from Obama, that Obama did not take their government? He doesn’t have it. Don’t you have to know who took it to get it back? Don’t you have to know where it is? That is what Fox News does. They tell you to look where you will never get it back, because they are CORPORATE media and they are there to protect the corporatacracy and the ruling class that Congress is serving. Their sole mission is keeping the people from the truth, because an informed citizenry would skin corrupt politicians alive for what they have done in the last 10 years.
How do you take the Tea Party base that supports what the Teocons and Republicans are doing in Congress right now over the debt ceiling and convince them that there is no Tea Party in Congress? They are corrupt Teocons. How do you convince them that all this CUT, CAP and BALANCE while giving tax cuts to the uber rich, the war profiteers and Wall Street is REDISTRIBUTION OF OUR WEALTH, the very thing Fox “News” has accused Obama of?  Do they know that all the cuts in spending they want are needed to continue to fund the wars? Do they know the Teocons all voted to continue funding the wars and increased the defense budget over last year’s budget? So how will they pay for it? They HAVE to cut everything that we the people have PAID into, including Social Security that has nothing to do with the deficit.  
How do you convince these people that there is no Tea Party and fiscal responsibility in Congress least of all by them? Do they know that from day one the Teocons solicited bribes from defense contractors days before they voted on the defense budget? Do they even care because they just hate the other party so much and Fox tell them to? What does the Tea Party even stand for anymore thanks to these corrupt Teocons in Congress?
Is it really true that tax cuts for oil companies, Wall Street, war profiteers and the uber rich are necessary for jobs and to grow the economy? If it then I want them. Who wouldn’t? Maybe people that know better. Depending on what channel you watch the information on this is different. How that can even happen if we had real journalist and a Fourth Estate is another issue, but somebody is lying. I guess you would have to get out of your lazy zone and do some homework, because this is very important. Guess what you don’t have to move from where you are to do your homework. You need proof right? How about ten years of proof? You do live on this planet in this country right?  Do you need some Pulitzer Prize economist or pundit to tell you what is painfully obvious or do you simply look back at the ten years of tax cuts we’ve had for the highest bidders. Have they provided jobs in those ten years? Has manufacturing increased here in the United States? Where are the freaking jobs after ten years of tax cuts? There aren’t any. To the contrary these people have taken their money out of this county to globalize. While Congress props up their globalization they have done so at the expense of the well being of this Nation’s people. They have backstabbed you and me. If you look around you and still believe this crap you deserve to be pillaged and raped by these corrupt whores.
What is going on in Congress right this minute is one big show to serve the highest bidders without giving the appearance of doing so. I mean you can’t just tell everyone we are going to take you money to pay for wars so we can give more wars to the war profiteers and make you pay for them Ha Ha Ha. You can’t say that so you have to make something up. You have to sell them hell and call it heaven, so you call it jobs and growth. Then comes the compromise show. The Teocons and Neocons take an extreme position on tax hikes for multi billions dollar companies that are taking our jobs overseas because they seek globalization and they blame it on the Tea Party masses. It’s what “the American people want”. The Democrats in Congress of course don’t have the votes to get tax hikes. So what do we get? The compromise and bills from both parties that do not raise one cent of revenue to pay for these wars. So how do they pay for them? They will cut the money that is meant for us, like Medicare and Social Security. It’s a show and you’ve seen it before over health care. The compromise that is no compromise at all. It’s the compromise from hell.
How do you approach people in the liberal base about taking back their government from oligarchs who are set to pillage us courtesy of Healthcare Reform? What happened with health care reform? Did anyone that voted for Obama ever think that they would get a Republican law with a mandate, a half a trillion taken from Medicare to give subsidies to price gouging health insurance companies? Think about that. Half a trillion dollars from Medicare to give to private insurance companies and prices are sky rocketing because that is what corrupt subsidies do: the drive up the price. We the people were told it was compromise, in order to put 30 million more people on Medicaid. But why were there Democrats that were opposed to a public option to begin with? Why could we get the votes for subsidies to insurance companies taken from Medicare and not for a public option? Why did all Republicans oppose a public option to compete with private insurance companies? Why? That is what was needed to pass this corrupt law. It was a show.
The health insurance lobby was blamed and we all accepted it, until the midterm elections where the people simply voted for the other side.
Make no mistake: even those that did not vote decided the mid term elections. Many people disappointed with the “corruption” (the word the news never uttered) simply stayed home. The Tea Party mobilized and rightly so. Nobody liked that law. Nobody and it still stinks.
Did you ever once here the word "corruption" on either of the channels you watch for "news". No. All you heard was the left and the right and behind all that, the most corrupt law to pillage Medicare yet again to give to the highest bidders was passed.
The media called it socialism. Isn’t it fascism when government is ruled by corporations? I don’t know, but I sure as hell know it was not a government take over of healthcare. It’s an insurance company hijacking of Medicare money for price gouging policies.
But Obama had to do it; he had to compromise to give Medicaid to more people?
He HAD to? That means that he is not running this country; a corrupt Congress is and he has to submit. Like all Presidents do willingly or not.  
That means this is not a democracy. What kind of Congress do we have that they HAVE to deliver to the highest bidders? The kind that the people have allowed. People get the government they deserve and they know damn well that voting is not going to give it them. No matter who you vote, Congress will turn on you and give to the pimps they serve.
But it gets better. They are going to the mat on this, because Ryancare does the very thing Republicans criticized Obamycare for. It takes all of Medicare money and gives it to private insurance companies. Trillion of our money for the highest bidders. Think there is a difference between these parties? Please read the corruption in Obamycare and Ryancare.
We the people are labeled, segregated into neat boxes of liberals, conservative, socialists, Tea Party and libertarians and whatever else corrupt corporate oligarch media and their journalist flunkies come up with. They target their audience. For example, MSNBC will reinforce your ideology and party loyalties and give a platform for Democrats politicians to sell themselves to you. Turn the channel to Fox and if you are a conservative or Tea Party follower they will sell you on those politicians. The "news" on either channel is always the same: it centers on political divide. They tailor the news targeting a specific audience and so it is always about liberal vs. conservative.
While you are looking to the left or the right, cheering these paid propagandists on or in the alternate comatose and oblivious to a treasonous, corrupt beyond belief Congress, Congress is literally pillaging, raping and picking the meat off the bones of the American people for the highest bidders.
Nowhere on any of these channels do you hear the word “corruption” or “oligarchy”. Nowhere. Not there, not in print media, not Colbert or Stewart, Miller or Maher. Nowhere! Do you think this rampant corruption does not exist because they do not report it? Or do you know that they do not report it because they are paid by the same people that are paying Congress? Do you think the news blackout on corruption in Congress is by accident? Oligarch media exist to create the illusion, THE ILLUSION, of democracy so that we the people do not rise up and end a government of, by and for the highest bidders. They protect the status quo, because they have no love for this country, no courage and are paid off whores. When you look at Chris Mathews or Hannity think knee pads.  These people are not on your side. They are on their own side.
Give up your party loyalty and hatred for the other side fueled by corporate oligarch media who are going to do everything in their power to crush massive mobilization by dividing us. If all of us do not come together united, one channel will attack us with their propaganda depending on how they label the movement. It will be labeled as liberal or Tea Party and depending on which, the media will attack the movement to divide the masses. It already runs the risk of being labeled “liberal” because of Mr. Jarvis and the #fuckyouwashington
It will not be up to liberals to stop that. It will be up to conservatives, Republicans and yes, the Tea Party. The very people that are being blamed for this mess will be ones to make the Day of Rage successful. Make no mistake the media will descend on this like white on rice and destroy any opposition to the rulers in this country and the corrupt Congress that is playing us for fools. The media will be the most powerful enemy if the people mobilize to regain their democracy.
Will you allow it? You are allowing it now. You are allowing the taking of our country, our freedom, our way of life by a ruling class because you are too busy looking to the right or the left. Corporate media is the enemy and make no mistake: a United States Day of Rage should not be in Washington. It should be on Wall Street and in New York at the doors of the media. In cities across the Nation it should be at the doors of local media and newspaper.
To win this fight we must first neutralize the media. Stop them before they start. We must take away their very powerful tool; their weapons of mass division and distraction. We must unite and not let them label this movement anything other then a movement against corruption that renders all of us, regardless of party, powerless. Quite simply it depends on every single one of us.  Again, give up your party loyalty. Country before party and corrupt politicians.
A Congress, regardless of party, that treasonously serves an oligarchy must come face to face with the power of a people regardless of party, of a Nation, victims all, united against the hijacking of their government. They must come to know the consequences of their treason and corruption. They must feel and fear a  


Without you, every one, we as a people, as a Nation, are weak. We must be strong and respected again. It won’t happen without you. Spread the news. Report to duty. Don’t leave your fellow soldiers to fight and die alone on the battlefield that is the United States in the Land of Kings and the Highest Bidders. Fight united against corruption in our government. Take it back. Right here. Right now.  

Pass it on!

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