Sunday, July 17, 2011

Open Letter to McConnell, Boehner and Cantor

Dear Representative:

Below is your copy of an open letter we sent to McConnell, Boehner and Cantor.

Thank you for your time.

July 17, 2011

Open Letter to McConnell, Boehner and Cantor
Re: Fake Corrupt Republican Tea Party Politicians Serving Oligarchs

The fiscal crisis in America is caused by the increasing power of America’s oligarchy over a corrupt Congress. It was super wealthy, the oligarchs, not the general public, who pushed for financial deregulation and thereby set the stage for the economic crisis of 2008-9, a crisis whose aftermath is the main reason for the current budget crunch.
It is healthcare and pharma, the military industrial complex and oil company oligarchs that a corrupt Congress serves that gave us Obamycare and will give us Ryancare. It is the oligarchs that a corrupt Congress serves, the oil companies and the military industrial complex, that have given us trillions in debt because of eternal wars that Congress is continuing to fund to serve those oligarchs and stealing our money from Medicare and Social Security to do so at the expense of all else.
It is these very oligarchs that a corrupt Congress wants to give tax cut to in the name of the Tea Party masses. The Tea Party masses are going to run the Teocons and Republicans out of Congress in 2012 if Congress does this.  
You keep saying we have to cut spending. Stop spending on eternal wars for oil companies and the military industrial complex. THAT is the spending you and slime you preside you over needs to cut. The masses in the Tea Party do not favor tax cuts for oligarchs to whom a corrupt Congress is redistributing our wealth through eternal wars. If they want eternal wars then you had better raise their taxes and make them pay for them!
Using lies of jobs and helping the economy to give tax cuts to the oligarchs that have not given us jobs in ten years, have taken their business oversees, seek globalization and wage eternal wars of aggression because Congress has done everything they can to make all of that happen for THEM is only fooling a small segment of the fake Tea Party movement that just hates Obama.  Republicans and Teocons can snow them, but not the rest of us. The rest of us watch what you are doing. While you have had control of the House you have done nothing to promote job growth. You passed laws to put the government between woman’s legs and oh, a light bulb law? You all are a joke.
 Our movement has been hijacked by corporate parasites that control Congress to take from the masses and enrich themselves and your Republicans and the Democrats are doing just that: taking from us to give to them.
Not raising the debt ceiling will drive up interest rates and the banksters are going to make a killing. They will take even more from us then they already have. Is that why you don’t want to raise the debt ceiling? Or is it insider trading, because Cantor and no doubt others are betting on Wall Street for the United States to default? Does your corruption know no bounds while you and corporate media feed us oligarch propaganda?
Who is lobbying for these tax cuts? Oil companies, Wall Street, the military industrial complex, other huge corporate CEO’s? It certainly isn’t small business, because this does not affect them. Take a look at the attached organizational chart. Congress has transformed our government from one of, by and for the people to an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a kleptocracy, a rule by thieves to take from us and give to them.
This is treason and the American people have the duty and responsibility to revolt against such a government. There is no difference between a King stealing from the people and corporate Kings stealing from the people through flunkies in Congress. There is no light between false Tea Party Republicans that were elected to stop this conduct and the colonial Kings. Instead they are even more corrupt.
Both Democrats and Republicans serve the highest bidders and are systemically pillaging the American people for oligarchs.  Stop the Academy Award bullshit. The two extremes always reach a “compromise”. You all can’t come out and simply steal from us to give to them, so you do this dance and then you act like your actually compromising on something. The “compromise” is going to serve the oligarchs you serve.
For example, in this environment of compromise the House passed a budget that INCREASES defense spending from last year. How? Obama wanted this much. Republicans wanted that much. In the end the compromise was more then last year’s budget, while you all gave the appearance that you all would cut any of it! Academy Award performances fueled by despicable oligarch corporate media.
The Tea Party leaders with the exception of Ron Paul have been corrupted by oligarchs and are bleeding members because of it. These leaders no longer speak for the masses. They speak for the corporations that have hijacked them. Stop funding the wars! Stop using the masses in the Tea Party as an excuse to serve on both knees oligarchs and give them tax cuts while they profit with wars. We want no part of your corruption and their un-American refusal to pay for these wars. Isn’t it enough we bring home our children in boxes from these eternal wars for the oligarchs you serve?
The Tea Party masses have a plan. CUT off your heads, CAP your asses and then BALANCE your heads on spikes because we elected you to stop funding eternal wars and pay down the debt, not to serve oligarchs
You don’t care about the Constitution when you have transformed our government into an oligarchy, so we’re moving on to the Declaration of Independence.
You best reign in the corrupt, treasonous slime you preside over. Give tax cuts to oligarchs while we are in 6 wars and prepare to lose the elections in 2012, but worse then that: what is the next step for the masses that cannot rid themselves through elections of corrupt politicians in both parties that take from us to give to the highest bidders?
It our duty and our right to do away with an oligarchy that is systemically pillaging an entire Nation.


John William Anderson
Ex-FreedomWorks & Tea Party Patriots Activist
Letter is posted here:

cc: House of Representatives, United States Senate
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Congress takes from us to give to oligarchs


  1. That's all well and good, trying to unite people. It might work better though if you kept the term "Obamycare" to yourself. It clearly shows your racial rhetoric and will not be welcome in a bi-partisan effort.

  2. Excuse me but the term Obamycare is not racial unless you want to accuse Pawlenty of that.It implies, rightly so, that the Affordable Care Act dubbed Obamacare, by corrupt Republicans and media alike, is a bipartisan plan, that mimics Romneycare. It is Romneycare on steroids. It should never have been called Obamacare to begin with. We have a mandate with billions going to insurance companies and policies skyrocketing because of corrupt Republicans and Democrats that opposed a public option to serve the pimps that are pharm and insurance companies. It was the Academy Award winning "compromise" of the decade and the American people are thoroughly torn over it. It's corruption beyond belief. Do you really think Republicans want to repeal it? No they are going to double down. Instead they are going to take it a whole new level. Ryancare will take all of Medicare, not just some, every penny and give it private insurance companies. It's called the redistribution of our wealth to the highest bidders.Social Security to pay for the wars is next. You need to look beyond parties. There is complete bipartisanship in Congress. They all agree fabulously to take from us and give to them. Still think you live in a democracy? It's an illusion.

  3. "Still think you live in a democracy? It's an illusion" Oh and that is why we should unite

  4. Thank you so very much for your comments truly. I love the debate and someone to have it with