Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have a theory and it is only a theory. I have a sneaking suspicion that this whole debt ceiling debate in our unbelievably corrupt Congress fueled by an even more corrupt media is a deliberate manipulation of the stock market by Wall Street oligarchs.
Corporate media tells us that Wall Street says it wants the debt ceiling to be raised, because they don’t want the market to tank, but Wall Street and those hedging bets over this debate like Eric Cantor are poised to make a killing by playing the predictable market’s reaction to this debt ceiling drama. (Congress has legalized insider trading and he is above prosecution for doing this and I am sure he is not the only one).
As stock prices fall and fall those that have hedged bets will make money. I don’t know much about the stock market but those that do are going to gain with this debt ceiling drama. That much I know.
Remember the crash in 2007 right before the bailouts? The tanking of the economy that hurt the vast majority of the American people made the rich even richer. How? They bought huge chunks of stock at very low prices. Eventually the prices rose again and they have made billions on that crash.
Then there are the interest rates that are going to go up. Banks will make a killing on that too won’t they?  Hmm. So why would they oppose any of this? If my theory is right and they don’t really oppose any of this, then we the people are about to get royally screwed AGAIN.
On a different but related front, neither bill from either party raises revenue. While the defense budget was increased over last year and funding for eternal wars was approved by Congress, including the Teocons, no taxes for the oil companies and the military industrial complex and the war profiteers. Hmm. The 2% of the population that Congress serves is going to get 98% of us to pay for the wars that the 2% are profiting with. Don’t you just love our ruling class controlled government?
Nope. I don’t think Congress is broken at all and I don’t think they are polarized. I think they are doing exactly what the 2% in this country want them to do, while the American people look on trying to get their jaws off the floor.
We have a bipartisan corrupt Congress that is playing us all for fools. Just sayin….Your thoughts? You can tweet them at @ourrighttoknow2 or leave a comment.


PS The vast majority of us that have small investments (I use to own $2000.00 worth of stock. Now it’s $1700.00) and those with 401K’s will lose in this mess if we sell off which is why I am not selling any of it. The stock market will recover.  

A Congress, regardless of party, that treasonously serves an oligarchy must come face to face with the power of a people regardless of party, of a Nation, victims all, united against the hijacking of their government. They must come to know the consequences of their treason and corruption. They must feel and fear a 


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