Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 More Dead Courtesy of the American People

Author: JeanetteBorges
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Sometime this week 30 more Americans that were killed in a downed helicopter will be brought back from Afghanistan, another foreign land, in body bags. Who grieves for them? They are someone’s loved one and so they will grieve, but they are fellow Americans of us all. Do fellow Americans grieve for them; really grieve? Or are the wars so removed from their minds that it is just another piece of news? 30 more dead. Are the American people powerless to stop these eternal wars or is it that they just don’t care?
1.2 trillion is spent on eternal wars yearly. The Tea Party started under Bush in opposition to this spending. Where is the Tea Party now when it comes to funding these wars? Their message has been distorted if not destroyed by corrupt corporate media and Neocons and Teocons in Congress. Instead the Tea Party masses and the whole of the American people are fed a steady dose of “let’s cut everything else” at the expense of funding the wars. “A once proud people are reduced to serfdom” in a massive redistribution of wealth.
The American people are divided and conquered by corrupt politicians and even more corrupt media.
When, when do the American people say: enough? When do they see beyond the division and put county above party?  When do they really support the troops and bring them home?
A government that is run on bribery and paid by parasitical war profiteers is never going to end these wars. My government, your government has been subverted by war profiteers. Congress no longer serves the people. It serves the highest bidders.
The American people could stop it all if they cared enough. Government concedes nothing. You have to take it and I challenge the Tea Party and organizations like Code Pink to unite, yes unite, and join forces to create masses so overwhelming that Congress will have to stop funding these wars. Cut the purse strings and you end the wars.
Let’s honor the 30 more dead and all the dead before them that we are bringing home in body bags courtesy of war profiteers and treasonous, self serving politicians from all parties. Let’s honor them by uniting and stop our self imposed divisions. Let’s stop these wars that are ruining us financially and leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of those that have to bury the casualties of these eternal, corrupt wars.
I have faith in the Tea Party masses and liberal left that have so much in common. We just forget that we do and that is not by accident. We are divided and conquered by corruption in politics and in the media. Contact your political organizations, whatever they are, and challenge them to unite with the “opposition” and take to the streets in opposition to spending on eternal wars. Take back your government from the military industrial complex and war profiteers.
Only the American people can stop these wars and its on their conscience, its their fault, that 30 more Americans are being brought home in body bags from foreign lands. While they fight for our country in foreign lands, the American people can’t fight for them or their country in their own.

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