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Corrupt Corporate Media Manipulating our Precious Right to Vote

Corrupt Corporate Media Manipulating our Precious Right to Vote

Author Jeanette Borges Follow on Twitter @usdayofragefl

No matter what politician you like for President, the choice should not be made for you by the corrupt corporate media war propaganda machine. So from the start let’s be crystal clear for the vast majority of the polarized, ignorant masses that put themselves in boxes labeled “liberal” or “right” or “left” or “Tea Party” or whatever other stupid constraints they put on themselves: this has nothing to do with Ron Paul. It has everything to do with how far away our country has drifted, because of those very same people, from being a democracy.
To watch and read the endless dramatization of the Iowa straw poll by mainstream media and then the results that followed is proof positive that the American people have controlled media. No people are free when they have no “free press” and a working Fourth Estate.
Ron Paul who came within 152 votes of the winner, Michelle Bachman, is being systemically, deliberately, excluded by the media in order to manipulate our right to freely elect our leaders. They are on a mission to decide for the whole of the American people who wins elections in this country. They are manipulating our elections. This is cause for open revolt in any other country, except this one, it would appear.
This was not a “free press” reporting on an election related event. It was state controlled media. Why? Because our “State” is controlled by the military industrial complex, Wall Street, pharma, oil and gas, (you get the picture). People: we are not in a democracy anymore.
You probably think State controlled media means government controls it. You would be right if our government was our government. Our government has been subverted by oligarchs, like the military industrial complex and Wall Street and they control the media. Hence, we have State run media that serves that government that has subverted ours behind the scenes.  
There is no other explanation for the way the media, especially Fox News, has treated the results of the straw poll and Ron Paul as a viable candidate. It’s been going on for years and not just with Ron Paul.   
In an effort to decide for us and manipulate the elections of a not so free people here are some of the comments made by the corrupt, for sale, media motor mouths:

Paul’s occasional embrace of seemingly bizarre issues has created the impression among most voters that he is a fringe candidate… Dr. Paul would be hard pressed to be viewed as a viable candidate for president…
…These voters see Dr. Paul as an outsider holding fringe views. Although the voters probably have more in common with Dr. Paul than not, they already have a soured view of him – a condition that isn’t likely to change……
…He clearly has a niche among the electorate… I wouldn’t expect him to be the GOP nominee…
…Of course Ron Paul can never be elected president. He’s a quirky, schoolmarm-ish eccentric whose quixotic tangents – like a return to the gold standard – are too far removed from the average person’s day-to-day concerns. And he looks more like the clerk at a hardware store than a president...…
…No one can argue that Ron Paul had a real following in pockets of the country, but he has no chance in another presidential run…
…He has a track record of wacky statements going back 30 years, and bizarre and racist associations… It’s tragic that the national hopes of libertarian conservatism are lodged in such an imperfect vessel as Ron Paul…
…Ron Paul has some strong and populist views on issues that are unlikely to sweep him into office.
…Ron Paul would make a great Republican presidential candidate…if he was running in 1924. Come to think of it, he does have that dry Calvin Coolidge routine down pat…
It’s not Ron Paul who is the problem. It’s the media. He or anyone else that stands against the trillions being taken by a corrupt Congress, from us to give to war profiteers, will never be elected because our State run media will never let that happen, even if it means bringing home Americans from foreign lands in freaking body bags.
Those bizarre issues the media motor mouths speak of? Ron Paul is and always has been opposed to the trillions a corrupt Congress is taking from us to give to the military industrial complex and war profiteers that are bleeding this country. If elected, Ron Paul, as Commander in Chief, could and would, unilaterally end the six wars we are in. The war profiteers aided and abetted by corrupted persons in the media will do everything in their power to make sure that does not happen.
Whether you like Ron Paul or not, is not the point. That this could happen in a “free” country is proof positive that we are not even free to freely elect our leaders.
It is a horrid reality.
It is also the very reason that every President and politician that opposes this insane spending that is destroying this Nation, is skewered by the media. Right now the media in support of the military industrial complex supported in turn by corrupt politicians, is on a propaganda campaign to cut all spending including Social Security to continue paying for these wars. Even the Teocons are doing it.
Obama who came in with the message of hope and change against corruption, or so we thought, and putting an end to these wars, has had to bow subservient to the oligarchs that control this country and the media. The only leaders that corrupt, treasonous, corporate media will allow we the people to elect, are those that will bow too. Just look at the 360 Obama has done with regard to the wars since he got into office courtesy of Fox News and others that brainwash the masses!
The war propagandists and corrupt persons in the media should hang in the Hague for waging wars of aggression for profit.
The American people have no choice. We have no free press to help us. We are on our own. Eventually we will have to rise up. When that happens not only will it be in Washington and in front of corrupt State legislatures, but at the the doors of every war propaganda outlet in this country.  

Effects of “Nuking” Iran= Deadly Radioactive Fallout Would Kill our Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq (RNEP could kill millions of people: A simulation of RNEP used against the Esfahan nuclear facility in Iran, using the software developed for the Pentagon, showed that 3 million people would be killed by radiation within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would be exposed to increased levels of cancer-causing radiation including our troops. Now who in their right mind would want to kill our troops by poisoning them with radiation?

PS  Unite.Join the @USDayofRage against corruption that has subverted our government, in your State

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