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The American People: Divided, Conquered and AWOL

Disclaimer: I do not care about copyright laws. You can copy and put this wherever you want. Pass it on.

The American People: Divided, Conquered and AWOL

By Jeanette Borges

On a Sunday, May 1, 2011 the Commander in Chief, the first Black President of the United States of America, President Barack Hussein Obama, announced to the entire nation and the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead.
Before that day the issue of debt and deficits and the “Tea Party” was front and center in the news and so there are allot of people talking and posting on the Internet. Before I can get into this article I want to show you some examples:
The Birth Certificate and Donald Trump are Fakes “Is it real?  I don’t know yet, but even if it is real, something is fishy about all of this.  Why wait until now to release it?  What did he have to hide?  Even if this alleged birth certificate is real and even if Obama really was born in Hawaii, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he meets the Constitutional requirement of a natural born citizen”.  
That person and those like them simply don’t want Obama in the Whitehouse, because if he was born in Hawaii it certainly meets the requirements of a natural born citizen especially since his mother was American, but that is not the point. The point is that people like that are destroying the power of the Tea Party and are ruining it for the rest. The media and hence, most of the population links the birther movement to the Tea Party. The Tea Party started before Obama and had nothing to do with this. It is a deliberate distortion that has practically destroyed the power that the Tea Party once had. Go to any Tea Party rally that used to attract thousands and if you can get 300 people to attend you are lucky. The issue of the debt and the deficit that used to come from the Tea Party becomes lost and carries less credibility when this birther issue is injected into the “Tea Party”. No one knows what the Tea Party stands for anymore. The messaging we had before Obama was elected is destroyed.
Not content with the birth certificate that the President was asked to present and the damage this has done to the Tea Party movement there is more of the same all over the Internet. From the home page of WorldNetDaily Exclusive! “Birth certificate conflicts with father's real birthday? Newly released immigration documents indicate Obama Sr. was 2 years older”, “Obama's dad forced out of Harvard Administrators 'couldn't figure out how many wives he had” , “Obama's McCain resolution demands 'American' parents President's 'birth certificate' confirms dad Kenyan citizen”, “Obama's half-sister raises birth-certificate doubts Claims despite 'adoption' by Indonesian stepfather, it is U.S. 'law' that matters” , “9th Circuit will hear eligibility arguments But attorneys say dispute involves much more than birth certificate”,”A tale of two birth certificates 'Rosetta Stone' documents provide comparison”,  “Aligning birth certificate statements, evidence Descriptions of document have varied by witness”, “Graphics pros challenge Obama birth certificate Layers of images found in released computer document raise doubts” ,”Expert says birth certificate is authentic Adobe Illustrator teacher: 'You should not be so suspicious about this'”, “Is name of Obama's birth hospital somehow phony? Rumors swirl about entry in latest certificate issued by White House”, “Birth certificates – an art, not a science Proof positive Obama is as American as Norman Rockwell” “Hocus POTUS Do you believe Obama to be constitutionally eligible for the presidency?”.
At the same time while this issue is eating at the messaging and hence the power of the Tea Party, there are these examples regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood:
Sixty-three percent of tea party supporters back a Republican plan to defund Planned Parenthood”,Conservative GOP leaders aligned with the tea party are demanding a complete defunding of Planned Parenthood”, About the 2011 budget Michelle Bachman said  “Instead, we've been asked to settle for $39 billion in cuts, even as we continue to fund Planned Parenthood and the implementation of ObamaCare.' And there is this: “Republicans are claiming it as a victory - all except the Tea Party, who are slamming Mr Boehner for giving way to Mr Obama over issues like healthcare and abortion”.
This particular post reflects what the “tea partiers” have morphed into: Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011Don't let the title of this bill fool you.  It has all kinds of other junk in it including the continuation of federal funding for Obamacare, funding for Planned Parenthood, and lots of other unconstitutional stuff for the rest of the year”.
Absent from that post and most posts about budgets and deficits is the fact that these budgets continue to fund the 4 wars Congress is paying for with our money. Absent from the whole trillion dollars in debt debates from politicians are the wars. We have trillion dollar debts and deficits and Planned Parenthood unconstitutional stuff is what the “Tea Party” was concerned with?  Everyone knows Planned Parenthood, that by the way, does not fund abortion by law, became the main issue over the budget debate. A freaking clock was ticking over a government shutdown over this! This is how serious the Republicans were taking the “Tea Party” that they continue to fund the wars and give tax breaks to the war profiteers and threw a bone called Planned Parenthood to the Tea Party? Do you know how ridiculous this made the “Tea Party” look?
The issues of the religious right are not the issues of the Tea Party and never were, but this is what the media says and hence it is what the American people believe now. Do you know the damage that did to the whole issue of trillion dollars in debt? The Tea Party just got clobbered with the 2011 budget! What about that debt ceiling? The Tea Party is going to get kicked in the teeth with the whole “balanced budget” amendment because Congress continues to fund the wars! 
I watch news for at least 8 hours daily to know what our politicians are doing in Washington. Then I hit the Internet to fact check it. I research constantly. Then I decided to start sharing what I found about misinformation and spin by what can only be described as oligarch corporate media.  When Congress enacted laws and spending that was reported with spin, omission and an obvious agenda, I flagged it and shared it.
Much of the news now is about the deficits, the trillions in debt and is linked in some way shape or form to the Tea Party. (Whatever the  “Tea Party” means these days).
What I see and read from oligarch corporate media is absolutely despicable. They are shaping the news about the debt and spending and the Tea Party that is tantamount to propaganda, censorship and controlled messaging.
When politicians take positions and design laws, that  is news. Instead, it’s the other way around. I can almost predict what arguments and positions the American people will be hearing from politicians after watching pundits on cable news and the Sunday talk shows. When they have a message it is mimicked in Congress. It is mind boggling. Congress or the President are not making policy. Oligarch corporate media is making policy and that policy includes making the American people pay for the waging of eternal wars of aggression for profit. Do you know that it’s a crime to do that here and around the world? It’s a whole other issue and a library could be written on the subject. There were Nuremberg trials for that crime! (Google Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda Ministry)
The oligarch news about the debt is tailored to transform and gain public opinion to continue to pay for wars of aggression. (Click here for an example and notice the similarities between what we are told now and what was used then.) It is tantamount to brainwashing. It is working. The sites and posts I read on the Internet confirm that the American people have been divided and conquered regarding their fight to get government to represent the people with regard to spending and the trillion dollars debts.
Get ready for more brainwashing. One would think that if Bin Laden was killed the United States should declare victory and bring our troops home. That is the last thing we have been hearing from oligarch media and the politicians that mimic their message. Have you heard? Killing Bin Laden means we will be attacked again. The stage is being set for another terrorist attack and probably years and years of more wars. Instead of oligarch media calling for the end to the war in Afghanistan, they are calling for the American people to double down on paying for even more war.
The American people are very aware of the financial mess we the people are in. We should be aware; we are the one’s paying for the fiscal recklessness and corruption of our government. Oligarch CORPORATE media, everyone in Congress and the President are all talking about the trillions of dollars in debt. They are all talking about deficit spending and living within our means. They all say we have to get “spending under control” now that the masses, especially the Tea Party, Democrats and Independents, have shown their disgust with the whole mess.
Yes, they are all talking about it, but what exactly are they saying? What is missing from their lip service on the budgets from both parties for 2012 is that they continue to fund the wars and give tax cuts to the war profiteers on the backs of the American people. Neither budget does a damn thing to stop spending because they all fund the wars. Not content with the taxes Congress is pillaging from us to give to the oligarchs they serve, they have stolen money from Social Security too! Did you know that?
You know what else is missing? Haven’t you noticed? In your heart don’t you know it already? Our problem is not a Democrat/liberal problem, conservative/ Republican or Tea Party problem. Our problem is a corruption problem in a country with elected leaders, on their knees giving blow jobs to an oligarchy, a ruling class. The United State has become the Land of Kings; the land of corporate Kings who buy, yes buy Congress. We vote the whores into office and once they get there they serve the highest bidder, the pimp that pays the most. 
The government of the United States does not represent the American people. Congress does not represent the people. It represents the oligarchs. The way campaign finance and elections are structured, the American people cannot take back their government by voting. A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom.
You should, we should, all do our part to unite with one message instead of being divided by politicians and oligarch media especially after Bin Laden is finally dead. That is also missing in the messaging and posts all over the Internet.
I am hoping that going forward these people will take this into account as they continue the fight to stop Congress to stop pillaging the American people. Their work is important and they are not AWOL as are so many, but the message should be one of unity against a common enemy of all the American people regardless of party. That enemy is corruption and funding of oligarch agendas that take from us to give to give to them.
The birther movement, shariah law, abortion issues amongst others have isolated the Tea Party from Independents, Democrats and Republicans: masses of the American people that once joined with them in their efforts to stop funding the wars.
I don’t think this was by accident. The leadership of the “Tea Party” organizations that are taking money from big oligarch interests and oligarch media have divided and conquered the Tea Party and what was once a threat is no longer. The budget presented by Paul Ryan is proof positive of that. That budget continues to fund the wars on the back of Medicare, education and other programs that are services for the people. Is getting the debt and deficit under control mean that taxpayers should not get programs that serve them because taxpayers should pay for things like eternal wars that do not serve them? Since when did cutting the debt and deficit become a plan that means taxpayers don’t get their money to pay for services for them, some of which they paid into all their life?
The message was to defund these wars when the Tea Party started. Let’s join with Independents and Democrats with a common message.  Let’s not get divided and conquered. Let’s not abandon the battlefield to take back our government from oligarchs who are pillaging us all. Let’s not go AWOL and for the love of God let’s not fall prey to the war propaganda to continue paying for eternal oligarch wars

Disclaimer: I do not care about copyright laws. You can copy and put this wherever you want. Pass it on.

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