Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Have to Defeat Corporate Media Propaganda and Censorship

Author: Jeanette Borges

As I listen to, read and observe the entire Republican vs. Democrat and Tea Party arguments being made on Fox News, MSNBC and every other media outlet while debating the debt, deficit, the economy and civil liberties, I wonder how we the people will ever get back a government of, for and by the people that has been sold and hijacked thanks to corporate media.
So many people still don’t know, because it is the job of corporate media that they don’t know, that any semblance of government of, for and by the people was hijacked and bought years ago and the United States is a failed democracy. It isn't a democracy when oligarchies can buy elected leaders who in turn govern and enact laws for them. But people are finally waking up to the cruel reality. And that’s when, every so often, an immense explosion of anger occurs amongst a normally docile public which takes everyone by surprise. 
Hitler said “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think”. So let’s do that; let’s think. Consider the eternal wars that are bleeding taxpayer money and have made many rich.  Consider the bailout of the banks (TARP). Consider the much needed health care reform that turned into subsidies taken from Medicare to give to the current private health insurance company monopoly with a law that has no competition, no anti-trust and a freaking mandate to boot. Consider how this law is sky-rocketing the prices of policies and that the law will eventually subsidize the price gouging with our money. Consider 40 billion dollars in subsidies to oil companies recently passed by the Tea Party House, while they and the media talk about cutting Social Security, Medicare, lunch programs and child care. Consider the media seeking public opinion, especially that of the Tea Party, against those evil teachers, police officers and firefighters and blaming spending and deficits squarely on them. Consider that while all of that is going on, we are in five wars and there are those that want to attack Iran, while we cannot afford eternal wars and the solvency of the United States is in shambles because of the wars. 
These are just some examples that our government is a plutocracy where oligarchies and the disproportionate influence the uber-rich have on the political process has replaced any semblance of a Republic form of government of, for and by the people. Consider that oligarchies own the media and it is their job to preserve their system of government.  Consider that the media is part of a corporatocracy, where corporations and conglomerates control the direction and governance of a country at the expense of the masses.  Consider that if its profit, oligarchies don’t care how they make it even if means pillaging the American people and sending them to die in wars for profits. Consider that these oligarchs want global reach and their obsession and greed knows no limits.
The people cannot vote unless unfettered information is available to them. Only an informed citizenry can vote. The First Amendment protects free speech to protect the people’s need for uncensored, unbiased and truthful news. Speech is protected to have a free press. The purpose of a free press is not to babble and spin news to pursue an agenda or political party. No! No! No! The purpose of a free press is the people’s right to know.  The purpose is to have an informed citizenry. Only an informed citizenry can elect its leaders and protect itself against government control, tyranny and a ruling class.
 Hitler had a powerful propaganda machine and without it, his wars and the crimes against Jews by a brainwashed citizenry would have never been possible. He knew he needed to control the message and it was genius. He said: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”. 
Does anyone think that war is good?  Really?  Well to hear what some polls say, it would appear that many are convinced that war is indeed good and very, very necessary.  Many Republicans especially believe this. The wars, they say, make us safe from all those evil Muslims and keep us free!   Yes war is good!  Its freedom and liberty we are fighting for! Can you name one freedom we had on 9/10 that we did not have on 9/11? Democrats are no different as long as their candidate is in power. Media is very powerful indeed.
The wars have and continue to milk us dry,  It is a wretched way to live under such debt. While everyone is talking about cutting Social Security and other programs, no one is talking about cutting off the funding for the five wars we are in and are actually talking about attacking Iran.  Some believe that war is good and very necessary. You see corporate media propaganda can make hell seem like heaven and extremely wretched life as paradise, just like Hitler said it could. We have full blown propaganda instead of news with the purpose to manipulate public opinion to the extent that we would send our children to fight and die in wars for profit. The propaganda pales in comparison to Germany’s Joseph Goebbels propaganda, because it is done under the cover of a “free press”. The masses don’t even know its propaganda because they think it cannot exist in the United States.
 While the government cannot censor the press, they have enacted laws that have put its ownership in the hands of 5 persons, count them, 5, that can and do censor and filter speech. They have used it to the extent that we have been sold, like a pair Nikes, an invasion of Iraq and all the other wars. Iran is next if oil companies’ goals and America’s interests in the Caspian Sea are to be achieved. Nope, they are not done yet. The terror scares, the Muslim “problem” and the threats to Israel, who has nukes that have never been inspected, is propaganda that will propel us into bankruptcy and maybe World War III if the corporate whores in Congress and our President give in to the media propaganda and attack Iran.
Hitler also said that  “The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention Corporate media does just that. Everything we hear is about political parties: Republican vs. Democrats. The newest efforts to pit us against each other by blaming the spending on entitlements and union employees distracts from the fact that wars, Wall Street and health insurance companies are responsible for the fiscal mess we are in.  Anyone that votes out of party loyalty or thinks that simply getting their party in power things will be better, is a victim of propaganda,  sorely mistaken and has got to wake up. There is no difference between Democrats and Republican politicians. Independents already know this. People that are disgusted with Congress know this. It is time we banded together regardless of ideology, to overcome the corruption and greed of those that have bought and control our government. It is time we overcome the corrupt politicians that are part of this collusion. We can only do that by dismissing the propaganda we see everyday that passes for news, by corporate media. We can only do that by dismissing the rhetoric and demanding real news or getting it ourselves. We are being pitted against each other and divided we are falling fast.
Remember that corporate media uses an invalid argument of “attacking the messenger” to dismiss a valid argument. The source of information whether liberal or conservative, is not relevant. “The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force” Hitler said.  Did he mean people like you? Are you easily swayed by what you see and hear through the media about Republicans vs. Democrats?  Are you a casualty of rhetoric and what are you going to do about it?
Unless you own a television station or a newspaper there is no way to keep the citizenry informed is there? Not true! I think there is.  We have to circumvent the media. We, you and I, will inform ourselves and inform others.
Just pass it on! Create a chain and become a link in that chain. If you ever felt powerless, and we all feel that; if you ever felt that it was useless to fight back and that there is nothing you can possibly do, then now you have a way. Simply pass it on.
Corporate media propaganda dumbs us down.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, scares government more then an informed citizenry and masses on the street.  But the masses will only be feared if they can band together because they are informed and they act on their knowledge.
There is finally a way. Become a link to others and make sure they link on. Bond with the persons with whom you are sharing and sending information to.  If you ever wanted to do something, now is your time. Do your homework and then pass it on as if your life, your home, your money, your liberties and your country depended on it. Take it seriously and make it a priority.  Only then can we the people, millions of Americans, stop this insanity and the culture of greed and corruption that has stripped us of a government of, for and by the people.

Pass it on! Remember we are only as strong as our weakest link. We are only as strong as you.
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Corporate media uses an invalid argument of “attacking the messenger” amongst others, (Logical Fallacies) to dismiss a valid argument. The source of information whether liberal or conservative, is not relevant as long as it accurate. Know what constitutes a valid argument and resist corporate Goebbelmedia propaganda. See An Encyclopedia of Errors of Reasoning (Logical Fallacies) 

Check out the blog. Do your own homework and check out the supporting research links and then get busy. Circumvent corporate media propaganda and spin by starting your own network of news to others. I don't care how. I don't care if you use us as your source and I don't care if you copy. Check out the chain mail page for ideas. Pass it on! Be a link in a chain of real news. Be a part of it. It will make you feel alive and powerful, instead of powerless. I promise.

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