Saturday, July 23, 2011

A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom

The Bush-Obama Agenda: Steal from Social Security to Pay for the Wars

"Alas, Social Security is an unfunded liability, because all the money working people put into it was order to pay for wars and bailouts. (Now they can't pay it back) The government of the United States does not represent the American people.  It represents the oligarchs.  The way campaign finance and elections are structured, the American people cannot take back their government by voting. A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom". Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Reagan

Stop the propaganda and the spin that passes for "news" in this country and pass it on. Circumvent the propaganda. Only an informed citizenry can be free. Fight for that always. Create your own news chain however you want to. Just pass it on. 


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