Friday, July 22, 2011

The Compromise From Hell

To be exposed to the present day governance in these United States is to run a gauntlet of disbelief, disappointment, confusion, powerlessness and ultimately, utter and complete rage and disgust.
The onslaught of deceit, immorality, degradation, corruption, power grab, partisanship and greed on the American people by the wealthiest corporate persons and elected politicians from both parties who are bribed daily and serve the highest bidders is without remorse or mercy of any kind.
If you were alive when the British were coming, would you have asked “are they Republicans or Democrats”?  If people like that were alive then, Queen Elizabeth would be on our dollar bill now.
No matter what party you are from, I implore you to shed the Hannity’s and the Matthew’s, the right and the left of your world as the debate over cuts and taxes is raging and for a few minutes do some homework. No one is asking you to fight and die for your country. (Can't expect that from a people too busy fighting each other.) Fighting for your country today only requires you read and be an informed citizen. Don't give up after the first link now. LOL You would be surprised at how many will.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Reagan and real ethical journalists, that no no party divide, have this to say about this debate and it is stunning.

Knowing what you know, maybe you can fight united against the systemic pillaging of you, the people, regardless of party. Pillaging knows know partisanship.

You don't have to fight and die for your country, just pass it on and circumvent the propaganda from both sides of this issue coming from corporate media. The issue is corruption of a Congress and Presidents that are and continue to serve the highest bidders unless we unite against THAT.

The compromise is no compromise at all. It is the plan to give the highest bidders what they want while appearing not to. It's the compromise from hell.


Only an informed citizenry can be free. Thanks and pass it on to "journalists" and your "politicians" . Stop the propaganda and the spin that passes for "news" in this country. 

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